Forum Avatar and Emotes Updates

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Forum Avatar and Emotes Updates

Post by Xenesis » Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:18 pm

I've added a bunch of the CO's conversation images to the forum as default avatars, enjoy. They're the conversation faces for every CO from AW1 to AW4, plus some of the AW4 extras.

I've also added some new smilies to the site while I've been screwing around with stuff on the site as a completely frivolous addition.

:superds: :tag: :tagaffinity:

:skillapcboost :skillapcguard :skillbackstab :skillbodyguard: :skillbrawler: :skillbruiser: :skillcannonguard: :skillcombatpay: :skillconqueror :skillcounterattack:
:skillplainstar :skillreefstar: :skilltowerdefence: :skilleagleeye: :skillfiresale: :skillgearhead: :skillgoldrush: :skillhighanddry: :skillicebreaker: :skillinvader:
:skillluck: :skillmechanic: :skillmissileguard: :skillmistwalker: :skillmountaineer: :skillpathfinder: :skillprairiedog: :skillranger: :skillroadrage: :skillsaleprice:
:skillsandscorpion: :skillscout: :skillseamanship: :skillsharpshooter: :skillslamguard: :skillslamshield: :skillsneaky: :skillsnipeguard: :skillsniper: :skillsnipeshield:
:soulofhachi: :skillstarpower: :skillstealthy: :skillsynergy: :skillteamwork: :skilltowerpower: :skillurbanfighter:

:osantiair: :osapc: :osartillery: :osbcopter: :osblackboat: :osblackbomb: :osbomber: :osbship: :oscarrier: :oscruiser: :osfighter: :osinfantry: :oslander: :osmech: :osmegatank: :osmidtank: :osmissile: :osneotank: :osoozium: :ospiperunner: :osrecon: :osrocket: :osstealth: :ossub: :ostank: :ostcopter:

:bmantiair: :bmapc: :bmartillery: :bmbcopter: :bmblackboat: :bmblackbomb: :bmbomber: :bmbship: :bmcarrier: :bmcruiser: :bmfighter: :bminfantry: :bmlander: :bmmech: :bmmegatank: :bmmidtank: :bmmissile: :bmneotank: :bmoozium: :bmpiperunner: :bmrecon: :bmrocket: :bmstealth: :bmsub: :bmtank: :bmtcopter:

:geantiair: :geapc: :geartillery: :gebcopter: :geblackboat: :geblackbomb: :gebomber: :gebship: :gecarrier: :gecruiser: :gefighter: :geinfantry: :gelander: :gemech: :gemegatank: :gemidtank: :gemissile: :geneotank: :geoozium: :gepiperunner: :gerecon: :gerocket: :gestealth: :gesub: :getank: :getcopter:

:ycantiair: :ycapc: :ycartillery: :ycbcopter: :ycblackboat: :ycblackbomb: :ycbomber: :ycbship: :yccarrier: :yccruiser: :ycfighter: :ycinfantry: :yclander: :ycmech: :ycmegatank: :ycmidtank: :ycmissile: :ycneotank: :ycoozium: :ycpiperunner: :ycrecon: :ycrocket: :ycstealth: :ycsub: :yctank: :yctcopter:

:bhantiair: :bhapc: :bhartillery: :bhbcopter: :bhblackboat: :bhblackbomb: :bhbomber: :bhbship: :bhcarrier: :bhcruiser: :bhfighter: :bhinfantry: :bhlander: :bhmech: :bhmegatank: :bhmidtank: :bhmissile: :bhneotank: :bhoozium: :bhpiperunner: :bhrecon: :bhrocket: :bhstealth: :bhsub: :bhtank: :bhtcopter: :bhosinfantry: :bhosmech:
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Tri-Star CO
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Re: Forum Avatar and Emotes Updates

Post by HPD » Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:20 pm

i still want raine back
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Re: Forum Avatar and Emotes Updates

Post by hawkesnightmare » Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:43 am


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