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Forum Rules and Information

Post by Xenesis » Sat Oct 01, 2005 6:08 pm

Welcome to the Wars World News Forum. This topic will lay out the rules of the forum, as well as helping you with some information.

Who runs this place anyway?
What is this board about?
What are the posting rules?
International Issues...

Who Runs this Place anyway?
The forum is administered by Me, Xenesis Xenon. I'm the one responsible for making sure everything works, hitting gremlins on the head and backing up this whole place. It is also administrated by Dragon Fogel and HPD, and moderated by Linkman, thefalman and DTaeKim.

If you have any queries about the forums, feel free to drop Me, or the moderators a private message or an email.

Xenesis' Email:
HPD's Email:

What is this Board all about?
This is the board for Wars World News. We are a fansite dedicated to Intelligent System's series of turn based strategy games know as Advance Wars.

This board was founded early 2005, when the thriving debate and Custom CO making community of Gamefaqs's Advance Wars 2 Board was destroyed after a moderator rampage deleted all the debates under the premise of being fads.

The new board was founded with the intention of being a place to freely debate aspects of the game and create your own COs. We're one of the best places to be if you want to design COs, especially as recently we've even learned how to hack into Advance Wars 2 and create our Own.

What Are the Posting Rules?
They are very simple, and anyone should be able to follow them.

1) Be Civil.
-This means that you should respect other users of the board. Don't go flaming or trolling. Likewise, treat the newbies with respect. Just because they haven't been here long doesn't mean they're less of a user. If you disagree with a user about something, solve it politely through productive discussion rather than a 'You're wrong, I'm right' attitude. Oh, and no alt accounts.

2) No Illegal Material, or Material that is restricted to minors.
-This is not the place to trade illegal material like ROMs, Warez and ripped MP3s. If you need such things, here is not the place to find them. Likewise, material that is not appropriate for minors, like Pornography and Hentai Anime, is completely inappropriate, as this board is a board for users of all ages.

3) Keep your signatures and avatars small
-Seriously. We don't want to see a wallpaper sized signature every single time you post. Your Sigs shouldn't be much taller than 7 lines at most. You are allowed to use images, but they should be of a small filesize (max of about 30k for sigs, 10k for avatars), so that you don't hit dialup users in the face with a brick of loading. Not to mention no one really wants to spend 5 minutes seeing your sig load every time they log onto the board.

4) Topicality
-We don't enforce topicality rules very much. We are usually very lenient, as interesting discussions will usually keep to their topic, or evolve into other interesting discussions. However, for the purposes of topics like official debate tournaments and the like, you must keep to topicality.

5) Online Matches/Money Matches
-You cannot use this forum, site or associated IRC channels to organise money matches of any kind against another person. In most western countries, this falls under gambling and is generally strictly regulated and monitored over the internet - doing so here would be illegal. So don't do it.

6) That's All!
-So, in summary, play nice, and we won't need any more rules.

International Issues
For clarity's sake, and the fact that we have users familiar with the Japanese, US and European versions of the game, we will be using the US Version's names for clarity.

CO Names (Japanese/US/Euro if Different):

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
John = Jake
Rachel = Rachel
Ryo = Andy
Max = Max
Domino = Sami
Catherine = Nell
Bee = Hachi

Whip = Olaf
Billy = Grit
Ewan = Colin
Sasha = Sasha

Eagle = Eagle
Mop = Drake
Hannah = Jess
Bittman = Javier

Kikutiyo = Kanbei
Asuka = Sonja
Yamamoto = Sensei
Kouzou = Grimm

Kong = Flak
Cat = Lash
Snake = Adder (Notes: Super Power Name: Sidewinder = Sidewinder = Snakebite)
Hawke = Hawke
Hell Bonze = Sturm

Chakka = Koal = Zak
Zipo = Jugger
Candle = Kindle = Candy
Hell-Volt = Von Bolt

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict
Will = Ed
Brenner = O'Brien
Isabella = Catleia
Lin = Lin

Tasha = Zaida
Gage = Trak
Forsythe = Carter

Waylon = Finn
Greyfield = Sigismundo

Penny = Lili
Tabitha = Larissa
Caulder = Stolos
The Beast = Drakov

Mech = Bazooka
Bike = Motorbike
Md Tank = Heavy Tank
War Tank = Megatank
Artillery = Mech Gun
Rig = Mobile Workshop
Fighter = Interceptor
Seaplane = Ship Plane
Duster = Fighter
B-Copter = Battle Heli
T-Copter = Transport Heli
Gunboat = Missile Boat

Mist = Fog
Beach = Shoal

Veteran = Ace

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