Some graphic data (Advance Wars 2)

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Some graphic data (Advance Wars 2)

Post by x0_000 » Tue May 01, 2012 2:59 pm

World map BG (Left half)
Offset: 22FEF0 (Compressed, 4pp)
TSA: 22F9AC (Compressed)
Palette: 2344CC
Alternate Palette (Darkened map): 22FE50
Referenced at: 65C64, 6A14C, 6DC20, 78DC0, 7B8E8, 8A7E4
Note: the palette is not set correctly. You need to pad it with an actual palette:
Image with same TSA, palette offset by -32.

Campaign world map
Offset: 1CC5F0 (Compressed, 4pp)
TSA: 1D0BAC (Compressed)
Palette: 1D1504
Note: Same issue with palette as BG versoin. This time, the palette is offset even further (GBAGE needs to be set at 1d1444.)

Super CO Power Flames
Offset: 236294 (Compressed, 4pp)
TSA: 235D30 (Compressed)
Palette: 2391E8

Newspaper BG
Offset: 23A3D4 (Compressed, 4pp)
TSA: 239FA4 (Compressed)
Palette: 23BDE0

Eagle on a Bike
Offset: 1D6458 (Compressed, 4pp)
Palette: 1D8A34
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