GM Drumkit table for AW2

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GM Drumkit table for AW2

Post by x0_000 » Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:17 pm
This link is a modified drumkit table that reassociates the drum samples in AW2 so that it matches the General MIDI (GM) setup. What this means is, if you use this correctly, you don't have to rearrange the drum notes in your MIDI to get it to work properly! Note: I got lazy so there are a few instruments that are replaced with a "beep" sound, but those are rarely used in MIDIs anyway. They're basically the higher note instruments.

How to use:
First, find the instrument table. It should be 0x600 bytes long.

Copy this at another word aligned location, so that you're effectively creating a new instrument bank (we don't want the existing AW2 MIDIs to fudge up with this change...) The last entry is the drum entry for MIDIs, and the pointer points at the in-ROM drumkit table. You'll want to change this value (For reference, it's the last pointer in the table.)

Now have your inserted MIDI reference this new instrument bank instead of the one you would normally reference!

To apply the new drumkit table, paste it (again in a word aligned position) and paste the pointer to this table (don't forget to reverse it...) in the custom instrument table you created (last pointer in the table), and you should be done! Unmodified drum tracks should now sound almost the same after insertion!

Credit goes to Bregalad's Sappy documentation @ RHDN for basically telling me how to create a new drumkit set.
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