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Help on Nightmare2 Modules

Post by Satel » Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:44 pm

With time and some experience I've learned that modules are actually fairly easy to edit, but a year or more of inactivity made me forget plenty of stuff, so I'll post here what I recall and hope people can help me with the rest. Well I recalled some during the writing of the post, but be sure to tell me if I'm wrong somewhere.
AWDS CO Stats Editor Module - EU Version wrote:1 <- I think it's mostly useless
AWDS (U) CO Stats Editor <- Name Nightmare 2 will give your module on the window.
0x1742B4 <- Offset from which the module starts to read the rom.
28 <- Number of entries, in decimal.
544 <- Size of the data for one entry (one CO here), in decimal too.
AWDS CO List.txt <- Text folder for the module to read in order to differentiate entries.
NULL <- Can't recall this one either.

COP Stars <- Text to show for the first editable entry.
28 <- Number of bytes to skip from the start to the first byte of what you want to change.
4 <- Size of the stuff you want to change.
NEDS <- Means something like Number Editor Decimal Signed, which means that you have to put your number in decimal, and not over 128 in which case it goes to -127 and such, which is never good news.
NULL <- No need to look for a text folder as you just want to change a number here.
D2D Special Skills 1
NDHU <- This one means Number D(I-dunno-what) Hexadecimal Unsigned, which means you have to put your number in hex, between 00 and FF since it is unsigned.
Skills 1.txt <- Text folder the module loads to help you see what does what. Unnecessary but really useful.
From the rest in it's pretty easy as soon as you know what you're doing.
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