AW2 - Editable Script (ARMIPS)

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AW2 - Editable Script (ARMIPS)

Post by Xenesis » Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:01 pm

Hi Everyone,

I've put together an ARMIPS document/thing with the help of x0_000, which contains a complete, insertable, repointable, editable in your textediorable script for Advance Wars 2.

Should be a lot easier than repointing in the ROM! As an added bonus, the inserted script will save a lot of space in the text area of the ROM, you might end up with a bit more free :)

Give me a yell if I've transposed anything incorrectly. Readme in the file should tell you how to use it.

Download Link
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Edit: Hahaha, the reinserted script saves almost 5000 bytes of space.
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