Help me (yes I have seen the docs from Xenesis)

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Help me (yes I have seen the docs from Xenesis)

Post by BloodyKeyblade1994 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 1:28 pm

So, to trash with my first topic (didn't know that this would be so much of a pain)

Basically what I want to do now, is hack AW2 to it's limits but I don't know where to begin.

Yes I saw the Docs from Xenesis (index of Hacking information ...) but I am a total newbie even at hex.
So my question is what was your way of getting into hacking AW2? How do you know what hex line is what?
Is it all Trial and Error? So you go through more than 65000 lines of hex, edit something and see what comes out?
Or what is the secret behind it?

I just want a beginner guide or something I can learn and relate to.

Xenesis came so far to explain to me that "If you search 0300000006000000 you should hit Nell at the start"
That worked out fine, but he said that he does this to find a CO meter. So Nell is 3/3 and I wanted to edit Jess for the beginning to match her AWDS Unit style (Infantry and Mechs to 100/100). We haven't come further because of real life circumstances or something.
We just had to break up the explanation process.

I'm not mad about this. It's just so hard to get into this stuff if you haven't done anything related to this before.
But I really wish I could learn that. Something to do without "breaking" the game so it doesn't crash immediately after a change in the hex code.

Is there some beginner friendly material I can relate to / learn from?
I searched and searched but didn't find any helpful tutorials or something. Just stuff I don't understand because of too much numbers and too less explanation. I know, no one of you would like to do a step-by-step tutorial for dummies. And I don't ask for that.

I just want to get into this stuff and get as good as Xenesis or Taelith. I know that this takes work and time but I am willing to.
If I could just get this stuff a bit explained ...

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Re: Help me (yes I have seen the docs from Xenesis)

Post by x0_000 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:40 am

the secret is you read the docs (reminder: the docs are here, it's stickied in the forums), because if you do read the docs you should be able to formulate a question more concrete than "i have no idea what to do". ultimately:

"i read the docs, and according to the information in the docs <interesting data> is supposed to start at offset <XXXXXX> in the ROM and the first few bytes are supposed to be <YYYYYY>, but in my ROM at offset <XXXXXX> the bytes are <ZZZZZZ> instead" is a problem we can solve for you

"i found <link to docs about interesting data> about <interesting data>, but it doesn't explain how to find <interesting data> in the ROM" is also a problem we can solve for you

"i have no idea how to use basic hacking tools like looking at a ROM" is a problem we can solve for you

"i have no idea what to do" is *not* a problem we can solve for you
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