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Menu Hacking!

Post by Xenesis » Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:19 pm

Yeah, I was fiddling around with the Mode select menu for AW2 and I found this out. Straightforward but fun. :)

0300591C - Position of Cursor (What is highlighted)
00 Battle Maps
01 Link
02 Design Room
03 Versus
04 Campaign
05 War Room

1D - 'Sub Menu'?
00 Not In Submenu
01 In Submenu

1E - Sub Menu Position
06 Top Option
08 Bottom Option

03005968 - Start New Hard campaign toggled?
01 Yes
00 No

03005920 - Sound Room toggled?
01 Yes
00 No

With this, you can set a new campaign to start the hard campaign or open up the Sound room without unlocking anything at all. :)
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