AW2 Intro Movie Killer Patch

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AW2 Intro Movie Killer Patch

Post by Xenesis » Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:45 pm

I put together a simple patch after some extensive searching through assembly routines to do these two things:

1) Skip the introduction movie of AW2 and jump straight to the title screen.
2) Stop the timer that counts down at the title screen, so that the game no longer resets and plays the intro movie again after 2700 'units of time' :/

IPS Patch is here

Or, if you want to do the modifications yourself:
0x6C9D2 - Change 0138 (sub r0, 0x1) to 0000 (nop)
0x67572 - Change 0FE0 (b 0x08067594) to 06E0 (b 0x08067582)
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