Adding Units to Advance Wars 2

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Adding Units to Advance Wars 2

Post by Xenesis » Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:31 pm

Advance Wars 2 has 5 dummied out unit slots with Unit IDs of 0x4, 0x9, 0xC, 0xD and 0x12. You can use these slots to add units to the game.

You will find that even if you edit these units to be buildable at certain properties, they tend to crash (except for UID 4, because it has some key parameters set by default).

Here are all the things that need to be in order so that the unit will not crash:
Shop Picture/R Button Picture Topic - At the very least the Unit needs to have a sprite in the first slot for each of the armies. A null pointer here will cause a game crash.
Shop/R Button Panel Effectiveness Icons Topic - Every unit needs one of these as well, however you can set the dummy units to use the Transport units for no effectiveness charts if you so desire.
Battle Animations - These are needed if you want to play with Battle Animations on. If not, then this *can* be ignored as the location and format of the data has not been searched for with much enthusiasm. Crashing will ensue if units without animations interact with animations on.

Here are all the things so you can interact with the unit in-game properly:
Unit Building List Topic - This needs to be edited to provide the ability to build the unit from the shop in the first place. The AI does not use this list and will not build a unit it is not programmed to (which requires extensive assembly editing for the most part).
Build Location Data (and other general unit statistics) Topic - You need to set what property the unit can be built from. Or alternatively, don't and use Sensei's powers to spawn it. I recommend using the nightmare modules.
Damage Charts Topic - Editor for AW2's (And AW1's) damage chart in there.

There are a few other minor things like changing the map sprite and whatnot, but they're relatively unimportant compared to getting the unit to work in the first place.
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