Tilesets patch (v1.0)

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Tilesets patch (v1.0)

Post by Lambda » Wed Jun 18, 2014 7:38 am

Finally found the motivation to finish this after months of laziness.

This patch allow you to change the map's tileset like in AW3 & 4.

5 tilesets are available for now :
  • - Normal
    - Snow
    - Rain : Like normal but a bit darker
    - Desert
    - Ruins : Like AWDS ones
The weather no longer changes map appearance, except for buildings.

You can also change the tileset at your leisure in the design map, this will not affect the final map but just the tileset you're working with.

Some screens :
Hidden Text






Plot twist : It isn't totally finished yet, I still have to do the battle backgrounds, but it's quite the big part and it's not my priority for now so it may take a while.

Known bugs and planned features :
Hidden Text
  • To do :
    - Adding tileset dependant battle backgrounds
    - Adding a new bitflag in the map header for hackers
    - Recode the whole Rules menu button in order to add more flexibility

    Known issues :
    - One road tile is missing for the desert tileset
    - The ingame rules menu is buggy for the moment
    - When selecting the rules, if you press B and A again, some objects may be messed up
I haven't done 100% of the testing, there may be some conflicts or strange behaviors, don't hesitate to report them as soon as possible, especially for campaign mode compatibily that I haven't tested a lot.

If you have suggestions don't hesitate to ask.
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Re: Tilesets patch (v1.0)

Post by Xenesis » Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:32 am

So good.
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