AW: Days of Ruin Nightmare2 Modules

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AW: Days of Ruin Nightmare2 Modules

Post by Granulkur » Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:28 pm

This is Nightmare 2 modules for Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (US)
Xenesis wrote:What is Nightmare2?
It's an application designed to allow for making easy data editors and the like. You can find the official download where it's always updated at

You need the Java Runtime environment ( to run the Nightmare2.jar file, but it should run on any platform that supports Java such as Windows or Mac OS
There are three modules in file:
1. awdor_unit - allows to change unit data, such as movement points, range, ammo and etc.
2. awdor_unitDamage - now you can change all units damage data.
3. awdor_movement - all movement cost charts.

But, I can't solve some questions:
1) In awdor_unit there are many "Unknown" parameters. I have no suggestion what are they doing.
2) About 4 movement charts are in awdor_movement, but I can't find when they are used. All wheather doesn't change movement charts (snow only gives -1 to movement points).
3) Xen's Note for AW:DoR is based on "another" hex data (arm9.bin), but I'm only working with rom hex code and it's difficult for me to find these pointers.

It would be awesome if somebody will help me with these modules :)
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