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Map's Needed!

Post by MysteriousLad » Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:54 am

I'm working on a War Room Hack as some of you may know, it's going to incorporate a lot of the new knowledge which we now have of AW2. (Well, others know it. I'm learning :P ). For the hack I'm going to need maps, a lot of them. I could do them all myself however I'm lazy and not as creative as some of you. Hence I've made this topic to ask you all to make maps for me. I'll select the best maps and I'll put them in the hack, most of them should go in however I may reject some if they are to easy.

To submit a map just post a download to a file with the map here (Using mappy you can do this, there's a thread about it somewere including the downloads. Don't post it as a .mar, I want to be able to change the map with ease). To show off the map to others it may also be worth posting an image of it as well. There are some things you must keep in mind when making a map though:
  • Labs won't end the game and can be captured. Players/AI can't build Neotanks or Atom Bombs (Basically a moveable missile that does 5 damage) without a lab.
  • Silos will be capturable and won't fire missiles, they will build ICBM's (weaker A-Bomb) and Atom-Bombs. Just place the silo's in the map and add in the post which ones are already captured, I'll edit them to be correct.
That's all.
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