FAQ – Please Read Before Posting!

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FAQ – Please Read Before Posting!

Post by RadioShadow » Tue Aug 22, 2006 9:09 pm

FAQ – Please Read Before Posting!

1 – Where can I download Nintendo GBA/DS roms from?

A – Downloading, sharing or even hosting roms are illegal due to the fact roms contain copyright material. This means we CAN NOT give out website links to any kind of roms. This is to prevent the website from getting into trouble. Your best bet is to just use a search engine such as http://www.google.co.uk.

This means you MUSN’T post any links in posts that you make anyway on this website. Any website links that have been posted that contain links to roms will be deleted and may lead you to being banned from this website.

Do NOT make topics or posts requesting links to roms. These types of topics will get locked or the request will be removed from your post. As for PMs, do NOT offer them to members. Even if you are posting links to roms privately, you can still get the website into trouble. If you get caught, you will be in trouble.

If you really can’t find the roms you are looking for then send me an E-Mail to radiosonicrules@hotmail.co.uk with the topic title as “Requesting Roms”. I’ll then reply with a link to them.

2 – You say roms are Illegal. Will I get in trouble if I download them?

A - Nintendo will be more concern in the websites that are hosting them. Not the people who are downloading them. The Police are not going to suddenly come round your house and arrest you on the spot if you download a rom. As long as you keep the roms for personal use only and don’t try and make money out of them, you won’t get into trouble.

3 – Are IPS Patches and Emulators illegal too?

A - Surprisingly, emulators are legal since they don’t contain any copyright material and aren’t made by official companies. Most emulators are free to download and since they are legal, you can post links to emulators.

IPS Patches only contain the Rom Hacker's work which only contains data that needs changing. IPS Patches do not infringe on the original game maker's copyright and are usually much smaller than the hacked rom. This means they are legal to host and due to the size of them, they don’t eat much bandwidth and take less time to download.

4 – Where can I download a Gameboy Advance Emulator from?

A - Well there is one very popular GBA Emulator that’s runs almost every single GBA rom. It’s called VisualBoyAdvance and is the one I used to run most of the GBA roms on my computer. The second best GBA Emulator is BoycottAdvancewhich runs just as well as VBA but may not run all of the GBA roms.

Visual Boy Advance - Download Here

BoycottAdvance - Download Here

5 – How do you apply IPS Patches to GBA roms?

A - Download one of the following IPS Patches:

Windows - Lunar IPS

Mac - IPS Patcher

The first step is to open the IPS Patching program. Tell it to apply a patch. It will ask you for a rom and an IPS Patch file to use. The program will then apply the patch, permanently modifying the rom. For more details, check this topic.

6 – The rom freezes after applying one of the Advance Wars 2 IPS Patches! Why is this?

A - If your Advance Wars 2 (US) rom is not clean and has Yoshi flowers and a stupid Mode7 intro like in the screenshots below, you will find the rom will freeze after applying IPS Patches.
Image Image

Try applying this Cleanser Patch first and then apply the other IPS Patch. You should find the rom will work now. If that fails then I am afraid you have got a bad copy of the Advance Wars 2 rom. If that’s the case then just download the rom from another site.

Also make sure you are applying it to the correct GBA rom. For example, don’t try applying the ‘Balance IPS Patch’ to the Advance Wars 2 European rom, the one that contains five languages in.

7 – I’ve made an Advance Wars 1/2 hack but how do you create an IPS Patch? Also, where can I host the IPS Patch?

A – Refer to question five and download one of the IPS Patching software. Not only can they patch IPS Patches but the software can make them as well. Refer to this topic to find out how to make them.

As for hosting them, vist www.romhacking.net and host the IPS Patch there. Then post the hacks details here.

8 – Where can I download a complete Advance Wars 1 or 2 save from?

A - There are two ways to load up a complete AW2 save:

Method 1: (only works using Visual Boy Advance)

1 - Download one of the Advance Wars 2 Gameshark saves from here.

Advance Wars 1 Gameshark saves can be downloaded from here.

2 – Open VBA and open the AW1 or AW2 rom.

3 – Go to File – Import – Gameshark Snapshot.


4 - Find the download GameShark save and open it.

5 – A message will come up saying the game will restart itself. Click ‘OK’.

6 – The game will now run with the complete save.

Method 2:

1 – Download the Complete AW2 Save.

2 – Put it in the same folder as the Advance Wars 2 rom.

3 – Rename it so it has the same name as the AW2 rom.

4 - Make sure the emulator recognises the file as flash and is ‘Flash 64k’. See screenshot below.


5 – Open the GBA rom and have fun.

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