War Room Perfect Scores

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Sun Apr 17, 2016 5:28 am

Na, my GE strat spends no money but at the end of the day it’s terrible because you have plenty of money and you need a strat that uses the Silo and charges power to help against Hawke… It could be a good strat for Kanbei so I guess I’ll try to find a 5D rout with him at least against Hawke. STL says 5/300 was done by all COs.

Edit: Got a D5 rout on Hawke with D5 COP with Kanbei but I don’t think I’d have it charged if I did the whole strat… built AA, Tank, Tank, AA; got a 4HP Mech suicide.

5/300 with Kanbei, my strat actually charges 5 stars. // Almost charged Hawke’s SCOP lol (9 stars).

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:10 am


Sad thing is that it actually requires 80 Atk. No other CO can do it. You need Hawke to attack HQ Recon from Road with Inf.

Edit: Recon + Rockets are enough. If I can charge COP on D4 then that confirms Grit 5/300 I think. // Damn, I barely can’t charge. Kanbei video btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD7PjLCenu0 I don’t recall needing to build the Inf before but my Recon got destroyed so I needed another unit for 100 Tech there…

I think I just confirmed Grit 5/300. Recon + AA for Hawke; Inf ×2 (one for Silo), Recon ×2, Recon + Tank, NW Artillery for Andy. Lost 1 unit.

Grit 5/300: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8dF0wvfkQk

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by DxDyDzD » Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:21 pm

Found my Fortress Isle 5/300 strat:

http://forums.warsworldnews.com/viewtop ... le#p345786

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:31 pm

Oh, I forgot that topic existed. Looks like you have a better strat against Hawke, but worse against Andy. You build a bunch of Recons while mine only really needs 4 Infs and 1 Recon (+ 1 Inf for Tech), except for Grimm who needs maybe an extra Recon or something. Edit: Btw wouldn’t your strategy work with Kanbei?

Could a moderator move the last bunch of Fortress Isle posts to that topic?

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by DxDyDzD » Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:05 pm

OK, I routed Hawke in 5 days. Tank, Tank, Tank, Recon. On D4 the Mech should not kill itself when it attacks your Tank. Save the silo for D5 and hit both Infs with it, then 8HP Tank destroys 4HP Inf, 9+2HP Tanks destroy 7HP Inf, Recon destroys Mech.

5/300 with Andy & no powers should be doable now. Nope, ran out of money :(

Well, Hachi and Sasha don't have problems with money. 5/300ed with both. Hachi was just my Hawke strat + your Andy strat, he has just enough money to buy everything on Day 3. For Sasha I routed Hawke with Tank, Tank, Recon, Recon: COPed on Day 4 for the attack/defense boost, hit the Mech down to 2HP, didn't get attacked on Hawke's D4.

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:46 am

^Just made a few changes to my all COs GE cap strat and it works with that build order, plus the Silo Inf on D5 and no units lost. I’ll write down the dmg rolls I got but idk what’s necessary.

Talking about Green Earth only here:
D1 Inf Inf
D2 Inf Inf, N Inf 2E, S Inf 1E 2N (basically move them aggressively but not into Inf range, so AI builds 2 Tanks)
D3 Recon Recon, S built Inf goes for Silo, S other Inf 1W 2N attack 8–4, N Infs move to the E but not on the topmost row, let the NE Tank reach your NW built Recon
AI D3 10HP Inf attacks Inf from S 9–3, N Tank attacks NW Recon 5HP, 4HP Inf attacks Inf from N 4–1, S Tank attacks S Recon 5HP
D4 S Recon 1E 5N kill Inf, 1HP Inf 1N, other 2 Infs 3E cap and protect 1W of HQ, N Recon on the 1W 1N of HQ City, don’t need to build anything:
Tank on Recon is 85%, × 0.79 (7HP City Def) = 67%, both Recons can survive with 0.3HP. AA on Inf is 105%, × 0.9 (Plains) = 94%, can survive with 0.6HP
D5 win
Edit: Confirmed Grimm by building double bait Recons on D4. Tanks attack Recons, AA destroys a Recon, 1 unit lost.
Edit2: Colin doesn’t work, Inf too weak. :/ Maybe he can follow my Grit strat since he has more money? Dunno, but he’ll have to make use of the money somehow unless my bland COs strat is improvable.
Edit3: Can’t get Von Bolt because the 4HP Inf attacks me from Road instead of from Plains 1S of HQ???? Only happens with Von Bolt, AI is scared of the capping Inf’s range? =_= // Got Von Bolt by attacking the W Inf instead of the E Inf. Attacked from N and went 9–4 I think, only possible with ≥ 110Atk. The other 2 Infs attack you without blocking Recon’s path to the City, and Inf is still 3sq away from 1S of HQ to protect.

DxD changed the strategy a little by making a Tank instead of a Recon. That’s 2,200G more spent, as the Recon gets repaired of 2HP so it’s not the full 3kG difference. I’m not sure what the difference in stars charged is.
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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by DxDyDzD » Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:29 am

Von Bolt can get it, D3: attack Inf from neutral base, cap neutral city, build Recon N, Tank S. D4 cap, Tank destroy Inf from N, wall off the capping Inf, build Art N.

I mentioned that Sasha could rout Hawke with 2 Tanks and 2 Recons. Von Bolt should be able to do so too, but right now the AI doesn't seem to want to attack my Tank with its Tank...

Colin confirmed lol

Andy with no powers confirmed!

AI Andy side
D1: 2 Infs
D2: N Inf 2E, S Inf 2N 1E, 2 Infs. D2 S Inf goes S and fires the silo, I won't mention it on later days.
D3: S Base Inf 1N, attack Inf (try to get max damage), N Infs move onto cities, capturing the neutral one. Build N Recon, S Tank.
Andy D3: One Tank attacks Recon, other Tank attacks capping Inf.
D4: Tank 4N kill Inf, base Inf 2N 1W. Other 2 Infs 3E, cap HQ. Recon 5E. Build Art N.
D5: win

Hawke side
D1 Tank
D2 Tank 6S, hit E Inf. Build Tank
D3 HQ Tank attack Tank, base Tank attack Tank from road. Build Tank
D4 Road Tank 2S, destroy Tank. HQ Tank 1E. Base Tank 6S, attack Mech (should leave the Mech at 3HP, so it doesn't suicide on AI's turn). Build Recon
D5 Silo both Infs, kill 10HP Inf with your highest HP Tank + 2HP Tank, kill 4HP Inf with the last Tank, kill Mech with Recon
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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:33 am

^Looks like you’re wasting more money. If you read my edit I found a Von Bolt strat which just switches around an Infantry attack and works.

I’m trying to make Colin work atm as he’s the only CO who can’t do 5/300 with our strategy I believe. Edit: Von Bolt and Grimm apparently can’t follow DxD’s BH strat. Grit/Kanbei have their own special strats (made vids for them already).

Edit: How did you get Colin? Can we chat before you make any videos? Get on the WWN IRC, there’s a link in the forum home I think. Colin can follow my Grit strategy I think, STL got Hawke with Recon + Rockets + Recon which works with my old all COs Andy cap, and I think Colin might be able to rout Hawke by building a Mega Tank and getting suicides too. Many strats. I wonder if he can 4/300.

Edit: Saw your Andy 5/300 video, really cool Hawke rout strategy. “He was doing it for Von Bolt though.” and “Capping GE's base on Day 2 causes the AI to build two Tanks.” are both lies, though. Attack from Road doesn’t work for Von Bolt (nor Colin), which is why I attacked from Plains with him instead; the double Tank manipulation just has to do with positioning, not the capping of the City.

HOLY crumpets I JUST ROUTED HAWKE ON D4 WITH ANDY!!! >_< Tank, Tank, Recon; Silo Inf. All the dmg rolls may need to be max/min luck you/AI:
D2 Tank 1N of Base on Road, build Tank
AI D2 attack Tank from 1E, other Inf goes capping
D3 new Tank attacks Tank from HQ, other Tank from Road, build AA
AI D3 both the Mech and Tank have to attack you from the Bases
D4 use COP, throw Silo on all units, full HP Tank kills 7HP capping Inf, AA destroys Tank from Road (could be HQ maybe), other Tank kills Inf from Base
AI D4 suicide Mech on AA

I’m sure this map can be 4/300’d by more COs… it just requires such insane luck and knowledge of how to make Hawke attack from on top of Bases…

What even are the 4/300 strats? I can’t get any of them, lol. Sami is pretty obvious and just trial & error though, I guess. // Almost got Nell with my Andy D4 Hawke strat (COP instead of Silo), GE built Inf ×2, S Tank N Mech, I got attacked by Inf from HQ so I could put myself 1W of Mech and Mech clogs up the Base attacking my Recon; then AI only builds one last Tank.

Sami 4/300: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTLCRBcxzk Tried reducing luck but I think I failed. I had a good strategy in like 2008 apparently but it has been lost…

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Tue Apr 19, 2016 6:12 am

Found a strat for bland COs to rout Hawke in 4 days without using powers nor the Silo Inf, but it requires a good chunk of money (and of course insane luck).

Recon, Rockets, Recon
Put Recon on HQ and leave it there, AI must attack from Bases and go:
9–6 8–6
8–4 7–4
Recons kill the Infs

It works because the Rockets target the Road tile, so the Infantry will do its estimation from the Base (as the Road is not an option anymore) and if it’s lucky enough he’ll actually attack. Without scaring the Inf away from the Road tile, the Inf will estimate from there and it can never have a good G outcome against blands so instead he goes for the props and another Inf is built.

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:22 am

Grit is secretly the best CO in the game.


Edit: Got Hawke down to 2 2HP Infs with just 2 Recons with Grit. I just know this 4/300 is somehow possible!! // 1 3HP Inf… 2HP >_<. // Lmao Recon + Recon + Silo with COP leaves a 0.1HP Inf alive. // Using Colin, 2 Recons, 4HP Inf left alive. :/

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Wed Apr 20, 2016 6:20 am

Jugger + Koal are literally 0.2HP away from getting FI 1.5 2/300… 2.0 only needs Jugger with Bruiser and Luck. Triple Recon, 2 Recons attack from Road, other Recon moves on neutral Base. All Infs suicide. Colin + Jugger are literally 0.1HP away from getting it. Do the same strat but make a Tank for Hawke instead. Edit: There is also an alternative Jugger + Koal strategy that ends with a 0.2HP Inf but on GE’s side this time. BH Tank + GE S Recon, S Arty. Put Recon on neutral Base and let Infs attack you.

Jugger 2.5 3/300 looks possible. This map is so much stupid mathematics though and I can’t do it.

Wish I could build damaged units… a 9.4HP AA would be able to rout Andy on its own (Jugger 2.5).

Edit: I’ve struggled and struggled but I couldn’t improve anything on FI. So annoying.

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Tue Apr 26, 2016 7:16 am

fidel said he had a strategy for Spann Island 2.0 4/300 with Nell. I call bulls​hit. It’s not possible.

Edit: Actually Julian said fidel said that, I can’t find any post about it. Closest I got was this, which looks theoretically winnable, but I could never get the necessary suicides for whatever reason (5HP Recon can be at 9HP, it still doesn’t work): http://imgur.com/a/zKlSw (2nd pic would be another win scenario if the AI didn’t build the extra Inf).

SE Inf can actually suicide, but the Tank always wants to attack the Recon and the other Inf either attacks the N Tank or the W Recon, it estimates against the S Tank but never attacks… Edit: Oh yeah and it only uses 3 skills. 2 money and Luck. That’s how stupidly useless anything you try to do on that map is, even an extra skill doesn’t actually help.

Edit: Actually where does Colin + Jugger even come from for 1.5? That’s basically Nell 2.0 except without the bad luck which could only matter for very niche on-Tank/AA suicides…

Made 2.0 4/300 Eagle vid with no suicides (but it probably requires tons of luck): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UjXMllrpy0
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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:55 am




This uses Recon spam so it’s not a viable strategy for 1.5 Colin + Jugger. I’ll make a vid soon, but first I’ll try a few other COs because I think there are more possible (such as Grimm?).

Edit: Skills were Road Rage, Prairie Dog, Gold Rush, Luck. I’m trying Hawke now (almost certain it’s possible! :D) and he needs to use Brawler instead of Road Rage, but Road Rage makes it easier I think so I’d use that if possible. // Hawke requires some insane luck. Even by cheating the RNG I’m not able to do it atm. It may be impossible, but theoretically speaking I think it checks out…

Spann Island 2.0 Grimm 4/300 :) Using the same strat as with Nell (I think even Hawke can follow it as I said), but used Brawler instead of Road Rage because Plains Inf and then Road Inf have to attack Road Recon, which is impossible for Grimm with Road Rage. Still had to cheat the RNG for AI’s D3, so it’s technically not confirmed as being real. I’m already asking Julian to do the math and hopefully I’ll be able to confirm Hawke for real which would retroactively confirm everybody else.

Edit2: I feel like my strategy is really bad (or maybe it’s exceptional because it requires something unintuitive…) but anyway it needs 116 Atk with 20 Luck for a Road Recon 2HKO with Plains Recon counter + Recon attack (41% + 59%), and 116 Atk for 7HP dmg to a City Inf with Recon from Plains/Road. So, I think Jake with Brawler works. Kanbei even with 2 money skills doesn’t have enough money. :(

Theoretical COs:
Jake/Nell/Max/Jess/Grimm/Hawke/Flak/Von Bolt/Jugger should get it theoretically, I think Adder/Sasha/Sensei do too with Slam Shield and D4 COP, 8HP 100 Atk Recon does 43% and COP Recon does 57%; 6HP Inf does 25% and 8HP Inf counter does 63%. Maybe Colin can do it with an extra unit and COP. Charging COP is not so easy, though. // I can only charge like 1.89… damn… Edit: This could be enough for Sasha with Star Power instead of Gold Rush…

Got Sasha: http://i.imgur.com/MJ0KkIf.png Had to get 6–6–5HP Infs suicides because when I got a 3HP Inf in there it would retreat on HQ. I guess 110/122 8HP Inf is too much for a suicide in that case. Also an unexpected problem was the SE City capping Inf, with 100 Atk I could only put the Road Inf to 2HP so when they joined they became 6HP and 8HP Recon left it at 0.2HP, I needed COP for the kill.

Edit: Using 2 money skills lets me build 4 Infs D1, which means I get an extra attack on the Recon, which means the kill is easy and charging is easier. I think this means Adder/Sensei/Hachi are possible, maybe even Colin with the same strat.

Stuff to later confirm this legitimately…

611804016 (6) Total: 12 at 850067 3 estis
326784890 (2) Total: 14 at 850097 attack
169102835 (1) Total: 15 at 850105 Inf select
1062262325 (2) Total: 17 at 850106 1 esti
775146423 (2) Total: 19 at 850124 attack
723119576 (1) Total: 20 at 850125 Inf select
165343099 (3) Total: 23 at 850126 1 esti + 1 step pathfinding (can be 2 steps pathfinding)
989868861 (2) Total: 25 at 850141 attack

I think I need a good 3rd estimation, but the RN that works actually has a good 2nd estimation which is weird… hmm more in detail they are: City Recon v 9.xHP Road Recon, Road Recon v 9.xHP Road Recon, Road Recon v 10HP Plains Recon (I want the attack here); Plains Inf v 9.xHP Road Recon; Road Inf v 8.xHP Road Recon.

Rough estimation of lucks needed:
0, ≥ 16
0, high
9, 0
≤ 3, 19
≥ 8, whatever
≤ 7, 14 or something
≥ 8, whatever
≤ 7, 14 or something

RN that works with Adder only using Luck: 901593919

Edit: Adder 4/300 (Slam Guard, Prairie Dog, Gold Rush, Luck). I guess Slam Guard allowed me to charge just a tiny bit more to not require Star Power? Or maybe I was overcharging with Sasha, dunno. Charged 2.09 with this, anyway. Confirms Sensei too I think. Got it anyway.

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Mon May 02, 2016 11:06 am

Spann Island 2.0 Jake 4/300. The magical RN: 893847682. It took me hours to find this b***h. First I manually went through 4 DAY signs (roughly 400 frames) hoping to get the Recon attack while also juggling attempts at using Julian’s RNG calculator to find a good RN. After the manual attempts failed I devoted myself to the calculator fully, at first misunderstanding its output and wondering why the AI’s attacks didn’t match its estimations, then finally understanding it, 45 minutes of continuous RNG calculation later I found the magical sequence.

1279 893847682 2 11 57 % 33 % (2 / −0) / (11 / −0)
1280 1005892251 11 16 66 % 28 % (11 / −0) / (16 / −0)
1281 68625516 16 1 71 % 16 % (16 / −0) / (1 / −0)
1282 382594141 1 10 56 % 32 % (1 / −0) / (10 / −0)
1283 1052509430 10 19 65 % 29 % (10 / −0) / (19 / −0)
1284 1062111839 19 0 74 % 16 % (19 / −0) / (0 / −0)
1285 927133920 0 17 55 % 36 % (0 / −0) / (17 / −0)
1 v 16 1st esti = 36% v 25% = 1440 v 1000 = 440 gain
1 v 10 2nd esti = 36% v 32% = 1440 v 1280 = 160 gain
9 v 0 3rd esti = 39% v 28% = 1560 v 1120 = 440 gain

And it only tied!!! Good thing that seems to be enough to get the attack. I suppose it’s because when the AI ties estimations, it attacks the last estimation it did; this has been observed before.

Not to mention that sure, this sequence gets the Recon attack, but it fails at getting an actually good outcome out of it (Recon survives with 0.5HP after the next attack) and also fails at getting both of the Infantry attacks, at least those don’t require particularly good outcomes… I absolutely require a programmer to figure out an RNG sequence that would allow for all of it to actually happen, if it’s even possible.

Edit: Btw skills were Brawler, Prairie Dog, Gold Rush, Luck.

Hachi 4/300 I charged 3.03 Stars with 4 D1 Infs (Road Rage, Prairie Dog, Gold Rush, Luck) and used COP just to get the 6–6–5HP Infs suicides, but actually fell short of the kill on the last Inf for some reason so I went back and redid it with Brawler, Slam Shield, Prairie Dog, Luck and no COP instead lol (COP strat should work regardless with a better dmg outcome on the Inf on D3). // Got Max. // Got Von Bolt. VB was Brawler, Prairier Dog, Gold Rush, Luck; Max only 3 skills (no Brawler). // Got Colin. Brawler, Road Rage, Prairie Dog, Luck. Used COP on D4 to get the NW 6HP Inf suicide. // Got Sonja. Prairie Dog, Fire Sale, Gold Rush, Luck. Her D2D is good enough to deal with the City Infs, and the extra money skill allows for D1 4 Infs, so the Recon kill becomes an easy 3HKO rather than a really hard 2HKO. Her magical RN is 110174952, btw. // Got Koal. Prairie Dog, Fire Sale, Gold Rush, Luck. His D2D is good enough to deal with the SE City Inf, which lets me move the 7HP Recon out of the way so I can do every attack to charge COP to get the NW 6HP Inf suicide. 6–4–5HP Inf suicides.

If I could manipulate 1 Inf to be built from the SE Base instead of the NE Bases on D2 I think I could get blands. I suppose another way to get blands would be if I could get the 2 E Inf suicides on the Recon instead of needing an Inf. Then the Inf could deal with the Recon. They seem to like joining on top of the HQ, though…

Full list of theoretical Spann Island 2.0 4/300 COs:
Jake/Nell/Hachi/Max/Colin/Sasha/Eagle/Jess/Sonja/Sensei/Grimm/Hawke/Flak/Adder/Von Bolt/Jugger/Koal.

Rachel is 0.4 Inf HP away from getting it. She has the strongest 3-stars COP as far as I know, with Fire Sale I can deal with the Recon but I have to use the 7HP Recon to attack the NW City Inf which then will keep 8HP for the suicide. Her COP gives +30 Luck but even with that the 8HP suicide on 110/110 Inf is impossible.

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Tue May 03, 2016 5:40 am

Since I won’t be able to actually do the record legitimately I just made a video with Jake for now for future reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziDKI7RZ_FY
Edit: Confirmed this semi-legitimately, 232822 or 0x38D76 after frame advance works.

Edit: Got Colin on DS. ^^ Only took 30 minutes (20 were AI’s D3). I think he’s the easiest one to get. http://i.imgur.com/jCzn4CS.jpg
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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by _STL_ » Tue May 03, 2016 10:47 pm

Rachel is 0.4 Inf HP away from getting it. She has the strongest 3-stars COP as far as I know, with Fire Sale I can deal with the Recon but I have to use the 7HP Recon to attack the NW City Inf which then will keep 8HP for the suicide. Her COP gives +30 Luck but even with that the 8HP suicide on 110/110 Inf is impossible.[/quote]

But wouldn't Kindle easyly get it? She can deal 4 damage with the Recon, then 3 damage with COP, 5HP Inf should suicde with no problem.

Also something to consider, with 100 attack or less our City Recon can be attacked by Andy's Plains Inf. I don't know if that helps at all.

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Wed May 04, 2016 12:09 am

_STL_ wrote:But wouldn't Kindle easyly get it? She can deal 4 damage with the Recon, then 3 damage with COP, 5HP Inf should suicde with no problem.
I math’d her and thought she couldn’t get it, but I math’d her completely wrong. Yeah, Kindle gets it.

I already knew that about City Recon being attacked but it’s of no help. Not getting attacked is part of the strategy.

Edit: Julian says Rachel is possible from this position: http://i.imgur.com/oYWvlkF.png. He wants the 8HP Inf to ignore the Inf and suicide on the 7.0HP Woods Recon. I didn’t get this even with cheatcodes nor am I gonna waste my time trying to. He says Andy/Olaf/Javier can’t do the same thing because Inf can’t deal enough damage(?). Of the other impossible COs, Kanbei’s units are too costly, Sami’s/Grit’s too weak, and Lash/Drake have an impossible to charge COP anyway.

Edit2: Having made a few tests on the Rachel position, I think I can say it’s impossible… The AI only estimates against the Inf for some reason, and while you can do 76% counter (so 70% limit for refusal), in the 2nd / last wave the Inf will attack regardless of the 70% limit. It’s pretty weird.

2018 Edit: I have no idea how I ever charged 3 Stars on this map, I get 2.96 at most with Rachel now. The Hachi/Koal strats I mentioned before should charge even less and yet I said Hachi charged 3.03… I’m so confused. Picture:
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... nknown.png
This charges but I don’t think the 3HP Mech suicide is possible (didn’t calc):
2018 Edit: Although with Hachi/Koal it’s probably possible to charge COP because you don’t need the 7HP Wood Recon for the NW Inf suicide, so you should be able to charge more Recon HP against the Infs/Mech (6HP after the 2 Infs attack and whatever with the other Recon?). There’s also the fact that I wrote I charged 3.03 Stars but that’s mathematically impossible because the smallest unit is 0.02 so who knows what I was doing.
2018 Edit: Tested the Rachel position with charged COP with scripts, theoretically possible, not in reality. The Inf appears to only estimate against the Infantry even on wave 2 for some reason, and a refusal seems mathematically impossible due to sets (it requires 0 Luck in order to keep 8HP to deal ≥ 70% counter). Edit: Got it with a better strategy to charge (9–5 Recon v. City Inf D2) read post below.

Edit3: FI 2.0 calcs:

Hawke, 1 Recon, Road Rage + Bruiser + Brawler + Luck as Jugger
—10HP Inf suicide on 9.4HP Recon
ATTACK RATE: 1 to 6.93
SUICIDE RATE: 1 to 308.64
REFUSE RATE: 1 to 1.17
—7HP Inf suicide on 8.1HP Recon
ATTACK RATE: 1 to 23.08
SUICIDE RATE: 1 to 39.24
REFUSE RATE: 1 to 1.05
—7HP Inf suicide on 7.2HP Recon
ATTACK RATE: 1 to 5.8
SUICIDE RATE: 1 to 20.07
REFUSE RATE: 1 to 1.21

Andy, 2 Recons, Road Rage + Bruiser + Brawler + Luck as Jugger
—10HP Inf suicide on 10HP Plains Recon from Road
ATTACK RATE: 1 to 19.61
SUICIDE RATE: 1 to 406.14
REFUSE RATE: 1 to 1.05
—7HP Inf suicide on 9.0HP same Recon
ATTACK RATE: 1 to 24.79
SUICIDE RATE: 1 to 115.05
REFUSE RATE: 1 to 1.04
—7HP Inf suicide on 8.2HP same Recon
ATTACK RATE: 1 to 9.97
SUICIDE RATE: 1 to 264.08
REFUSE RATE: 1 to 1.11

Can anyone do better?

Made a few calculations: you can almost get 4 attempts per minute, but more realistically it’s 3. If you spent 14 hours each day trying it, you’d be expected to rout Andy after 18.542225 days. Can’t see anybody going for this, lol.

Strat above:
1 to 29398.35 H
1 to 129625.34 A
Strat using Slam Guard instead of Bruiser:
1 to 17964.28 H
1 to 218374.69 A
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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by fcastro » Thu May 05, 2016 2:16 am

Hey! Nice job on Spann 2.0, so what COs have a "DS-playable" strat?
Also if you could try to cheat all potential "unplayable" perfect scores... (perhaps Spann 2.5, RI 1.0, Twin 1.0, and the FIs).
The strat for Ridge 1.0 would be that:
Koal (2 moneys, 2 part. atts.) Jugger (direct, luck, 2 moves)
D1 Build 2 recons, switch to Jugger.
D2 Move NE, Build 1 recon, 1 inf must suicide plain vs plain so AI builds 1 rocket + 2 infs (maybe there are other ways to manipulate).
D3 Kill Rocket with 2 recons from plain and HQ. All 3 infs shall suicide in 1 recon each...

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Thu May 05, 2016 4:44 am

Fidel, you’re alive! Did you have a Spann Island 1.5 Colin + Jugger strategy? Julian says you did, but I couldn’t find it myself. I wanted to try it a little more when I had the time. Do you have a D2D for it? Edit: Actually this position I got days ago might work with Colin + Jugger: http://i.imgur.com/bQpD8O2.png

I can try that Ridge strategy on emulator later.
fcastro wrote:Hey! Nice job on Spann 2.0, so what COs have a "DS-playable" strat?
I honestly think most of them are playable if you’re willing to spend some hours on it. The easiest ones are the COs who can use Road Rage, so Nell/Hachi/Colin (Flak/Jugger too) and Koal because he has it without skill. I’m not sure which ones other than Jake would be impossible on DS.

fcastro wrote:(perhaps Spann 2.5, RI 1.0, Twin 1.0, and the FIs).
What’s Spann 2.5? Twin 1.0 I don’t know the strategy, FI 2.0 is really easy with RNG cheats on emulator. I can just cheat the RNG so that AI’s estimation is max luck min counter, then I cheat it to min luck max counter for the suicide.
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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by fcastro » Thu May 05, 2016 6:49 am

I don't remember Spann strats at all, sorry.
Weren't there insane FI 1.5 and 2.5 3 strats too?
Let me know for Ridge 1.0.
I will look for Twin 1.0 strat, surely Recon spam and charging COP for destroying Neo...
Also there was Final Battle 2.0 with 5 skills (Japanese score ^^), maybe you could get a 4-skill strat on emu?

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Thu May 05, 2016 7:43 am

fcastro wrote:I don't remember Spann strats at all, sorry.
That sucks. Do you not have your old conversations with Julian saved somewhere?
fcastro wrote:Weren't there insane FI 1.5 and 2.5 3 strats too?
For 1.5 there is Koal + Jugger, for 2.5 I don’t know about any strategy. I tried both Jugger and Eagle and while it looks possible, I couldn’t get it.
fcastro wrote:Let me know for Ridge 1.0.
Yeah, I’ll post when I do it.
fcastro wrote:Also there was Final Battle 2.0 with 5 skills (Japanese score ^^), maybe you could get a 4-skill strat on emu?
I guess I can try it when I have time. I want to make videos of as many records as possible so I have a lot to do…

Have you read the new campaign topic I made? DxD and I improved a lot of the campaign records: http://forums.warsworldnews.com/viewtop ... 12&t=13897

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Fri May 06, 2016 2:04 am

Ridge Island 1.0 3/300 Rachel + Nell (Synergy, Fire Sale, Gold Rush; Brawler, Prairie Dog, Pathfinder, Luck):
2018 Edit: After testing, this record appears to be impossible. Kindle + Jugger also appears impossible. Koal + Jugger has been confirmed to work, at least.

Koal/Kindle + Jugger are the only other possible teams as far as I can tell. 40 Luck teams miss out by 2 Atk (9HP Recon requires 123 Atk to OHKO Plains Inf with 40 Luck). I tried getting Inf suicides on 10HP Recons by using Bodyguard but since there are 4 suicides and you only have 3 Recons, one of them will inevitably go down to 9HP.
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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:00 am

fcastro wrote:Ok I'll post here. Let's start with Kita 2.0. There are a lot of possible AI moves so maybe it could be improved, either by finding 2 kills (highly implausible) or by making AI build less than 13 (remind that in 2.5 mode, we manip AI to build 10 in 7 days, and here it is 6 days).

Sensei (apc, cap +2, money, ) 6/276, 1/13 killed: At d1-d2 build 2 bb and 4 infs, moves all the way south. Ai builds apc, mech, tank and recon (that would be different if you build only 3 infs). At d3 build lonely inf ; AI must move tand and recon all the way east (else restart game).
At d4 unload 1 inf north from port, destroy your base inf (to manip AI). Way to HQ should be open. At d5 unload your 3 remaining inf from the north beaches, and build cruiser so that AI builds only 13.. AI mech must move 2N so that your 3 infs can kill him. Build for tech.
At AI D4 I have Recon moving 1S of BB and Arty 1E of it, blocking my Inf’s path. That manipulation already gets 11 AI units on D3, so I doubt we can get 10… I think that would require getting AI to build the D3 Lander, but I’ve never seen it being built in the S Port instead of the N Port (which blocks us). How does No Bonus even work? lol

Edit: Got to D5 with the way open (Recon went East, Arty 1N of HQ), but the AI has already built 14 units, and I did the lone Inf + deletion thing and everything else. wtf? lol Mech + Inf + Tank built D4 btw. At least she didn’t build anything after murdering my capping Inf (no Cruiser).

Lander can be built South but I think it requires Tank + Artillery + Inf moving next to that Port. I had Tank + Arty + Inf when it happened, and it still built the N Inf as well.


Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by fcastro » Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:11 am

Here's d4. Art will move 1 s, mech and recon all east. Then he builds only mech, and at d5 only sub.
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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:24 am

Only a Mech built? Never seen that…

I get Mech + Inf + Tank: http://i.imgur.com/eRjaRYm.png

Edit: I got the single N Mech built but that was with dropping both Infs so the one adjacent to HQ died and AI has a bunch of units on/next to HQ.

Edit2: Playing on DS EUR ROM now, I got AI to build Lander and the Artillery moved 1W of HQ (1S of my BB). I can easily cap the HQ, but I don’t know about kills. Couldn’t get any kills. /// What the fudge is going on, I can’t replicate that Arty behaviour on emu USA ROM… /// Redid map from start without ever cheating RNG, I got the Arty movement but… Still Mech + Inf + Tank built: http://i.imgur.com/qqG7vTh.png /// DUDE I GOT THE ARTY 1N OF HQ AND ONLY MECH BUILT ON DS NOW! WHAT THE fudge! VERSION DIFFERENCES?!? Didn’t need to build the Cruiser for the AI to build the Sub, btw. If you block both Ports the AI builds Rockets. I think getting 2 kills is the only hope for this strategy. You can manipulate the AI into building Sub + Inf if you make an Infantry yourself. Could maybe get Mech + Inf kills… or maybe the 9HP Recon after capping Inf counter with a Mech… don’t know. /// I think I can get the 6/276 by destroying a Road Recon with a single Mech, but I only have Infs. Recon may not move in range if it’s a Mech instead of an Inf. Man, this is crumpets. If Mech attacks capping Inf, you could use Luck and kill the Mech with 1 Inf, then you’d have 2 extra Infs you could use to kill a newly built Inf or something. But there doesn’t seem to be a position that’s that convenient.

Emu JPN ROM = same as USA. Btw you can manipulate the building order to Tank + Mech + Inf if you make D2 BB in E Port and move all S. (As opposed to Mech + Inf + empty + Tank.) Anyway, all the Recon/Tank/Arty AI moves on this map seem to be set when the unit is built. So after it is built, it will always move the same way. To change it you have to load a save before it’s built.


So anyway deleting the Inf can be done on D5, doesn’t need to be D4. The extra Inf that gets built could help for Power though…

I think the wrong build behaviour is due to emulation inaccuracy in DeSmuME 0.9.10. I tested the EUR ROM on it and I still get the wrong builds. Picture of how it should be (from 0.9.4 EUR ROM): http://i.imgur.com/8Qxg2E5.png /// 0.9.9 gets it wrong too. Well I guess it’s a relief that it’s an emulator bug rather than version differences. Makes me wonder whether all the records I made on the emu are real, though… /// These tests might’ve been done with E Port 2nd BB which as I write below manipulates the Tank build even on EUR.

I just got the wrong builds on 0.9.4 USA. ._. wtf is going on? /// OK so if the 2nd BB is 6sq within N Base, AI will build the Tank and then the other soldiers.

0.9.4 USA slightly different (Art 1W of HQ, Mech + Inf + Inf + Tank): http://i.imgur.com/qok8fKq.png didn’t delete my Inf obviously, 3rd Base would be empty then. So what, is it a version difference after all? =_= Gonna test EUR on 0.9.10 again…

0.9.10 EUR: http://i.imgur.com/f7FWEcm.png IT’S A fudge VERSION DIFFERENCE!!!


Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by fcastro » Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:31 am

So did u get 6/276 or not?

Here is (approximately) Mial 1.0 strat. 5/283 (1/12 killed), with Sensei/Sami (3 moneys, apc+1 / star)
d1 build east recon, tcop and 2 infs. D2 move all east and build recons. D3 build east recon. D3 AI must move copters all the way west and tcop south of airport (so that it will come close to you next). Attack east city inf with our east recon (away of bcop range) and drop your inf south of your recon, in cap range. Move all units east. Switch to Sami. West bcop must attack 3w2n so you have 2 spots to attack it. And both recons must receive 0 damage counter from 1 hp recons. D5 take max damage from bcops, kill west inf and attack tcop. Spam infs for tech. Don't remember how many units lost u need to have.

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:09 am

fcastro wrote:So did u get 6/276 or not?
Yes, I got it. As I mentioned you don’t need to build the Cruiser, just 3 Infs for Tech and you can delete the manip Inf on D5. Can you write in the first post that it only works on the EUR version? This is absurd that we find a version difference in 2017…

I wanted to try getting the 300 but I’ve been kinda busy.

I’ll try Mial’s Hope when I have time. I was looking through my old files and I actually found the Little Lion 1.5 7/296 strategy, but it might be a little outdated (it says it wasn’t done on console).

Edit: Sensei is 680G away from getting Kita Straight 2.0 6/300. ._. If you could just build Mech + Inf D1 it would work… I also had another idea that might’ve worked if the Arty moved 1W of HQ, but it doesn’t do that on EUR if you drop the Inf. :( You’d use Cap +1 as last skill, let Mech + Recon attack HQ Inf, then single Inf is enough to kill the Mech, and the other BB can drop a single Mech E to OHKO a Recon that for whatever reason is suicidal and comes into range. // Nvm I calculated that even if the Mech attacked from Road you would only do 98% at best with 7HP counter and 10HP Infs…
2018 Edit: The 680G comment is wrong, can test 1.0 that even with a Mech close to HQ you can’t get it in range of the Recon. If you do Arty attacks it. Also the thing about Arty not going 1W of HQ on EUR is wrong, it can do that (decided on build like all other vehicle movements). Though I’m not sure how I wanted Sami to make a Mech, with Arty 1W I’m getting S Lander built and sami has no money left.
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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:30 am

I made a video of Kita Straight 2.0 6/276 with my alternative strategy of getting power by destroying a Recon (requires 2 money skills).


AI deciding whether or not to build the D5 Inf is determined by how many soldier HP you have on the field. If your soldiers total up 35 or more HP, the AI builds the Infantry. All these tests had a 10HP Mech that’s uncounted:
No D5 Inf
7771 = 22HP
6666 = 24HP
7736 = 23HP

D5 Inf
7477 = 25HP
6667 = 25HP

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:33 pm

Got Jelly Island 2.0 with Jugger using cheats on emulator. Wave 1 refusal is easy (2×G Inf), wave 2 was thought to be 2.5×G hence impossible but we must’ve been stupid because it looks like it’s still 2×, it estimates twice in the same frame though so it’s extremely hard to actually get the wave 2 refusals, but with cheats I got it. /// Got Nell as well with this fortuitous RNG sequence:
144 48255047 7 10 29 % 41 % (7 / −0) / (10 / −0)
145 336814120 0 29 26 % 53 % (0 / −0) / (29 / −0)
146 211352009 9 0 30 % 30 % (9 / −0) / (0 / −0)
147 681533490 0 29 26 % 53 % (0 / −0) / (29 / −0)

I think this strategy only requires 3 Infs. Edit: Nevermind I forgot there’s a wave 1 refusal too I didn’t take into consideration. All 3 would have to happen naturally…

STL coded a script to find this sequence:

start: 926530425
0 550544930 0 29 26 % 53 % (0 / −0) / (29 / −0)
1 810791099 9 18 30 % 40 % (9 / −0) / (18 / −0)
2 1051792908 8 11 29 % 41 % (8 / −0) / (11 / −0)
3 862826621 1 20 26 % 48 % (1 / −0) / (20 / −0)
4 161277590 0 29 26 % 53 % (0 / −0) / (29 / −0)
5 974651519 9 0 30 % 30 % (9 / −0) / (0 / −0)
6 834207360 0 29 26 % 53 % (0 / −0) / (29 / −0)

It works when cheating just from first wave (let N Inf attack you). Edit: 1513489 works just after the frame advance.

Sonja is impossible due to her negative Luck making it so she alternates sets when the double estimation happens, so you might be able to refuse wave 1 and the first attack in wave 2, but the one right after will have the odd set so it’s impossible to go 0 and 19.

Edit: Spann 1.5 Colin + Jugger mathematically confirmed to be impossible with the strategy I found.
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... nknown.png
The wave 2 second attack doesn’t work as a suicide on Tank it seems, so even though with animations on there are a few RNs that theoretically work they practically don’t. Tested all other combinations too, only thing missing would be different N Tank HPs (here 7.2HP because it makes for easiest Tank suicide).
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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by -STL- » Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:54 am

I looked a bit at Whiplash 2.5. Since it's a 2.5, I think we should figure all perfect CO possiblities, even though Sami (top) obviously only gets teams, that Sami(bottom) already achieved.
I regot Colin/Sami, you had a lot of spare money and could send way more Recons than needed. Trying Bolt/Sami the best I got was the 7.24 visual, even when I paid a bit attention to getting good counters and Sami making some attacks like 2 Infs on B-Cop or Recon attacking B-Cop. I don't know if it's just a matter of min/maxing the counter and experimenting with AI settings (I just remembered now you could do that) or if it needs a new strat/trick.
The way I got a free HQ for the top screen AI was by sending an Art on Day 3 together with enough other units (5 total needed) so that an Inf would be sent to the northern airport.

Edit: 7.5 visual stars with Bolt/Sami

Edit2: Got Whiplash 2.5 with Bolt/Sami TAG, so any partner but Kanbei can do it.

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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by ALAKTORN » Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:40 am

Finally Spann 2.0 4/300 with Rachel!!! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... nknown.png
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZxYUZNPBNs

Spent so much time calculating and scripting this with Julian today and yesterday. I was trying to match my 2016 picture where I charged COP with Rachel but I think I cheated that time because those HPs only charge 2.96. After finding that out yesterday and going to sleep confused, today I got the idea of getting 9–5 against the SE City Inf with the Recon, in order to charge an extra Recon HP. It ended up working out, and after a whole lot of scripting we found RNG sequences for both D3 and D4. D4 requires a triple refusal on the Infantry, which requires 0 Luck from the AI because with 1 it deals enough damage to bring the Inf down to 6HP and that’s not enough to deal 70% counter. On D4 the Inf actually goes: wave 1 only estimates on Inf, wave 2 only estimates on Inf and if it’s a refusal, it estimates against every unit right after on the same frame. So it requires 3 Inf refusals which require 0 Luck from the AI. We found only 11 RNs in the entire RNG sequence that worked, but our calculations weren’t entirely precise so it could be a bunch more or less, but still insane.
The RNs we used:
Day 3: 0x07736334
Day 4: 0x04B9C55E

Edit: Scripted Ridge 1.0 Rachel + Nell, looks to be impossible. :( Wasn’t tested extensively but STL says it’s a 1 in 10 billion chance and the RNG only has a bit over 1 billion numbers total… it might be possible but it’s too hard to test extensively so we won’t know. Doesn’t look possible though. /// Kindle + Jugger also failed, we were only able to confirm Koal + Jugger.
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Re: War Room Perfect Scores

Post by -STL- » Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:07 am

Looked a bit at Terra Maw.

Eagle should be able to get 2.0 11/300.
We capture the N port, build a Lander D7 which will transport 2 loaded APCs and use D7, D8 and D9 COP.
To get a free port we need some standard AI manipulation. You build as few Recons and Infs as possible.

In 2.5 this will not work, because without APC Boost a Lander from N port needs an extra day and theres no other way for him to benefit from 3 COPs, so his best is 13 days.
In 1.5 Eagle/Sami might get a 9 day win with Day 6 Sami SCOP, Day 7 Eagle COP and Day 9 TAG but its unlikely. Her port will likely not be free and we would never get Technique. To charge Day 6 SCOP you need to suicide at least 5 Recons in the MD Tank.

Edit: Got 2.0 Eagle 11/300
Here's the strat:
Woods, APC, Money, Star
D6 capture N Port, D7 Build Lander + COP, D8 COP, D9 Drop APC, COP

Manip the AI to get this build order:
D1 3 Inf, T-Cop
D2 Inf, MD, Recon (MD, Recon moving north)
D3 Mech, Inf, Lander
D4 Rockets
D5 MD, 2 Inf
D6 Bomber
D7 B-Cop, BB
D8 Black Bomb
D9 Bomber, Inf

What is built was roughly:
Day 1
Build APC, 2 Infs
Day 2-4
Build no Recons or Infs yet, only Tanks or AAs
Day 7
Keep 2 AAs, 2 Tanks (probably 2+2 not strictly required) and not too many Infs/Recons

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