Unnamed tags

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Unnamed tags

Post by Messenger Of Dreams2 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:04 am

Yeah, I know this is kind of a ripoff, but I had actually wanted to write a paper on this before I stumbled upon Formic's series, which I have to admit are pretty good in itself. But I thought it'd be hella fun to write, so yeah, no lawsuit, as my n00bish views are probably tons different from yours.

Anyway, let's get started. All names are actually made up, so yeah, they are unnamed, yet named.


Olaf and Drake-Freezing Rain

Now this tag is deliciously malicious and everyone knows why. Because it takes 4 hp, nearly half, out of every single piece in the opponet's army, takes their gas away in two forms leaving them stalled in the road and falling out of the skies, and then leaves them at a disadvantage or at your advantage.

During Day to Day, You'll likely want to lead off with Olaf so that he can get equal footing through all his units, and if it snows the team is not affected and gets the advantage. Unless of course it's a sea-based map, in which case by all means use Drake.

When the tag power rolls around, you can go either way. Use Olaf for taking 2 hp out first and doing a bit of extra power smashy, and then switch to Drake to finish the job best you can with Fog of War and then making the opponet try to scramble away with next to no gas left without bumping into your units. The other strategy is to Use Drake first, advance your units through the fog (helpful if you're a bit away- it helps also to take note of where your enemy is seeing as when you set up the fog they aren't going anywhere) and then smashy with Olaf when they're 6HP. Whatever units you have left will need to evacuate to heal and refuel, and some may not even make it due to Olaf's double the gas side effect. I'm not sure if Olaf's snow cancels out Drake's fog or if it just adds snow to fog. I'm pretty sure it's the latter so you'll have to put up with FoW twice but it'll still make it hard for the enemy to stumble away.

Overall, this leaves the enemy stalled in the middle of the road in bad shape.

Drake and Sonja-Stormy Tides

Obvious advantage is obvious. Mostly the Tag Power is the strength, although these two get along very well in D2D.

Unless the situation is right for Drake, for the most part you'll want to lead with Sonja. Her ability to leave her opponents
relatively defenseless is a good asset to use. It gives her a subtle firepower boost similar to what Lash should have been on certain terrains, as in pretty much everything on a road. Although for the life in me I don't know how she does it. Does she, like, cut off part of a mountain to leave the opponent more open?

I digress though. Tag Power time!

You'll want to lead with Drake pretty much every time. He'll cause Fog of War, give the customary 2 damage, and then roll his units in to smashy. This is definitely more of a "lead in and then smash" tag. Then you wanna go to Sonja. With there being NOWHERE to hide and you being at 8HP, She can take you off of anything, especially with her extra space and wood vision. Just build a unit? Sonja'll take your 8hp ass out before you even start, AKA the worst way to die in the army. You Kindle on a city? Well, your ability to counterattack at 140% is pretty much useless if Sonja kills you, isn't it? Hell, she cancels out Lash's power completely, like you didn't know. Your 6 star city just went back to normal. Your forest is now at 1. Your plain is now at nothing. You Grimm? Well, why the hell are you playing Sonja to begin with? You Grit? Well, those hidden Rockets in the forest are pretty much screwed. You Kanbei? Well... Sonja's already pretty surprisingly heartbroken to even fight a clone of you without declaring that a million deaths is not enough for those aholes that made it, but if she does, she pretty much leaves you at 120%, which with you at 8hp, makes you pretty much normal units she can use her 10hp's to counter. Kiss your 7hp Mechs goodbye, Sensei, cause with you on pretty much no safe spot, Sonja's tearing you up. Even on a mountain, she's got the advantage while not taking crumpets back.

This tag can pretty much destroy anyone. With Drake's intel added to Sonja's, these two make a pretty genius team. FoW out of nowhere and 2hp shaved off of you, you're definitely worse off than Sonja on her own. There's pretty much no preventing this except if you run far away, as in farther than the double movement that Sonja/Drake will get.

This is pretty much near unstoppable. Everything dies.


This is like the ultimate flip-off to mass damage COs. This power is a bit long, but think about it.

Day to day, lead with Hawke to charge his long power bar up and cause of his 110 power stats.

You may notice that this power bar is long. Well, this actually give them an advantage. This will help to make sure that this takes place after a mass damage power. So when Olaf/Drake takes your 2hp away, you reverse it and then give it back.

There's two ways to go with this. One is to go Hawke first, immediately reversing mass damage that may have been caused, giving it back and then attacking with 120/110, and then switching to Olaf to finish the job with 2 more HP taken off enemies, and 130/120 stats.

You can also go Olaf first, even it your 8hp to their 8hp, use the atk/def bonus to start beating up, and then repairing with Hawke and finishing the job. Not as healing but you get the big guns out first.

So yeah. This costs more but is the ultimate destruction tag. I will admit that this is highly situational and isn't the best of tags, considering you can only use it against certain people to get it to its fullest extent, but under the right circumstances

Rachel/Adder-Speedy Recovery

This is sort of an odd pairing. Originally I meant to use Koal, but apparently Rachel has self-esteem issues and decided "If that bastard tags with me, I'm going to screw over half my power!" So yeah.

The thing about this tag is that they both focus on speed. Rachel's speed comes from her repair skills and ability to get a decent unit repaired in 1 day, COP luck that may not be brilliant but can speed up kills, and her SCOP Missles that also make kills faster in the way that they massively cut HP if used right. Adder's speed is that his speedy Powers are speedy.

The advantage of Having Adder is that it's OK to use his normal CO power for whatever reason, as it won't stall your Tag Power that much. So if you need that extra space, go right ahead.

The tag power in itself is short too, one star shorter than Adder/Koal. As you know, normally with Rachel's SCOP, it's great to get the three missles together, but sometimes the victims are too far away to reach and may heal before you get there. So I developed a nice strategy to help with that.

In tag powers, always start with Rachel. She'll fire her missiles and then you can see where they hit. Start by hitting close by victims up while progressing farther away with some forces. Then, switch to Adder and use the 2+ Movement to get the units who are farther away. This may not work every time but it's definitely a handy power.

Power/Defense Tags

In this section we'll focus on tags who focus on smashing the enemy, staying untouchable, or both.


This is an odd sort of tag, mostly for Tower Maps.

In the beginning, per usual, start Sami. Capture stuff. When things get hairy, switch to Javier so your Infantries get protection from rogue artillery. Good for mountains. As you get more into the battle, you may want to use Javier more to take advantage of his defense and his lack of weaknesses. More useful since Infantry aren't huge battle material, just setup material.

The Tag Power is pretty simple, and a bit overpriced for its use, but incredibly useful. Start from Sami, and aim it so you're near properties, especially near the towers. Capture all the towers, switch and then go brokeserko with Javier. You'll hopefully have two towers and be invincible, and then after the power's done you're set for life.

So yeah, it's chancy and expensive, but pulled off well it can be a gamewinner.

Grimm/Kanbei-Glorious Victory

Well, duh. It's pretty obvious. Grimm provides power, Kanbei provides defense.

The really good thing about this tag is that with Kanbei, there isn't much compromising. If you wanna focus on Defense a bit, you can still keep most of your power with Kanbei.

You wanna start off with Grimm, for good prices obviously. His recons can fudge with enemy infantry even though it won't last long. After you have a sizable force switch on and off for the most part. Kanbei you will probably prefer more due to the fact that he has the whole enchilada, but Grimm's useful if you can bust a chokepoint or bust em up with little retaliation.

The power is quite obvious. Start Grimm, beat the everlasting crap out of your opponent, then set up shop with Kanbei, finishing up the retaliation with your 160 and then sitting tall with 150 defense for the turn, Woahmagod counters and then 120 defense afterward.

A real black eye if I do say so myself.

Jess/Eagle-Allies at Heart

This is pretty good for the Earth/Sky type battle. You may argue that Jess is no good in Air, but then again if rivals this big can get a 105% tag power (albeit unnamed) they can certainly manage.

You see, with Air, you don't necessarily need huge power in Air unless it's in dogfights or AA vs Bomber. So Jess can live doing a tad less with Bombers without it affecting the game too much. The only problem is that she may not get as many OHKOs with her Bombers as usual, but she'll still leave the smaller units too fudge to do much.

So start with Jess. Pull the whole My Recon PWNZ you noobz tactic. For the most part you can stick with Jess, but if you see a dogfight in the air coming, pull out to Eagle to get the edge while still maintaining a reasonable force with the ground. Also, if you wanna charge up Eagle's power bar, go for him to get all around-ness. If you have ports don't rely heavily on them but occasionally pop out a sub or such.

The Power's not much special but solid all the same. Two turns with 105% power extra fills up for Eagle/Jess' navy and Jess' planes, and the double turn Eagle gets with the 2 vehicle movement, resupply and power Jess gets pretty much leaves no square left safe, especially when it comes to air.

So in essence, two COs that fight like brother/sister are more compatible than you think.

Eagle/Max-Flying Strong

This is definitely an Air Tag. Good on the ground occasionally too but DEFINITELY an Air Tag. 120 in the air at all times not to mention that the tag power lets you have free rein of the whole map not to mention leaves Max at the end with brutal power. Truly as simple as that.

Financial Powers

Now today I'm going to tackle a few of these and get to this and a final MISC topic another time.

[/u]Sami-A Moneymaker's best friend[/u]

We may have plenty of financial COs, but none of them are any use if you don't get properties. So allow me to breeze through Sami's asset to war. Simply, she captures everything, the other CO gets monies for their stuff.

For Kanbei, Colin, Sasha and Hachi, it's pretty much the same thing. You capture stuff D2D, they buy stuff when you're done. But what I really want to address is the best City/Financial tag with Sami of all.

Sami/Kindle-Taking the City By Storm

Day to day, it's simple. Start capturing with Sami full health, and if other infantry want to give you a hard time, switch to Kindle and 140% Counterattack them to oblivion. During the later stages of the game, stay Kindle for the most part, so you can get city bonuses. You can use Sami if you want but keep in mind her directs are not very awesome.

Around tag time, switch to Sami. Then, Tag Power. Capture everything in sight with Sami, then use the 5-6 extra cities for another 15-20% tacked onto Kindle's firepower bonus, and to protect the infantry/mech that just captured with a 230-300% counterattack.

It's pretty much a version of Sasha/Colin, get money, go berserko with it.

Colin/Kanbei-Profits of War

This is very duh. Start with Colin. Buy stuff really easy. Switch to Kanbei. Beat people up with it.

Then around Tag Time, this turns into a power fudge. Start with Colin, with a lot of funds, berserko, then get to Kanbei, go berserko again and then sit tight as anyone who attacks you dies.

It's a real big O_o fest and the cheapest of the cheap.

Anyway, more soon

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Re: Unnamed tags

Post by Thelonious » Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:29 pm

Hachi/Kindle - Golddigger Banned in my meta for Hachi, but still worth a mention. Pretty simple financial team that can easily reinforce front lines with Kindle's overwhelming city forces on a dime. Mostly, I just like this tag for flavor, though, especially with both of their alternative costumes unlocked. :D

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Re: Unnamed tags

Post by FormicHiveQueen » Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:25 am

Hachi/Anyone is guaranteed to give you good results 90% of the time, but Hachi/Kanbei deserves a special mention for obvious reasons. Hachi Tags are scary just because of that unholy tech advantage. Kanbei Tags are scary because it's Lightning Strike with units you can't kill. Now put those two advantages into the same Tag...

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