The Next Commander-in-Chief for each Nation?

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Red Sun

The Next Commander-in-Chief for each Nation?

Post by Red Sun » Sat Mar 24, 2012 10:08 am

Hi everyone

Before I start, I want to say sorry for the dumb topic :c:

So I started to play AW again, and I was thinking about the commanders-in-chief, for some reason xD

So I wanted to have a little fun by asking who do you think could be the next commander-in-chief?, oh, and there is no need to limit yourself to only one candidate per nation

Lets remember the AW nations and their current commanders:

:os: Nell
:bm: Olaf
:ge: eh...Eagle?... :miss: , I fail, but I am not sure about it, I have to confess I have not really played DS and I cant remember a significant proof to say Eagle is the said commander, and I know almost nothing about Javier
:yc: Kanbei
:bh: Ehem :miss: , as I said I have not played DS camping, but I heard there are like 2 different Black Hole armies, so for the moment I am naming Hawke, I am going to leave the other group to the people who have played DS :mrgreen:

Ok, now who I think could be a good commander-in-chief after the retirement of the ones we know, just remember I cant say much about the new CO in DS

1.-Grit: He is always with Olaf, he cares about important things, probably the best candidate
2.-Shasha: I dont really know her :miss: , but seems better candidate than...
3.-Colin: He is not a bad CO at all, but I cant see him leading BM, even if it could take time to get a new commander and he is the most serious between the young commanders

1.-Eagle if I failed and he is not the current commander
1.-Jess: She takes her job seriously, she would probably be a good commander
2.-Drake: by default, actually, he would not be bad though
-Javier: he looks more like a commander than the other 3, but I don't really know him.

1.-Sonja: she is a good strategist and the emperors daughter
2.-Grimm: for default, but I cant say much about him
-Sensei is older than Kanbei, he probably was the commander before Kanbei, who knows, and I don't see how Sensei would become the commander if Kanbei needs to retire first.

1.-Adder: He was the second in command after Hawke, so it would make sense, and he is another kind of crazy than the other two candidates
2.-Lash: I like Lash more than Adder, but Lash lacks something to be commander
3.-A rock
4.-Flak: no need to explain it

I leave Orange Star at the end because I don't know who would be a better candidate, I am going to give reasons why they would be or not a good commander, but there is no order of preference
-Rachel: I don't know much about her, but she is the sister of the current commander, and looks like a capable CO
-Jake: I cant say anything
-Sami: She is a capable CO, she doesn't need the assistance of Nell as much as Max and Andy. She has good relationships with the bests candidates to commander from YC and GE (or current commander, I already said I don't know)
-Andy: Andy is... dim, but he has been growing in a good CO. His instructor is the Orange Star commander-in-chief herself, and as Hawke said once he has potential but unpolished. He had a key role into uniting the four nations and defeating Sturm, he also has good relationships with other commanders and possible candidates. Anyway, its gonna take time for Nell to retire and if Andy is lucky it can be enough for him to grow in a serious CO.
-Max: he is an OS veteran, that is also a problem because he has to wait for Nell to retire and we cant be sure if she would do it soon enough for Max to be an option. I suppose he is not bad.

So, what would you think could be a good commander? and remember this is just for fun :P

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Re: The Next Commander-in-Chief for each Nation?

Post by Kilian18 » Sat Mar 24, 2012 10:15 pm

Interesting Topic.
My Opinion:
:os: : Hachi was the former Commander, Nell is the actual Commander and Rachel will be Next commander. (She was leading the allied nations in DS )
:bm: : Probably Grit, but Colin isn't that unexperienced any more, if Grit doesn't want to do the job, he'll make Colin the Commander of BM.
:yc: : Sonja is the best choice here, since she's Kanbeis Daughter. Sensei's too old and Grimm isn't the right person for being a leader.
:ge: : Noone ever mentioned who was the Commander of GE, but IMO Eagle is, because his Airforce is the strongest Army in GE. Next leader would be Drake or Jess. Javier isn't the Person for being a Commander of a nation
:bh: : BH is seperated into 2 Partys: Sturmguard and Boltguard: Sturmguard is Sturm, Hawke, Adder, Lash and Flak, while Boltgurad is Von Bolt, Candy, Zak and Jugger
this is only a Spoiler for the ones who haven't played AWDS:
Hidden Text
for the Sturmguard: Sturm is no more, Hawke is the new leader, but he and Lash joined the Allied Nations, Adder and Flak didn't have a role in AWDS.
for the Boltguard: Von Bolt was the leader but he also died in the end of AWDS, so Candy is their new leader.

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Re: The Next Commander-in-Chief for each Nation?

Post by Xenesis » Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:18 am

Actually, I'd argue that AWDS essentially names Drake as the CIC of the Green Earth army. Eagle controls an independent battalion (since AW1) but he's never stated to be the leader.
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