Maps Without Guides (AWDS)

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Maps Without Guides (AWDS)

Post by Dragon Fogel » Sun Nov 24, 2013 8:27 am

Since we've got a number of missions and War Room maps that don't have guides, I figured I'd gather a list of them all in one place.

This is particularly important for this game because you can't just tell from the links on the guide pages; we have links to pages where we have a map but no strategy.

Anyways, our guide goals for AWDS are:
-300-point strategies for all Campaign maps, assuming no skills and no extra units unlocked (skill recommendations are fine)
-300-point strategies for all Hard Campaign maps, assuming no skills and no extra units unlocked (skill recommendations are fine)
-300-point strategies for all War Room maps for all COs in 2.5 Exp mode
-Strategies to S-Rank all Survival modes.
-Strategies to clear Combat Mode.

The no-skills baseline for Campaign/Hard Campaign strategies is essentially because it's a reasonably common challenge, and it also makes the guides accessible for players who haven't leveled up a particular CO. That, and most of our guides already don't assume skills. Similarly, we should aim for strategies with no Black Boats, Black Bombs, or Piperunners because not every player is going to have those.
The Survival baseline allows skills because it's about getting a high overall score, and skills will be helpful here. In other words, the assumed baseline is "you want to get a lot of points at the end".

There are other things that I would personally like to see, but don't especially expect. I'll list them anyways.

Campaign/Hard Campaign guides with any of the following additional conditions:
-Gets full bonus points from destroying objects
-Uses only one CO per army
-Restricted CO choices

Survival guides with any of the following additional conditions:
-Low money/turns/time on individual maps without caring about the overall score
-150 points on each map (except Open Road, where you can't attack anything)
-No skills
-One CO (with notes on specific ones)


-The Ocean Blue
-Fog Rolls In
-Black Boats Ahoy!
-The Long March
-Lightning Strikes
-Frozen Fortress
-Lash's Test
-Spiral Garden
-Omens and Signs
-Into the Woods
-Muck Amok
-Healing Touch
-Crystal Calamity
-Dark Ambition
-Ring of Fire
-For the Future!
-Means to an End

Hard Campaign

-The New Black
-Max Attacks!
-Reclaim the Skies!
-Neverending War
-The Ocean Blue
-Fog Rolls In
-Tag Battle
-Victory or Death!
-Black Boats Ahoy!
-The Long March
-Lightning Strikes
-Frozen Fortress
-Lash's Test
-Verdant Hills
-Snow Hunters
-Spiral Garden
-Omens and Signs
-Into the Woods
-Muck Amok!
-Healing Touch
-Dark Ambition
-Pincer Strike
-Ring of Fire
-For the Future!
-Means to an End

War Room

2-Player Maps:
-Spann Island (Everyone but Sami, Nell, Flak, Jugger)
-Moji Island
-Sole Harbor (Kanbei, Max)
-Pivot Isle (Grit, Colin, Kanbei, Sami)
-Land's End
-Kita Straight (Kanbei)
-Ridge Island (Max, Jess, Kanbei, Grimm)
-Mial's Hope
-Bounty River
-Twin Isle (Kanbei)
-Dire Range
-Terra Maw
-Long Road
-Nest Egg (Kanbei, Grimm)
-Banker Hills (Find and cover exceptions to basic strategy)
-Pipeline (Grit, Kanbei)

3-Player Maps:
-Lost Basin (Grit, Kanbei)
-Rivers Four
-Last Mission
-Stamp Islands
-Risky Vale
-Watery Downs (Kanbei)
-Fortress Isle (Max, Sami, Grit, Jess, Grimm, Lash)

4-Player Maps:
-Strong Land (Grit)
-Treble Ridge
-Four Acres
-Final Battle (Sami, Colin, Kanbei, Grimm)

DS Maps:
-Jelly Island (Everyone but Sami)
-Whiplash (Kanbei)
-Silo Nation
-Risky Duo
-Helix Peninsula


Since you use the same team for an entire run, it might be good to have a general page for each mode with overall team recommendations.

Money Survival:
-Bad Pangaea
-Crowded Plain
-Single File Isle
-The Swarm
-Grit's Gambit

Time Survival:
-Red Heart
-Frozen Pipes
-Cape Splinter
-Lake Fever
-Open Road
-The Middlemen
-Stealth Fight
-Tactical Decoy
-Last Stand
-Pursuit Plains
-Fog Hunter

Turn Survival:
-Lone Wolf
-Crystal Field
-Five Mile Isle
-Forest Frenzy


There are no guides at all for Combat.

I know there are guides in the War Room High Scores thread for several maps, so if anyone goes archive-trawling and finds something, point me to it.

Also feel free to comment on whether any of the strategies already on the site could use some revising or clarifying.
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Re: Maps Without Guides (AWDS)

Post by HPD » Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:30 pm

I will definitely try and get to digging up and formatting guides, but won't be able to until March when I finally return home.
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