HPD plays AWDS HC for the first time 9 yrs after release

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Re: HPD plays AWDS HC for the first time 9 yrs after release

Post by Dragon Fogel » Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:24 pm

Yeah, you want to get the airport as soon as possible, it's extremely important on that map.

A Sami tag is the easiest way to win, but obviously that's not an option here. You could either go for Koal/Adder so you can occasionally get extra movement and need fewer stars to charge a tag, or stick with Von Bolt and try to set up something like this:
-start tag with Von Bolt, stun units around the HQ
-drop off infantry in range to capture (with Adder or Koal you've got extra move for this)
-switch COs
-capture, the HQ units are stunned so they can't attack

Obviously you'd need to be able to clear a path to the HQ, but with two turns that shouldn't be too hard.
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Re: HPD plays AWDS HC for the first time 9 yrs after release

Post by HPD » Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:40 pm

Ok, I have the worst luck with Ex Machina or something. This time it hit a single Mech and AA in the middle of nowhere while both the Neotanks and the HQ parked units were left completely alone. I miss Meteor Strike :(. At least I understood its targeting.

Still cleared it, though. Von Bolt's defence prevents a lot of OHKO's which is very useful here as you basically get low-tier units to battle high-tier Neos Koal is ever so fond of producing. It also helps that the AI is quite scared of putting them into Artillery range.

Nabbed the airport early on this time by completely ignoring the north, then had to wait for the tag (with Adder since I could just charge his bar without having to switch out Von Bolt) to be able to strike the HQ with two bombers and a T-copter. Lost three units but full points in 15 days.

I finally 'get' this map, I think. Took me a while though :p
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Re: HPD plays AWDS HC for the first time 9 yrs after release

Post by hawkesnightmare » Fri Aug 14, 2015 7:24 am

I believe that Neverending War HC is one of the maps that Hawke can really shine on. His Black Storm can make those neo tanks huddle around cities to try and heal, which slows down their advance and allows you to either catch your breath after making your own push. Pairing him up with Koal or Adder also allows you to use their SCOP while Hawke's still charges up, and by the time it does, Koal/Adder is ready for another go as well. I have almost never played as Von Bolt simply because tag options are extremely limited.
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