Hardest/Annoying Missions

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Hardest/Annoying Missions

Post by revivingadvancewars » Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:25 am

Pincer Strike was difficult until I learned the strategy behind it. Crystal Calamity wasn't too difficult overall but early on it punished the slightest mistake so it was frustrating to me initially. Even though I beat the campaign like 20 times, I still fear Snow Hunters.

In the HC, many of the missions got even easier but Surrounded was a total nightmare. The only mission I needed a step-by-step on. Turns out Sasha is insanely good in the campaign.

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Re: Hardest/Annoying Missions

Post by hawkesnightmare » Sun Jul 06, 2014 5:57 am

HC Snow Hunters was annoying for me, as I don't like being boxed in like that initially. I quickly learned that Grit helps a lot with destroying that seam on the bottom right, rendering the piperunners useless. Half the time I don't even go for the Spiral Garden property. For most of the annoying missions, just taking it slow and playing defensive works just fine, even if you don't get that perfect 300.

Crystal Calamity is one of those where you have to be super aggressive and play smart with which units attack which enemies. It helps immensely if you get lucky and manage to get a heavy hitter up top to take out the top left crystal early on. Otherwise, it's just a matter of playing patiently and accepting the fact that most of the Blue army is going to get rekt.
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