Dual strike Team Color change/Glitch/thingy

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Dual strike Team Color change/Glitch/thingy

Post by Scorching Cobra » Sun Dec 07, 2014 3:11 am

I don't really think this is a glitch but its interesting, and everyone may already know about this but i'ma post this anyway :D
I decided to try to win Royal channel as the blue team with the AI as the red and I failed epicly. so i thought what if i played it as the second map in a dual strike match so i could support myself from the bottom screen, so I chose Risky duo as the bottom map and royal channel as the top. to my amazement the blue team on royal channel was now black. so I did some more testing and the top map will recolor itself to the teams (and HQ of the CO) on the bottom. e.g. you make a Design map with Green Earth vs Yellow Comet set it as the bottom map and choose spann island as the top, spann island will now be colored Green and Yellow. also since Risky duo and Helix peninsula both have black hole as the second team you can now be colored Black(as long as your the second team).
Downside is you can only play 2 player maps :(

OK that is a wall of text
Images from a DS lite for proof :lol:
Royal channel playing as black hole

Spann island as GE VS YC

and Bean island as BM VS GE


Re: Dual strike Team Color change/Glitch/thingy

Post by Lambda » Sun Dec 07, 2014 4:30 am

I believe it's not a glitch, that's how the game was supposed to be. It's probably to keep some coherence between the two maps.

I remember often using that to play as black hole on custom maps long time ago !

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