How would you change the HC maps for a Legendary Campaign

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How would you change the HC maps for a Legendary Campaign

Post by Tony_Cannoli » Fri May 15, 2015 4:19 am

Jake's Trial
Enemy starts with 2 more bases and 1 more damage Md Tank

The New Black
Add 4 Megatanks to the enemy's side

Max Attacks
Enemy Megatank on HQ.

Mission 4
Enemy gets 2 more Bombers and you lose 2 Anti-Air Units
Time limit - 3 minutes

Neverending War
Enemy has the southeast airport in control
Enemy has 2 Infantry by the northern cities

The Ocean Blue
It's annoying as it will ever get

Fog Rolls In
4 Mechs nearby the center factory
Enemy has infantry northwest and southeast to help capture cities
Enemy Megatank on HQ

Tag Battle
Enemy controls Airport and 2 cities on Island
Enemy Megatank on HQ

Victory or Death
Factories and cities by Crystal are owned by enemy
Add 2 Rockets and 2 Neotanks to protect the Crystal.

Black Boats Ahoy
Enemy gains 3 Tanks on the northern lands
All cities (except by your HQ) are controlled by the enemy
Westernmost city is a Factory controlled by the enemy

Lightning Strikes
Enemy starts with an Infantry on the center island
Enemy gains an Artillery near the river.

Frozen Fortress
Enemy starts with 2 Infantry on southwest cities
Enemy starts with 2 Infantry in the northern hills
All cities nearby enemy HQ are captured already
Enemy Megatank on HQ (doesn't move)

Verdant Hills
Enemy gains 4 more Infantry and 4 more Mech in their cluster

Snow Hunters
Leave it as is.

Omens and Signs
Enemy starts with 3 Infantry on southwest cities (and 2 on the Comm Towers)

Into the Woods
Enemy starts with Airport and southern Comm Tower captured
Enemy has a 3rd Oozium in the southwest woods
Enemy has Factory in the middle of the map
Enemy has 2 Infantry by HQ

Muck Amok
Enemy gains 6 more Oozium
Enemy has 3 more Tanks up and 2 Factories up north
Enemy has 2 Rockets nearby HQ

Means to An End
Enemy has 6 more Infantry down south
Enemy has a third Factory in the mid-north area

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