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Re: Tier List (2016+ discussion)

Post by ThunderWalker » Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:11 pm

Sven wrote:
ThunderWalker wrote:I think the buff-nerf suggestions also miss the point of a few things that are overpowered/broken. Kanbei's main problem - in AW2 at least, is Samurai Spirit, due to the functioning of the def formula (With AWDoRs def formula it actually isn't a problem). I can only imagine it being worse in AWDS with the fast-charging powers. That, and Sami isn't mentioned at all despite Victory March being a broken mechanic. Sensei and Hachi's SCOP are pretty similar. I think Xen did a great job of curbing their powers in his AW2 hack but his incarnation of Sensei would still be very powerful in AWDS.

Also, isn't Lash COP meter xxXXXX? Or did I just play modified versions of AW2 that long that I don't even remember her original power bar?
On that note, do I even still have a clean version of AW2? I probably do, but it's likely well-hidden.
this is just wrong information.

the most important thing is how the stats of your units compare to the stats of your opponents. if you play brenner in DoR (who's just 110/130) vs forsythe at 110/110 you will smack him silly with very little effort, despite a 'corrected' formula. the game will feel downright easy if you're even remotely close to the skill level of the other player. a 20 point differential is too much to overcome without some sort of compensating factor via a CO power/other abilities.

the AW2 formula changes things so that a point of defense is in some sense worth "more" than a point in attack. for kanbei's case though, it really doesn't matter. AW2 kanbei can very easily beat most COs without ever activating a power. just move your units in your opponent's general direction and watch them drop like flies. a 60 point stat differential is just dumb. every CO in AW2 that can even possibly deal with kanbei does it by making units of absurd quality (grit, colin, sturm), quantity (sensei), or both (hachi). and even then i'm pretty sure kanbei beats the crumpets out of most of the COs i've listed anyway.
Oops, I forgot Kanbei was 130/130 in AW2, thought he was just 120/120 like in AW1 and AWDS.
Yeah, can't even recall the last time I played AW2 unmodified. But even then, Samurai Spirit is pretty ridiculous as your units on mountains/HQ become just plain invincible and those on other terrain take a lot less damage too. But yeah, Kanbei is ridiculously overpowered in vanilla AW2 and the (predeployed) mission Duty and Honor even relies on him being broken as heck.

Now we're talking about the various AWs in this thread, I suddenly remember why I didn't like vanilla AW2 anymore :P

Also, isn't Forsythe 120/120?
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Re: Tier List (2016+ discussion)

Post by Sven » Sat Apr 30, 2016 7:52 am

i mixed him up with penny d2d my bad

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