C-26 Last mission.

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C-26 Last mission.

Post by marsmanfromearth » Thu Feb 21, 2008 5:12 am

I can`t figure uot a way to win. please help me.
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Re: C-26 Last mission.

Post by Chaos-Creator » Wed Mar 12, 2008 10:14 am

Here you go:

Day 1
- Move Rocket 4E
- Move northern infantry to capture Base and Comm. Tower
- Move CO unit 2N 2E
- Move AA 5E 1S
- Move southwestern infantry to capture Airport and Comm.. Tower
- Move M Tank 1N 2W
- Move Missiles 2W 1N
- Move Fighter 6E 3N
- Move War Tank 3N
- Move Bomber 7N
- Move Anti Tank 1W 3N
- Move remaining infantry to capture Airport and Comm. Tower
- End Turn.

Day 2
- Finish capturing all properties
- Build Bomber at northwestern Airport
- Use Rocket to fire on War Tank
- Move CO 2E to destroy War Tank
- Move AA 4E 1N
- Move War Tank 1E 2N
- Move Bomber 2N to attack War Tank
- Move Fighter 4N 1W 2N 2E and attack enemy Fighter
- Move Anti Tank 4N
- End Turn

Day 3
- Move Bomber closest to The Nest 4E 2N to damage rightmost laser
- Move AA 3N 1E 1N to destroy Fighter
- Move Fighter 1W
- Move Anti Tank 2N 2W
- Move War Tank 4N
- Move both southeastern infantry 2W
- Move southwestern infantry and capture any surrounding cities
- Move Rocket 1E 2N
- Move one northwestern infantry to capture Airport. Move other to capture city below Rocket
- Move Bomber 4N 3E
- Build Bomber at southernmost Airport and at the western one.
- Move CO 1E 2N to destroy Missiles
- End Turn

Day 4
- Destroy rightmost laser with rightmost Bomber
- Move AA 1S 2W 1N to destroy B Copter
- Move War Tank to damage middle right laser
- Move Anti Tank 2N
- Use Rockets to fire on enemy Tank
- Move Fighter 2S 2W
- Move CO 2E 1N
- Use Bomber closest to leftmost laser to damage it
- Move southern Bomber 7N to damage M Tank
- Move western Bomber 6E 1N to destroy M Tank
- Move both southeastern infantry 2W
- Finish capturing with remaining Infantry
- Build Bomber at western Airport
- End Turn

Day 5
- Use Bomber that was damaged by leftmost laser to destroy it
- Use AA to destroy enemy Duster
- Use Anti Tank to damage middle laser
- Move CO 2N to destroy middle laser
- Use War Tank to destroy middle right laser
- Use your Rocket to fire on enemy Rocket
- Move Bomber that is right next to the damaged Tank to damage last laser
- Use Bomber 2 spaces from your Rocket to destroy the enemy Rocket from south
- Move Bomber at Airport to destroy damaged Tank
- Move Bomber that destroyed rightmost laser 4E 3N
- End Turn

Day 6
- Feel free to destroy any other enemy units to raise Power score
- Destroy remaining laser

No problem :D
That's "C-C" to you, with a dash.

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