Need help for spiral garden HC!

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Need help for spiral garden HC!

Post by marsmanfromearth » Wed Jan 02, 2008 4:42 am

Well, i just can`t capture 15 properties, i can`t manage to do the strategy that they explain so i`m very stuck. i have done the HC 2 times before, but never whit spairal garden. so please help me.
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Post by Serrin » Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:01 pm

Lucky for you, I did this one just this morning. Are you trying to go for 300, S, or just finish it? I went for the perfect 300, but I abused the poop out of force ranks.

I used Jake (using his COP to pretend he's Grit, and ranks to pretend he's Colin) and Rachel (Tag Partner bonuses). I also based my strategy on the strategy that "they" (the Hard Campaign walkthrough by Xenesis, I assume?) used, but because I'm going for wallpapers and trying to balance out my COs uses, I deviated from the guide to adjust for my atypical COs. If I could use any COs, I'd probably go with Grit with fire sale, gold rush, the -5% price one, and...anything really, and then Max for luck with all the tag partner skills.

Things that I found helped: step one is building the first rockets mentioned in the strat, as well as the artillery. That's a good artillery placement. The next thing I did was I built a second rockets, and started creeping them up and to the left, until I sneaked them into the airport area, and just had them advance along the east pipe and ruin people's days. Then once I bought the second rockets, my next major purchase was a Neotank, which I sent westward to break up the piperunner/med tank party going on.

As far as the 300 goes, the real trick is speed and being aggressive enough creeping up the eastern alley to get to Kindle's very NE base. I ended up breaking the piperunner/rocket stalemate by hitting Jake's COP and sending the piperunners straight to loseville. I also basically ignored the advice about building bombers. I took the airport and ignored it, in favor of churning out more rockets to send north.

Honestly, picking Colin gets you the rockets a turn sooner (without force ranks), but I think that Grit would be much more useful in creeping up that east alley and neutralizing the piperunners, neo, and other bad stuff there. Then again, Xen wrote a FAQ and all I do is play now and then, so I admit his methods may very well be superior.

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