CO - Maxwell

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CO - Maxwell

Post by i1ikeweiners » Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:53 pm

Name: Maxwell
Nickname: "The Brit"
Army: Yellow Comet :yc:

Info: Yeah yeah I know England doesn't exist in Wars World, but whatever, Grit acts Texan anyway. Maxwell grew up in the extremely luxurious neighborhoods of the Black Hole continent. Highly educated in the top academic and military schools, he has a very sophisticated manner of speech, dress, and battle style. He observes the Black Hole battle style and observes other armies' battle styles, and constantly observes and analyzes. As he reads more and more he begins to discover that Black Hole is not doing the right thing, which is what Black Hole made all its people believe. Because of this revelation, Maxwell escapes to Yellow Comet, the closest continent from Black Hole. He talks it through with Kanbei, Sonja, and Sensei and convince them to recruit him as a CO. His knowledge causes him to quickly become a CO. He was taken aback by the amazing, foreign architecture, battle styles, and other elements. He and Sonja constantly have intellectual conversations and debates. Sensei never really approved of his recruit, but he doesn't really care. His attitude towards Maxwell is indifferent, with a hint of bias and prejudice. Kanbei believes the more the merrier and gladly took him in.

Appearence: Typical, classy, cliche English bloke. Military green top hat, one-eyed spectacles, a long face with sharp, analytical eyes and a curled, brown mustache. He is of thin stature because of little exercise. He wears a long suit and pants the same color as his hat. He stands straight with a gloved hand holding an old-fashioned cane and the other hand behind his back, kind of like a butler.

:hit: Educated and well-mannered blokes like himself
:miss: Mediocre

:skill: Although he's extremely knowledgable, he has little experience with real war, even though he's a CO. All his troops are 90/120. They're weak because he's inexperienced, but they're high in defense since he holds high standards in the material aspect of the units, as he grew up in the rich neighborhood, and Yellow Comet is able to accomodate. The first strike against a unit he's never encountered before is of normal strength (90). But as a man who observes a lot, he does extra damage to a unit that has already been attacked by one of his units. For every time his units attack a particular unit, ANY of Maxwell's units will do 10% extra damage to that particular unit. It doesnt matter if Maxwell attacks, or Maxwell is attacked, the 10% boost will occur either way.

For example vs Andy:
Two tanks-
1st encounter with Andy's Tank- Maxwell's tank attacks Andy's tank and does 49% damage due to the 90/120. After this is +10% firepower for all units against that one particular tank.
2nd encounter with Andy's Tank- Andy attacks Maxwell's tank. +10% firepower...
3rd encounter - Maxwell's tank attacks Andy's tank. +10% firepower...and so on
ALSO here's another case
1st encounter- Maxwell attacks Andy's Neotank with a Md Tank and does 39% (I believe?) +10% for all other units against that one Neotank.
2nd encounter- Maxwell attacks Andy's Neotank again with a Tank, but will do +10%

So basically Maxwell is great at taking down really strong units. Use a few infantry to attack a Neotank to boost knowledge and throw in a Md Tank or a Neotank to do immense damage.

CO meter: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

CO Quotes:
"My eyes miss not even a subtle nuance."
"I detect a flaw in your battle style."
"I have analyzed your every move, you shant win!"

:power: : Bifocal Examination
Maxwell replaces his one-eyed specs with bifocal specs as a symbol for his units' closer examination of the enemy. The extra damage per encounter doubles, so the damage increases 20% per encounter. Also there's the standard +10/10 CO power boost.

:super: Universal Knowledge
Extra damage per encounter is now 25% and there's the +10/10 boost for all units. Counter attacks are now 1.5x as strong.

Victory Quotes:
"Ah, just like the rest of the bloody lot of them."
"Unread, ignorant blokes stand not a chance against I!"
"My Lord, I have saved the Queen."

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Re: CO - Maxwell

Post by Ihmisen » Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:27 pm

Seems pretty fair. Might encourage Inf spam a bit with the higher defense and D2D only really helping with a bunch of small units hitting a big one. (Not sure how many critical points would be hit by the tanks and such....most 3khos need more than an extra 10 to push it over.
SCOP is underpowered. (S)COP cost quite a bit for what they do. Regular attack boosts often do more for less.
(though on a map with a lot of sea this could be suddenly very powerful, but that's pretty situatiuonal)

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Re: CO - Maxwell

Post by RockNRoll.Sturm » Fri Jan 28, 2011 7:30 pm

Agree with Ihmisen for the most part, Maxwell's D2D is very favorable for infantry + indirect combinations. The +20% defense will keep his infantry alive longer and indirects can take better advantage of the repeating attack boost, since well placed units should only have one or two sides exposed for directs. I think for the most part he'll be keeping all standard 2HKOs and 3HKOs anyway. Maybe... the only difference would be leading with weaker units first and have stronger units attack later to make better use of the resulting attack boost.

I don't really like Maxwell's powers, both seem overcosted and are only useful against Mega Tanks. When do you recommend that one should use them?

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Re: CO - Maxwell

Post by deemo » Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:06 am

This CO is borderline on being too powerful. 120 defense is quite powerful, you know.

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Re: CO - Maxwell

Post by Xenesis » Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:37 pm

Just like to say to you guys that the author posted this uh, two years ago. (Just FYI)
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Re: CO - Maxwell

Post by HPD » Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:05 pm

And hasn't returned ever since.
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Re: CO - Maxwell

Post by deemo » Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:23 am

i blame the necroposter

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