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CCO Alex

Post by Ihmisen » Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:06 am

Name: Alex
Nation: :ge:
Alex was born in Orange Star and started his schooling there. As a student he was generally the laziest in the class, doing fine on tests with some natural ability, but taking zeroes on any completetion work. He got worse as time went on and at command school, he was absolutely terrible. He enjoyed parties a bit too much and would pass out in class almost daily. After a semester, Nell signed his expulsion papers.
Needing somewhere to finish his training, he headed off to Blue Moon. His first class there was led by Grit, who he hit off with almost immediately. He agreed with the laid back philosophy and got far enough to be a fully certified CO.
Colin was quick to dislike Alex. However, he usually kept his mouth shut to please Grit. Alex won battle after battle, given many of the minor skirmishes in the nation. As he rose in rank, Olaf took notice--and disliked him greatly. Grit's basically unfireable, but Alex isn't.
Luckily, in his exile, he met up with Eagle in a battle. Eagle had heard about his reputation and in desperation for another front to be covered immediately, asked Alex to command some forces. He won handily. After chatting for awhile, he was accepted into Green Earth.
Now he generally gets along with the lax Drake and is under the radar of fights between Eagle and Jess. His soldiers all like his policies and life works out swell. Things are closer to Blue Moon because of his past and Grit, though Orange Star is still terse about him.
Physical: A t-shirt and green jeans. Has a bottle of booze in his hand and is asleep. Medium height and build and has dark brown unkept hair.
:hit: Sleep
:miss: Work
:skill: Units are napping while in defense phase and thus do not counter. However, by being well-rested, they garner enough power to hit the opponent hard enough it cannot counter either. Additionally, has 105/105 stats on all units.
:smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:
:power: POWER NAP - When a unit is attacked, sleep heals it 2 HP (after damage)
:super: SAFE SLEEP - After attacking, a unit may move again immediately(but not attack/capture/anything that isn't moving)
"Let's get this done."
"Let's end this thing."

Victory: "Ima go take--Zzzzzz"
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Re: CCO Alex

Post by Britzter » Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:06 am

Amusing idea, simple enough yo understand and such.

A game without counter attacks?... Hmmmm, sounds so broken but could probably work in practice.

A big problem will be how slow the game moves without counter attacks. Units that keep their health more are going to take longer to take down.
You're essentially doubling the time a game will last.

There's probably a whole other array of things which can be addressed but I'll see what other people bring up.
Also Star costs seem a tad low... not much to be said.

The Super, also fairly low and is pretty much 200% attack.
I know it's attacking... then getting attacked... and re-attacking...

So lets look at an example:
Alex Md Tank (Road) v Andy small Tank (Road)

The base damage will be somewhere around 85% so Alex's first hit deals 9HP damage and the counter does no HP damage.
The Md tank attacks again and destroys the unit.

You've basically created a SCOP which mimics Eagle's SCOP for 1/3 of the power cost for Eagle's SCOP... Bit of a problem there.

Anywho, Skill is nice. Powers are a bit low in their cost.

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Re: CCO Alex

Post by deemo » Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:16 am

scop is broken


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Re: CCO Alex

Post by Ihmisen » Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:00 am

Changed SCOP. Figured added movement won't matter if there's no first strike ability added?

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