Chronos, The Time Mage of Blue Moon...

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Chronos, The Time Mage of Blue Moon...

Post by halleluYAH » Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:43 pm

Name: Chronos (just a codename... his real name is unknown)
Faction: Blue Moon


A product of the "Super-Soldier" project of Black Hole, Chronos could control time and use it in his favor. This made him a valuable CO in the Black Hole army. He served the army during his childhood, mostly by turning back time to heal units. But things change when he grew up and was sent in a mission in Blue Moon. There, he saw how helpless people are when being attacked by Black Hole soldiers. The Blue moon soldiers, under the command of Sasha fought bravely, even though they were obviously, losing. Perhaps, out of pity, and respect, for their courage, Chronos yielded. This made Hawke suspect him of treachery. And made Sasha feel that he is a potential ally against Black Hole.
Chronos soon found a document which shows his origin. He was in fact, a Blue Moon citizen who was kidnapped and subjected to various experiments by Black Hole scientists. He also learned that his parents were killed while protecting him. He was outraged. He decided to leave, he must leave.
He came to Blue Moon. There, he joined the military. He was, because of his skills, promoted to being a CO. But no one knows actually where he did came from, or who he really is. However, he developed a closed relationship with Sasha and Collin. This was not the same with Olaf and Grit. Being commanded by Olaf, Grit, using his mercenaries as spies, found out his real identity. Olaf was furious, Grit, carefree as always. But Sasha, help him reclaim their respect. This saved him from being kicked out of the army... But Olaf is still furious... as always...

Ability : Chronos uses his abilities to slow enemy troops reaction to his attacks. This makes his troops 50% more resistant to counter attacks. All his troops have normal firepower, defense and movement range.

Hits : Sasha, Blue Moon
Miss : Black Hole, Violence

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CO Power: Backtrack
Chronos uses his ability to turn back time to heal his troops. Destroyed troops are revived (they could only be revived if they were destroyed last turn), captures are reset (if it is captured during the last turn), purchase are destroyed (if they are purchased during the last turn) and troops are restored back to their health before the opponent's last turn. Warning: This affects both your opponent and your own troops. Your troops will also get 20% attack and defense bonus

Super CO Power: Time Freeze
Chronos stops time for his troops to attack. All opponent troops will be unable to attack next turn, all enemy troops loses their ability to counter attack for that turn and all hostile infrastructure would not work (this applies for bases, seaports, airports and cities... cities are unable to give funds for that turn). All your troops will also get 50% attack and defense bonus.

Description : Chronos is a young man, about as old as Sasha. He wears a watch on his left hand and a black ring on his right middle finger. He is wears white t-shirt, polo and khaki pants. Strangely, he always carries a saw as his primary weapon. In contrast with his dark past, he is always comical, careless and is always ready to help (especially if it is for Sasha).

While using CO Power
"You are fighting against time, prepare to lose!"
"Futile, you could not stop the unstoppable!"

While using Super CO Power
"Freeze, and DIE!"
"Sasha promised to date me if I'll win, I'll NOT lose!"
"Time is up!"

"Wait for me Sasha"
"It is all destined"
"Time is up? That's fast..."
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Re: Chronos, The Time Mage of Blue Moon...

Post by Airnike » Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:25 pm

*facepalm* Broken. Nuff said.

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Re: Chronos, The Time Mage of Blue Moon...

Post by Xenesis » Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:39 pm

How much is 'very powerful' counterattacks? 50%? 100%? 20%?

Also, how much do the COP/SCOP cost in stars?
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Re: Chronos, The Time Mage of Blue Moon...

Post by halleluYAH » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:53 pm

troops are resistant to counter attacks... that's what i mean... but i decided to make it 50%... about the stars... i tried to put some image there, but perhaps i have done something wrong. anyway, his co power costs him 3 small stars, while his scop costs him 3 small stars and 3 large ones... anyway, thanks for reading!... hehehe...

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Re: Chronos, The Time Mage of Blue Moon...

Post by deemo » Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:49 am

i think this is the most blatantly broken co i've seen yet

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Re: Chronos, The Time Mage of Blue Moon...

Post by monkymeet » Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:22 am

The firepower/defense boost for the SCOP alone are lol
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