CCO Brunt

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CCO Brunt

Post by OrnaTactical » Tue Sep 25, 2012 4:09 pm

Name: Brunt

Army: Green Earth :ge:

Age: 33

Height: 6'1"

CO's Theme (listen while you read): "The Battle With All My Force" from DBZ Budokai
(it's instrumental and a loop by nature, so it works! The name of the song is extremely relevant too.) <--- youtube link to the song


Description: Around 6 foot tall.Caucasian, typical light skin. Muscular build (not Max level muscles, but more typical muscular build). Short, shaggy, dark brown hair,
dark eyes. Small dark chin goatee. Has a very small horizontal scar just under left eye. Wears an Olive Drab bulletproof vest over a black T-shirt, and green camo
pants with Black combat boots. Wears black fingerless gloves, and has a gun on a holster on a black belt. Also has a bandanna in the same camo as pants tied around
upper left arm. Arms usually crossed, and Usually has a smirk on his face, but when he gets serious, can have a pretty mean-looking mug instead.

Personality: Enjoys a good fight, as war was and is his entire life. However not a hardened asshole from it. Has found more fun in war than pain and sorrow. Has fun
and relaxes usually, but can get serious and focused as well. Loves to see a good show of force and power. Has a liking for seeing explosions. Can be a little hot-headed at times, and puts on a sort of "tough-guy" attitude, but is a really a good person at heart, who cares for his friends, and is patriotic to his country and their allies. Very determined, and it is hard to shake him off a task when he sets his mind to it. Can almost be a little stubborn at times, but only because he is relentless in what he sets out to do. His extreme focus can sometimes cause him to miss the big picture of things, and not notice other details of what he wasn't focusing on.

History: When he was a teenager, he received the small scar under his eye from a knife fight he was in. Got jumped, but he fought the would-be mugger off, nearly killing him, and made it out only with the cut under his eye. Scar was formed only because he refused to let the doctors stitch him up. He wanted it to stay so he would always remember to "bring a gun, or at-least a bigger knife next time". From then on he enlisted in the Green Earth army, where he soon loved being a soldier, but was known for driving tanks he wasn't supposed to be. Despite this, he was a good soldier and quickly rose to the rank of squad leader, and eventually was in charge of a tank division. Eventually court martialed for "use of excessive force" for the last of many previous times. Disappointed, but not demoralized, went on to form his own Private Military contractor(aka a Mercenary Company, or PMC). A successful company, proved to be useful in many of it;s contracts from Green Earth's government. Forced to shut down his PMC however by the Green Earth government after an "incident" allegedly involving trying to mount a rocket propulsion system and "wings" to a tank, creating a "Flying Tank Bomber", which was compared to a "freaking missile that you could ride" that ended up destroying several homes and business by accident. Green Earth Military saw his potential as a CO however, and re-recruited him into a more beneficial position for them. which he was more than happy with."Helping my country, all with a blank check from the government to blow stuff up with tanks? What more could you ask for!" Often argues with Eagle about whose Bombers are better.

-In Game Bio: Ex-Merc. Loves a show of power. Hot-headed, but determined and loyal.

-Profile quote: "Boom Shaka-laka!"

:hit: Explosions
:miss: Duds

Quotes/Victory Quotes: "Boom Shaka-laka!"
"You can't beat power like this!"
"Don't worry, I got your back."
"That tank isn't big enough for me..."
"Can we use more explosives next time?"
"If we all focus, I know we can do this."
"Can we get bigger cannons on this?"

:skill: Focuses on powerful units. All Bombers, Battleships, and Tanks* have increased Defense (+10% Defense) as well as increased Firepower
(+15% Firepower) Transport Units have decreased movement range. (-1 Movement) and Defense (-10% Defense) Infantry and Mech Units have decreased Firepower and defense. (-10% Firepower & Defense)

(Tanks/Bombers/Battleships are 115/110
Transports 100/90 -1 Movement
Infantry & Mech 90/90)

*(When referring to tanks in skill, COP and SCOP, it means all types of tanks, as in regular/light tanks, MD. Tanks, Neo Tanks, etc.)

CO Power Meter :power: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar:

CO Power :power: Show of Force
Increases firepower and movement range of all tanks*, bombers, and battleships.

(+15% Firepower, +1 Movement range
also standard +10% Defense for all units
so all tanks*/bombers/battleships are 130/120
Other units are 100/110)

Super CO Power Meter :super: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

Super CO Power :super: Mercenary Force
Calls on ex-Mercenary allies for support. Regular/Light tanks with 9HP appear on all allied properties (Cities only). Firepower and movement range of all bombers,
battleships, and tanks* is also increased.

(+15% Firepower, +1 Movement range
also standard +10% Defense for all units
so all tanks*/bombers/battleships are 130/120
Other units are 100/110)

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Re: CCO Brunt

Post by ThunderWalker » Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:26 pm

I found his biography pretty funny.

Ingame, he's pretty extreme. Huge weaknesses (infantry nerf when a large portion of the game is... infantry) but an insanely broken SCOP. Spawning tanks on cities? If those tanks are unable to move, it might be balanced when faced with such a huge weakness.
If it is like Sensei (which is fighting with Hachi for the position of strongest CO in the game), when they are immidiately capable of moving as well, it is overpowered for sure.
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Re: CCO Brunt

Post by Xenesis » Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:40 am

That SCOP terrifies me.

But, for what it's worth you should grab the AW2 nightmare2 modules and edit a CO to try this out (I'd suggest Sensei). Should be doable with just a few easy tweaks. :)
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Re: CCO Brunt

Post by Kilian18 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:11 pm

So let's see what we've got here...
D2D: B-ships, Bombers and tanks are 115/110, while inf/mech is 90/90 and transports are -/90 with -1 MP
COP: B-ships, Bombers and tanks are 130/120+1MP, inf/ mech is 90/100, rest is 100/110 for 3Stars
SCOP: Same stats as COP + 9HP tanks spawn on each City for 9 Stars
The D2D looks interesting: Inf/Mechs andTransports are weakened, so this Co will have a rather weak capture phase and will probably have less properties than his enemy, but therefore his tanks will save him in the early days (he might end up in 9-3 tank matchups without defense cover if he attacks or 5-7 if his enemy attacks him(also considering that his enemy has bland tanks)) the boost also goes for Bombers and B-ships, but on some Maps there ar no airports or seaports, andeven if there are, Bombers and B-ships are rather expensive (and I also think that bombers and B-ships are already strong enough so they don't really need offenvie boosts) His 90/90 Inf also makes meatshielding very difficult. For me ths D2D is more a weakness than a strength. The COP gives all his tanks, bombers and b-ships a small extra-boost in Firepower also +1MP for 3 stars. A B-Ship doesn't need MP, Air units already have enough MP and they can travel any terrain with no problem (besides pipes) and as I already said, Bombers and B-Ships already have enough Firepower. For his tanks, the boost is way too small for 3 Stars, Jess and Max can do better and they also boost other units besides tanks. The SCOP gives the same boosts as his COP but also spawns 9 HP tanks on all allied citys. Sensei is one of the strongst COs in the game, not because of his Copters but because of his Powers, Spamming Infantry and Mechs on Citys is really overpwered, but spamming tanks even more, even for 9 Stars. If you decide to jon 2 of them, you gain 5600G and a fully healed tank for the next turn, that also has some nice stat-boosts. The only thing that might save him from being broken is that he may not survive long enough to get the super before the enemy has already taken most of his cities, especially in AW2, where charging an 9Star Super takes ages (I must know since my favourite CO is Eagle). It's really difficult to tell if this CO is broken or underpowered. It needs testing.

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