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Post by Eliwan » Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:36 am

Name: Anize [Was originally going to be a Mech-based CO, hence "MechAnize[d]". I ended up not making him a super infantry specialist because that'd be boring.]

Faction/Army: Yellow Comet

Biography: A CO that doesn't enjoy a lot of combat, but enjoys his capturing of cities. He usually sets up the bases for the other COs to take command of. Before dedicating his energies all to the army, he governed a town and applies the principles of goodness to his capturing.

Appearance: Basically like an Infantry unit of Yellow Comet with Green Earth's hat. Has gray-brown hair and wears an orange uniform.

:hit: : Conquering
:miss: : Ambushes

:skill: : [D2D]
Anize is well versed in defensive cover. As a result, all of his Infantry and Indirect units have increased defense [100/110]. However, he doesn't really get how to use non-ground units to their full capacity, making his Naval and Air units 90/100.

*COP/SCOP numbers include D2D bonuses in brackets.

:power: COP: :smallstar: :smallstar:
Systematic Route:
Anize uses a very solid battle plan that is relatively exhausting on his coordination's part. Infantry capture at a 1.5x rate this turn, his Transports have +1 Movement, and all his units get +10 Attack and Defense. [110/120 Infantry/Indirect, 100/110 Naval/Air, 110/110 Vehicles]

:super: SCOP: [ :smallstar: :smallstar: ] :bigstar: :bigstar:
Tactics World:
Anize coordinates his attack opposed to defense. Infantry capture at a 1.5x rate this turn, his Transports have +2 [TOTAL] Movement. Infantry get +25/15.
Anize's other units all get +25/15 as well as +1 Movement. [125/125 Infantry/Indirects, 115/115 Naval/Air, 125/115 Vehicles]

Power Quotes:
"Now I'll get a baseline."
"One revolt coming up!"
"Un, Duex! Uno, Dos! One, Two!"
"Stupid blackboard, let's just skip the testing phase."

Concept: Well, a CO that takes the territories is obviously good at it, right? And the essentials of capturing are infantry.
And since Capturing requires high health, I made it a defense boost instead of offense boost. I wanted the CO powers to be easily accessed [though I felt it was too good for a 1-star power]
To balance him out, I wanted to make the SCOP more useful in late-game stages, when Infantry aren't really prevalent. Thus, it increases his Attack by more than his Defense-- it's basically his COP but beefed up on offense.
His late-game specializes mostly in Vehicles, like, say, Tanks. Also, it was on purpose that Infantry and Indirects maintain the same total boosts during D2D/COP/SCOP ^^;
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