CCO: Ayne

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CCO: Ayne

Post by ThunderWalker » Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:11 am

I was bored. All you need to know.

:os: Ayne :os:

As a child, she was living in the forest with her parents in a quiet village close to the Blue Moon border. Always playful, always outside, and not really caring about the rain. She wasn’t that good at school, with her playfulness, however, but she could concentrate whenever the occasion warranted it, so she still had fairly average marks.
She also was a gifted fighter; after she turned seven she went to the local gym to train in martial arts. The martial arts had a sort of attraction to her that words could not describe.

When she was ten, she met Sami in a martial arts tournament. The age difference ensured they did not face each other, but they certainly saw each other fighting and winning at their respective age brackets that day. She met Sami again during the national tournament, where Sami told she had no time to practice martial arts anymore since she became a soldier.

Just before she turned thirteen, Blue Moon invaded the Alara region, and her parents were killed by a stray artillery shell. She did not know what to do anymore. Her school closed and most people she knew fled to the capital. She could swear revenge, but she could also decide not to... she didn’t know at all. The loss of her parents haunted her, and she saw the Blue Moon soldiers every day. Too afraid to get outside in the sight of the Blue Moon soldiers to buy food, she knew her food supply would run out soon enough, but it wouldn’t get that far.

Sami’s soldiers rescued her when they were operating behind enemy lines to disrupt Blue Moon’s supply lines. She met Sami soon enough and was glad to see at least a familiar face again. They talked a bit, and Sami decided to motivate the girl and to practice her childhood hobby again whenever there was some free time to do so.

In her stay with Sami’s forces, she always was more or less close with Sami, learned about military tactics, strategy and logistics. Fate had placed her inside the army, she knew, and she would make the best out of it.

She went through soldier training once Blue Moon was driven out, and was Sami’s assistant during the Macro Land war. She helped Sami with checking the map for useful places for tactical defence and other nifty tricks while Sami commanded the forces. She also learned more about how to abuse the terrain as she was there when Sami faced Lash and did the analysis for Sami. Sami did not trust her staff officers with this; half of them would start to brag about tanks. But Ayne did not and knew she did not have to.

In a later occasion, she feared death as she saw Sami’s staff making a crucial mistake on a supply mission to Green Earth, getting them trapped in an ancient caldera. As she warned Sami for it, Sami had however no time change course as she talked with her staff officers, and then there was no way out of the jam anymore as Adder’s forces forced them in the caldera. Luckily Eagle rescued them, but not without consequences: Sami kicked her staff out for the time being and promoted Ayne to her second-in-command.

Nell finally gained some trust in her abilities during a few practice battles when she needed a recruit for a new CO.

Nell could easily see that the time she spent with Sami left a mark; she has better infantry units than others. She is also quite adept at using terrain to her advantage, forming the second part of her skills, while she’s not hindered by rain as well. A variety of advantages quite useful under certain circumstances.
However, Nell was also sure that OS did not need another infantry-based CO right away, leaving her somewhere in the middle, but Nell decided to give her her own regiment to command.

Hit: Martial arts, ninja's
Miss: Studying

Age: 17
She is a fairly tall girl, with moderately long brown hair. She has green eyes.
She’s slender and a bit muscular, but still looks like a gust of wind can blow her away.

In terms of clothing, she looks like an ancient ninja (or kunoichi, as she's female).

- Foot soldiers are 100/110.
- Direct Vehicles are 90/100.
- All units get +5% firepower for each terrain star.
- Vision not affected by Rain.

Power bar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

:power: :smallstar: Rainy day
- Induces Rain for the turn
- Vision pierces terrain
- +10/+10 on all units.

:super: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: Moonlit Skies
- All units are resupplied.
- Vision pierces terrain
- All units have free movement over all terrain.
- Counterattack strength multiplied by 1.2×
- +10/+10 on all units.

(S)COP Quotes:
- I won’t lose here!
- Forwards, March!
- Don’t give up!
- Fire at will!
- The nature is a natural ally.
- Terrain is our forte.

Victory Quotes:
- We made it.
- Am I smart, or are my opponents dumb?
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Re: CCO: Ayne

Post by Xenesis » Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:23 pm

Strangely enough, I'd advocate going for a 2/5 bar (and an appropriate level of power) or ditching the COP completely and going SCOP only. 1-star COPs play really weirdly and are gruesomely hard to balance.
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Re: CCO: Ayne

Post by ThunderWalker » Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:12 pm

You're right. However, the 1-star COP is a part of this CO, but I ended up making the COP and SCOP different from each other, instead of the SCOP outclassing the COP in all aspects.
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