CCO: Dimitri

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CCO: Dimitri

Postby Messenger Of Dreams2 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:52 am

So I'm trying my hand at making a Custom CO. Why? Well, because I can. I'm trying to refine him and make sure he isn't broken but isn't too much at a disadvantage. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Also, do y'all ever update that hall of fame? That'd be a geek satisfying achievement for my heart. ^^

Army: :bm:

Physical Description: Nearly fifty years of age, Dimitri is an aging, graying man with a tall frame with slight muscle, yet he appears quite thin. He is dressed in a fine silver suit and red tie. His skin is freshly wrinkled, his hair is straight shoulder length, faded black beginning to gray. His eyes are a faded periwinkle and his features are sharp.

Bio: Growing up in the Highlands of Blue Moon by the ocean across from Orange Star, Dimitri was always seen as an odd child. He had an intense interest in puzzle solving, from jigsaws to intricate strategy games. He would often spend his time alone, only participating in a group when forced. As a result, he was very rehearsed and quiet, only acting out of necessity.

He would earn himself a scholarship into a school that, among other things, trained rescue teams. He worked with the teams, eventually proposing successful strategies that would solve situations that seemed impossible.

Eventually, with much decorum and recommendations, he would work his way into the army, leading reconnaissance teams while tensions with Orange Star were high in a form of Cold War. After awhile, he went undercover under the freshly instated Commander Grit during the war, leading a crew to find any Intel to give the CO an advantage in the battles. They would often intercept enemy captures, killing and capturing the OS soldiers during their conquest. During this time, Dimitri would lead a squadron in this battle and would himself learn how the individual soldiers worked to create a fully functioning unit of the Blue Moon army, a lesson that would stay with him. He would find ways to keep the squadron safe, with rarely a casualty being taken.

When the Black Hole armies, under the command of Sturm and the clone of Andy, started their siege in Blue Moon, Dimitri followed a hunch and investigated with his group to find that Orange Star had not instigated the attack, with Andy being a Junior Officer being in training under Nell. He submitted his findings to Olaf, who disregarded them, blinded by his grudge against Orange Star. Grit was more supportive of his spy, but was unable to persuade Olaf during the course of the first war against Black Hole; nevertheless, the Intel combined with Grit's former allegiance with his opponent, the sharpshooters' actions were tinged with hesitancy and reluctance until the fight's end. After the war, it was he who provoked Olaf to apologize to Dimitri and publicly honor him for his work in the war (much to Dimitri's chagrin.)

During the Second War, it was Dimitri who was on the scene when Olaf's hometown was destroyed by Lash. He worked tirelessly to rescue citizens, calling upon his experience with the rescue teams, and found ways for citizens to reserve resources. It was he who tipped the Blue Moon army to the alleged info on Neotank production hidden within one of the army's hidden strongholds. For his impacting service in the city, Olaf again commended him publicly (again to Dimitri's annoyance).

During the second war and through its conclusion, Grit would train Dimitri into becoming a CO, having been impressed by his contributions. Drawing upon age and experience, he caught on quickly, although his methods were considered quite unconventional. Although his units were not as powerful as others, Dimitri imparted wisdom on survival and conservation. His footsoldiers were especially proficient. He also pledged support from his specially trained espionage teams when needed.

To this day, Dimitri remains an effective commander who excels in defense and attrition. He is still antisocial and reserved in personality, but since those traits have served him well so far he has no plans to change. However, his lessons and experience as a team leader have stuck with him throughout all of his years.

The basis behind his pros and cons:
Having been trained in the same way Dimitri was as an espionage agent and leader, the footsoldiers are adept at survival, even through disastrous weather. The rest of the units pertain that quality, albeit on a lesser level. The soldiers are also adept at managing fuel and ammo, whether through management or acquirement through any method. However, the firepower of all of his non-infantry units are below average due to the focus on the underlying aspects of the battle and Dimitri's own inexperience in offensive combat.

:power: and :super: in method:

The footsoldiers rally together and bring forth the extra effort to stay protected, and their defensive capabilities increase. Also, Dimitri sends his special teams out to the cities to antagonize capturing enemy infantry and provide a more hostile front for occupying enemy units. In addition, replenishment for all forces are delivered. During the SCO, the special teams work harder to fend off capturing enemy soldiers, and cause problems throughout the enemy army, lowering their defensive abilities. His soldiers' overpreparedness also make their arrivals into transport units take longer, hindering occupied transports' movement.

Official Dossier:

A reserved, thoughtful former spy with experience as a field leader. Has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor.

:hit: Serenity
:miss: Insanity

Army has boosted defense, especially infantry. Fuel and ammo supplies are also boosted. Non-infantry units have less firepower, carrier units suffer in movement.

:power: Attrition
Footsoldier defense increases further. Enemies lose defense on properties and capturing units lose 2HP. All units refueled and restocked.

:super: Absolution
Footsoldiers defense increases and recover 2HP. All enemy units' defense decreases. All capturing units lose 3HP. All units refueled and restocked.


Pros in detail and statistic:
100/120 foot soldiers, immune to weather
110 defense on all other units.
150% ammo (4 shots increases to 6, rounds down)
75% fuel burning rate. (8 fuel rate reduced to 6, rounds down)

90 attack power
-1 movement on transports containing infantry

:power: Bar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

:power: : Attrition
Footsoldier defense increases to 130%.
All enemy units lose two terrain stars on cities/production sites/HQ.
Any capturing enemy inf/mechs lose 1HP.
All allied units are refueled and restocked.

:power: Quotes
"We are the straw to break the camel's back."
"An easy fight? You should be so fortunate."
"And the battle's but begun!"

:super: : Absolution
Footsoldiers defense increases to 140%
All allied footsoldiers' health increased by 2HP.
All enemy units' defense decreases by 10%
All capturing enemy inf/mechs lose 3HP
All allied units are refueled and restocked.

:super: Quotes:
"I believe you'll find this to be simply marvelous."
"We've weathered worse storms! What's one more?"
"This is our defining hour."

Winning Quotes:
"It is complete."
"Thank you for your glowing participation."
"We enter as soldiers, we leave as legends!"
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Messenger Of Dreams2
Rank: Unconventional Methodist
Location: In a Yellow Comet seen once in a Blue Moon above this Green Earth shining like an Orange Star.

Re: CCO: Dimitri

Postby Messenger Of Dreams2 » Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:15 am

Edited a few wonky typos. If anyone was confused about the inconsistent stats, hopefully I fixed it.

Sex Goddess

Re: CCO: Dimitri

Postby Sex Goddess » Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:55 pm


100/120 foot soldiers are going to be pretty damn good at capturing. A 10 HP infantry on a city would survive a hit from even a Neotank. (I could run other numbers, but basically this advantage alone is pretty heavy.It'll need balancing. Let's see what happens.)

Immune to weather means little. Especially for footsoldiers.

150% ammo (4 shots increases to 6, rounds down)
75% fuel burning rate. (8 fuel rate reduced to 6, rounds down)
makes this guy good at attacking quickly. It doesn't mesh with the defense. Also need to know whether it decreases the 5 decay for aircraft and subbed subs and the 1 decay for ships. If it's the case, it makes this guy play a good stall game. He can outrun Eagle's airforce longer than Eagle can keep it up and can guard the seas without a dying navy. Of course, so can Jess, but she also has bad units on air and sea to balance it.

90/110 units
This is not a con. Defense is better than offense, so 90/110 would be a good spread.

So D2D this guy has subtle powers that set him up to be pretty damn powerful.

For 3 stars he gets:
Footsoldier defense increases to 140%.
All enemy units lose all three terrain stars on cities/production sites. Enemy infantry units lose 3/4 on HQ.
Any capturing enemy inf/mechs lose 2HP.
All allied units are refueled and restocked.

This is the same length as Jess's power meter. He gets the refuel and restock, too, making his army even more long-lasting, which is fitting on the air and sea as before. It also disturbs every single capture except Sami's and makes them vulnerable. This plays to an offensive game. Even if a defensive opportunist, which is the only real way to use it, it's very powerful to be able to swiftly end enemy captures, but then with the higher infantry defense, you end up with needing two *NEOTANKS* to take out this guy's infantry capturing.

Also, an infantry will now do 6 damage to an enemy infantry on a city. Also even an artillery can OHKO a capturing infantry. So will B-copters and usually tanks and occasionally even a Mech. From a defense-oriented CO. Okay.

For three stars this guy can make a capturing sweep for a turn. Sami needs 7 stars for Victory March.

For the hefty seven stars we get:
Footsoldiers defense increases to 140%
All allied footsoldiers' health increased by 2HP.
All enemy units' defense decreases by 10%
All capturing enemy inf/mechs lose 3HP
All allied units are refueled and restocked.

Or, seen as 4 additional stars, we get a boosted:
Footsoldiers defense increases to 140%
All allied footsoldiers' health increased by 2HP.
All enemy units' defense decreases by 10%
All capturing enemy inf/mechs lose 3HP
All allied units are refueled and restocked.

So mass infantry heal, mass enemy capturing disturbance (except Sami), and instead of the enemy losing city defense, they all lose general defense. I would just use the COP and ignore this. A 7 HP with 90 defense and 3 stars is harder to kill than 8 HP 100 defense with no stars. 2 HP limited healing is not worth that much.

In sum, you have a CO who dominates D2D and has a wicked COP with essentially no SCOP. General play would be inch forward like Grit, capture quickly and heavily with defenses around infantry, and use COP to sweep any enemy capture attempts. When the sea is involved, he can easily camp with subs and otherwise hold ground. The sea is defensive anyway, so he has a natural advantage. Guess his B-ships will be able to use their infantry-sweeping powers on COP days. Meanwhile the air can be a game of chase that he wins every time. Except against Jess where he can just kill her units with superior stats.


Re: CCO: Dimitri

Postby Guestman » Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:22 am

As the Sex Goddess said, you have good D2D skills (90/110 isn't a con, i've tested it on a hack that brought me here...i've lost it though :P ), but no SCOP. If you don't plan to nerf his D2D(because you need a con in AW2, else it's OP), then he should have more stars for his COP and SCOP.
That does not mean that they have to be small powers: just boost the essential things without getting OP and you should be OK. :wink:


Re: CCO: Dimitri

Postby MessengerOfDreams » Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:43 pm

Ah! Thank you!

It's been ages since I've been in the AW communities, but I've picked up AW2 once more and decided to pay a visit, and to my surprise I've gotten critique! I'll make my edits, thank you very much!


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