My first CO attempt: A City strategist

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My first CO attempt: A City strategist

Post by PhysicsAdept » Sun Dec 22, 2013 6:10 pm

I have lurked for a bit, and am a huge AW fanatic. I've played all of them rather thoroughly and still break out AW2 and AWDS rather frequently. Anyway, this is my first post and my first CO!! :geflash:

Suggestions and critiques welcome! Also, I've read quite a bit about this whole CO thing at this website… and from what I gathered, is it possible to actually implement a designed character into the game itself somehow? This would be fantastic, I'm really curious to know how one could achieve this, if it is possible. Here goes:

CO: Dustin
Army: Orange Star  :os:
Age: 19
Height: 5'11


Initially studying "Ground-Force Tactical Warfare" under CO Jess at Green Earth's military academy, tuition costs began to soar as Wars World became infiltrated with Black Hole insurgents. The unexpected resource drain that came as a product of war increased tuition and forced Dustin to retreat to his homeland of Orange Star where he currently studies "Specialized Ground-Force Tactical Warfare" under CO Sami--at a reduced homeland-tuition rate.

Dustin quickly arose as a top-tier student of Sami's and is recognized as an elite observationist. Acute attention to details paired with advanced mathematics allows all of Dustin's ground-forces to possess slightly increased fire-power. Optimized projectile calculations and specialized attack formation schematics allow for indirect units to have increased range. Inexperience with aerial and navel units leaves too much room for error and thus suffer attack penalties.

Unfortunately, Dustin has never had great luck and forces of nature always seem to get in the way of perfection--which affects his units with a luck penalty. Also, due to an unfinished education, tuition bills prevent Dustin from receiving full funds from his bases. However, in a pinch, Dustin is able to utilize texts from universities and libraries scattered in friendly cities and can receive an attack boost for each city he has access to.


Dustin is a passionate person, but typically isn't a fan of showing too much emotion, as it could allude to weaknesses. Because of this, the best word to describe Dustin's outward appearance is "stoic". Dustin has a deep care for Sami and Jess and would never let anything happen to either one of them--even if it meant sacrificing his life. Dustin doesn't like war and fights to end wars, not to cause more conflict.

Dustin has always been a target of the lame end of luck, but hates to use that as a crutch when he fails. Instead, Dustin is more interested in finding that which causes error in a calculation and eliminating it from the equation altogether. Prevailing and overcoming a particular harsh circumstance is what drives Dustin.

Quote: "I will adapt."
:hit:  Mathematics, Realism
:miss: Rich People, Optimism

- Only 900 dollars from each base is received daily, due to college costs
- A (-)20 luck penalty is imposed on every unit
- All land units are 110/100, all others are 90/100
- Soldiers capture at 150%
- All indirect vehicles have +1 attack range

:power:  Philanthropy :power: :smallstar: :smallstar:
- Drops luck penalty to only (-)10 for this turn
- Receives a stipend of 900 dollars per *city* at time of usage
- Standard defense increase for this turn
:super:  Binge Study :super: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:
- Removes luck penalty
- Attack and defense for all land units increases by 3% per *city* building owned
- Standard defense increase for this turn

"Knowledge is power, not money. Money is just a bi-product."
"This sucks. Perhaps I miscalculated…"
Victory Quote:
"This should look good for my resume!"

I want the super power atk/def increase to make sense, and be useful but not OP. It's variable due to how many cities have been captured, and I feel like even if the player only has 5 cities, it should be rewarded with a noticeable attack increase. Granted, I don't know if that would mean that having 20 cities would be way OP… Then again, if the player owns 20 cities, wouldn't that mean that they were probably already dominating enough so that it wouldn't matter much? Hmm… 3% seems good for now.

Also, I couldn't really think of a "fitting" name for my CO, at least not a punny-creative one or anything. I am definitely open to suggestion, but for now I like the name Dustin (maybe because it's my name :D .
I will adapt.

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