CCO: Renka: Upcoming update...

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CCO: Renka: Upcoming update...

Post by muramasa » Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:30 pm

:bh: Black Hole

Design Section

-In Game Biography: A brash and impulsive CO, known to speak through her fists.

-Profile quote: "I'll be quick to beat you!"
:hit: "Mediation"
:miss: Cocky people

-CO Theme : One of these two :- Sakura Mankai (link:
- Spinning Bird (link:
Luckily, both can be inserted into the game, because they are both available as midi files. However, I can't decide which one will be the most fitting theme, so i'm counting on whoever reads it to help me with my decision (or propose a better theme song).

Renka is a young girl of average size with a pale skin complexion. She has short and messy black hair tied back in pigtails.
Her eyes are black. She wears a black jacket with a red shirt underneath, beige pants and black boots.

Renka is very brash, loud and arrogant. She likes fighting, and usually solves her problems through it. She is very confident in her abilities and does not hesitate to belittle her opponents, although she will lose her temper whenever she feels belittled.

Renka grew up with foster parents, who had a great deal of hatred towards the allied nations. The only reason they adopted Renka was to make up for the loss of their daughter, Takara, who has been killed during a war. Thus, they rarely gave her any love. The children at her school were aware of this, and bullied her without rest.
One day, her classmates were about to bully her again, until two other boys, slightly older than Renka, broke in and proceeded to beat up everyone of them. One of the boys, Hokuto, threatened all her classmates to never touch her again, while the other one, Shin, reassured her and cheered her up.

From that day on, Renka would always hang out with Shin and Hokuto. While Shin was very nice to her, Hokuto was more distant. However, Renka knew that she could trust the latter, as he seemed really protective of her. He even taught her some fighting techniques, so she would be able to hold herself against others, should he and Shin be absent. She felt really happy with the boys around.

Unfortunately, Shin and Hokuto had to leave the school during the summer holidays, so Shin went up to Renka's house to inform her of this. Seeing Renka crying, Shin cheered her up and reluctantly told her Hokuto's final words for her (he found them too harsh but he knew that Hokuto was around, even if he didn't want to show up):
"Don't ever let yourself hit, got it? If I hear that you got bullied again, I will beat you AND your bullies to the hospital!"
She couldn't help but feel scared by those words, even if she knew that Hokuto meant it another way. She kept repeating the moves he taught her during the summer holidays. While keeping Hokuto's words in mind, Renka managed to beat her bullies and create peace (and maintaining it through fighting) in her school for 3 consecutive years, earning her the nickname "the mediator".

However, her foster parents enrolled her in the army, because they wanted Renka to avenge their daughter. She was uncomfortable, as she felt that she would be bullied again. A few days later, she met up with Hokuto and Shin, who were shocked to see her. This time however, it would be their last encounter, because the boys had to leave for Macro Land. Shin wasn't prepared to see her again, so he couldn't come up with something to tell her. Hokuto on the other hand, seemed well prepared, and told her:
"If you like following us, then why don't you do it properly? You need to be a CO at least to be able to speak to us, let alone hanging around with us!"
Both Renka and Shin were shocked, but the former replied with a cheerful "Yes, sir!", before leaving the duo.

Though she was more than excellent in field training, she was severely lacking in tactics. One day, she remembered when some boys attempted a pincer attack on her and Hokuto. While having been in difficulty, Hokuto still could beat them. While she was thinking about how did Hokuto manage to do it despite such a handicap, she came to try executing a pincer attack with other soldiers during a field practice, which was a huge success, stunning the supervising officer. Thus, she rose through the ranks with only perfecting her only tactic, which became her trump card.

"Don't get ahead of yourself!"
"I won!...Well, that's what will happen after I'm through!"
"Rule No.1: I'm better than you. Rule No.2: Never forget rule no.1!"
"You asked for it!"
"Let's speed things up!"

-Win:"I knew it! You were just show!"

Technical Section

Her units have stronger firepower, with constantly weak defence.
=> 120/90 units (permanent 90 defence, even with powers)

CO Power Meter: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

:power: Blitz Raid (pending name)
1HP mass damage
Her units get free movement and +10 firepower => 130/90

:super: Blitzkrieg (pending name)
1HP mass damage
Her units get 1 MP and +30 firepower => 150/90

Patch (v1.0):
Replaces Flak's text and stats only.

Edit: Upcoming update (the patch will be obsolete and won't be updated immediately).
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Re: CCO: Renka

Post by muramasa » Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:46 pm

Now, everything up to history has been updated. I may add a few things after i'm done with it.
Also, you should expect a patch soon. :)


Re: CCO: Renka: Patch Up (v1.0)!

Post by muramasa » Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:11 pm

Patch is up! It's mainly for testing though, so you still have Flak's name and portrait. His theme has been replaced with the Black Hole theme though.
Apart from that:
-Added history
-Changed some details in the description (I will add a picture of her soon) and personality sections.

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Re: CCO: Renka: Patch Up (v1.0)!

Post by Marmalad » Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:57 am

Interesting... Like Grimm, but in another way...

However, 1 HP Mass Damage, I think it's too strong when you look at the size of the powermeter (funds drain will be insane with him !). But extend it doesn't look good...

Maybe you'll have to change it and replace it with something more... Haem... According to his high firepower ? Or just remove it, I don't really know... Actually, that sounds cheap for me. :|

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Re: CCO: Renka: Patch Up (v1.0)!

Post by muramasa off » Tue Apr 29, 2014 6:24 pm

Yeah, I think so too (about Mass Damage being too strong). Thanks for your comment. :)

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Re: CCO: Renka: Patch Up (v1.0)!

Post by hawkesnightmare » Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:36 am

I would say to either add another star to the COP meter, or add an effect where the defence also goes down to 80. This way, players are forced to play extremely agressively, which isn't the norm for Advance wars. When the SCOP is used, the player is forced to try and eliminate any unit that could do damage to their own. This may backfire if it's not accomplished, which balances the whole thing out.
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Re: CCO: Renka: Patch Up (v1.0)!

Post by muramasa off » Thu May 08, 2014 4:02 am

I will try your suggestions, hawkesnightmare. Thanks! :)

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