CCO: Miguel, - The Darkness Which Cuts Shadows

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CCO: Miguel, - The Darkness Which Cuts Shadows

Post by Miguel_Zonvolt » Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:38 am

CO: Miguel - The Darkness Which Cuts Shadows
Name: Miguel Zonvolt
Age: 25
Faction: Yellow Comet :yc:

Bio: Miguel is the son of Kanbei's sister, Fuuko, in other words, he is the nephew of Kanbei, before being a CO, he was a famous game developer, however, he decided to join the army as soon as he heard about Black Hole's comeback, because, during the Andy clone attack to Green Earth, his father, George, was on a worktrip to the same place, he didn’t survive the attack, however, he also seeks to meet Sensei, because he is rumored to being a feared CO in his days, Miguel is pretty known for his kind and happy-go-lucky attitude, even with unknown people or even his mortal enemies, young folks think of him as a father because of his almost fatherly care for others, however, even though he is kind like that, only his true friends know his full personality, Miguel is quite a joker and likes to scare-jump people, he is also a big fan of animes and games, which results in him being VERY colorful and flashy, leading to his sef-proclaimed title of ‘’The Darkness Which Cuts Shadows’’, he says: ‘’Just because it’s dark, it doesn’t mean it’s evil.’’ Even though he is a powerful CO, Kanbei doesn't like his immature atitudes, which includes him constantly squishing his cousin (Sonja) cheeks. He has a crush on Nell, leading him to constantly blushing near or when talking to her.

Description: Miguel is a REALLY tall guy, even taller than Grit, he has dark-brown long-hair, which makes him being mistaken by a woman when seen from behind, his face is quite handsome, almost anime-like, he’s always seen with a smile in his face, he wears a lab coat and cargo pants, even though he is no doc, he finds it ‘’stylish’’, he also has dark-brown eyes,is quite musculous, and always carries his sword with him, no matter where he goes.

In-Game Description:
Miguel is a kind and flashy CO,
he is fully grown, however, not fully serious.
His battle skills makes him a ‘’Viewtful’’
'Hey, check Mii out! Ha, that was a good one... Not!'
:hit: Quotes
:miss: Being unable to help people

:skill: Day-To-Day Skill:
Miguel’s teaches his soldiers ‘’stances’’, which has 2 modes, Attack, and Defense, every day, his troops changes modes, starting with Defense, the terrain Miguel is in heavily affects his soldiers performance. examples: When a Tank is in a forested area during Defense stance, it will enter the ‘’Deku Tree’’ stance, with his stats being 90/120. When a Md Tank is on a City during Attack stance, it will enter the ‘’Angry Civilian’’ stance, with his stats being 120/80.
His stances are:

Attack: :gesalute:
Road: ‘’Street Fighter’’ 110/100
Plain: ‘’Legendary Grass Cutter’’ 110/80
Wood: ‘’Whispy Wood’s’’ 110/90
Mountain: ‘’Hiker Spirit’’ 130/90
City: ‘’Angry Civilian’’ 120/80
HQ: ‘’The Precious Beholder’’ 120/90
Airport: ‘’Flappy Eagle’’ 130/80
Port: ‘’King Of Yellow Troops’’ 120/90
Sea: ‘’Bubble Guy’’ 110/100
Reef: ‘’Coral Warrior’’ 120/80

Defense: :geflash:
Road: ‘’Defender Of The Streets’’ 100/110
Plain: ‘’Leafer’’ 80/110
Wood: ‘’Deku Tree’’ 90/110
Mountain: ‘’Rocking Barrier’’ 90/130
City: ‘’Urban Shielder’’ 80/120
HQ: ‘’The Precious Protector’’ 90/120
Airport: ‘’SkyWalker’’ 80/130
Port: ‘’Anchors Of Steel’’ 90/120
Sea: ‘’Aqua Boy’’ 100/110
Reef: ‘’Reef Barrier’’ 80/120

:power: CO Power: Stance Switch – Bar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar:

Switches all of Miguel’s soldiers current stance,
+10 attack, because he finds the +10 defense
boost way generic.
‘’Stance change! Ready, go!’’
‘’My stance power is, OVER NINE THOUSAND!’’
‘’I’m really switching it!’’

:super: Super CO Power: Evil Slayer – Bar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:
Miguel summons a giant sword from the skies, which does 4 damage in a XXX range, automatically selects the target according to damaging gathered foes.
+10 attack boost is applied.
‘’By my blade! ... Did i say that right?’’
‘’Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A! You already lost!
‘’You’ll get no symphony from me! ... I mean, sympathy.’’

Victory Quotes:
''All your base are belong to us.''
''You're too slow!''
Note: All my CCO quotes are references to games, animes, movies and general. If you don't get one, just google it.

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