CCO: Zeus (Anti Aircraft Warfare Specialist)

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CCO: Zeus (Anti Aircraft Warfare Specialist)

Post by Capt CoCo » Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:54 pm

Foreword: This is my first post here and I am still a newbie to this "forum" thing. Advance Wars remains as my favorite game, in spite of all the cooler games that hit the market. It is simple, yet fun to play. You can say that I am obsessed with it and been playing it for hours in a day. Some folks do not understand my obsession and that's how I came across to this forum. I've been looking for years for people who has the same passion. I know, dreaming of making custom COs for years are not all for naught.
So here we are.

Zeus is only one of my 30+ CCO ideas. I hope that you would like him.

As with all of my ideas, nothing here is final. Everything is changeable. I hope with your help we can make him a viable CO.

Name: CO Zeus

Theme: Anti-Aircraft Warfare. Rain. Lightning. Thunder.
[To learn more about Anti-Aircraft Warfare, see]

:hit: Loud Music / City Noises / Thunder
:miss: U.F.O.

Zeus(a thunder/lightning based CO) is the brother of __________( has no name yet - a wind based CO) and both of them are from Red Planet(another country in the Advance Wars world).

At a young age, he learned to hate flying things after watching a horrifying alien film. He joined the army and specializes in Anti-Aerial Warfare to keep his country safe from aliens. He believes that one day they will come from the skies, not knowing that they are already here and one of them tried to destroy the planet twice. :lol:

He can be introduce as "A loud CO from Red Planet who hates flying objects and wants to tear them down from the skies."

(I am not finish with his background yet. But in my general plan for my CCOs. I want to set them in the current timeline and world of the advance wars series, just after the events of the Dual Strike. I haven't played the AW:DS yet but I have read much about it. So there might be some inconsistency story-wise with my CCOs background.)

:skill: As an anti-aircraft warfare specialist, all of his Anti Air units such as:
:osantiair: Anti-Airs, :osmissile: Missiles, :osfighter: Fighters, :oscruiser: Cruisers, :oscarrier: Carriers receives +20/+10.
But his hate for flying objects makes him not very good at using other Air units.
His :osbcopter: Bcopters, :osbomber: Bombers, :osstealth: stealth and, :ostcopter: Tcopters suffers -30/-10 penalty.

Power: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

:power: CO Power: (still has no name. help me come up with a name.)
"You're going down!"
His Anti-Air units ( :osantiair: :osmissile: :osfighter: :oscruiser: :oscarrier: ) receive another +20/0 bonus,
and his other units capable of attacking air units ( :osinfantry: :osmech: :osrecon: :ostank: :osmidtank: :osneotank: :osmegatank: :osbcopter: :osstealth: )receive +10/10 bonus against air units.
Other units ( :osapc: :osartillery: :osrocket: :ostcopter: :osbomber: :oslander: :ossub: :osbship: ) receive +0/10 against air attacks.

:super: SCO Power: Assault Lightning.
"This is going down for real."
Upon activation, Lightning will rain down from the sky, targeting 6 different enemy units, dealing 3HP damage each.
Another 6 different enemy units will be struck down during the turn of the enemy, dealing 3HP damage each.
His Anti-Air units ( :osantiair: :osmissile: :osfighter: :oscruiser: :oscarrier: ) receive another +40/+10 bonus,
and his other units capable of attacking air units ( :osinfantry: :osmech: :osrecon: :ostank: :osmidtank: :osneotank: :osmegatank: :osbcopter: :osstealth: )receive +10/10 bonus against air units.
Other units ( :osapc: :osartillery: :osrocket: :ostcopter: :osbomber: :oslander: :ossub: :osbship: ) receive +0/10 against air attacks.
Plus the standard +10/+10 bonus to all units.

Lightning will strike different target since lightnings do not strike the same thing twice. :lol:
Lightning will prioritize 1.Air Units, 2.Expensive Units, 3.High Units. 4.Units with Higher HP. 5.others
If there's a tie, like when there are more than two bombers, lightning will strike at the bomber with higher HP and so on.
HIgh units are those on Mountain top. :)


He can tag with his Brother (a wind themed Co) has no name as of yet.
He can tag with Drake perhaps, since they have the same weakness.
He has negative Tag with Eagle obviously. They can be Rivals. :)

There you have it, my First CCO. Tell me what you think of him.

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Re: CCO: Zeus (Anti Aircraft Warfare Specialist)

Post by Airnike » Fri Aug 19, 2016 5:13 am

You're not supposed to post twice the same thing.

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