CCO WALDER (Theme: Military Might)

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CCO WALDER (Theme: Military Might)

Post by Capt CoCo » Sat Aug 20, 2016 4:59 am

CCO Name: CO Walder :greyfield:
Theme: Military Might, Military Influence, Power projection.

Country: Red Sun (Inspired by China)
A stratocratic-country with some of the most brilliant head for military tactics. I'm imagining that Jess is studying here before the events of Advance Wars 2. Also where Sami and Sonja studied. I have another CCO inspired by drill sergeant that is supposedly there trainer. I will post it later. :)

The Commander in chief of a stratocratic-country known for military brilliance and tactics.
Has an air of arrogance and likes to show-off.

:hit: : Standing off
:miss: : Being overshadowed.

90/100 to all units.
:osmidtank: +5/0 to Vehicular(non-infantry ground) units times the computed Dominance for Ground units.
:osstealth: +5/0 to Air units times the computed Dominance for Air units.
:oscarrier: +5/0 to Naval units times the computed Dominance for Naval units.

Military Might is basically the number of bases/airports/seaports you or your enemy owned.
There are three types of Might: one for each type of units - Ground, Air, Naval.

Computation for Military Might:
Dominance(Ground units) = the number of Bases you owned - the number of Bases your enemy owned.
Dominance(Air units) = the number of Airports you owned - the number of Airports your enemy owned.
Dominance(Naval units) = the number of Seaports you owned - the number of Seaports your enemy owned.

For 3-4 player Maps, the enemy with the highest number of bases/airports/seaports will be used as basis for computation. Walder must dominate each one of them to fully manifest his power.

Power :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:
:power: Overpower
Disregards the might of the enemies.
"You are no match for me."
"You have no power here."

:osmidtank: +5/0 to Vehicular(non-infantry ground) units times the number of your bases.
:osstealth: +5/0 to Air units times the number of your Airports.
:oscarrier: +5/0 to Naval units times the number of your Seaport.
+0/10 to all units.

Explanations: Basically disregards the might of the enemy. It is not included in the computation of dominance. So your raw might will shine here. you will get boost based on how many bases/airports/seaports you have.

:super: Military Dominance
Disregards the might of the enemies and doubles the firepower bonus.
"You cannot hope to equal me."
"This is how great Red Sun is."
"Witness the full strength of my country."

:osmidtank: +10/0 to Vehicular(non-infantry ground) units times the number of your bases.
:osstealth:+10/0 to Air units times the number of your Airports.
:oscarrier: +10/0 to Naval units times the number of your Seaport.
+0/10 to all units.

:os: If you have 3bases by default and managed to capture another 3bases and three Airports.
:bm: While one of your enemy has his 3 default bases. (loser) :lol:
:ge: Another one with 3bases, 2 airports and a seaport.
:yc: The last one with 2 bases and 3seaport.
Your Military Might(ground) = 3; Military Might(air) = 1 ; Military Might(naval) = 0
So you're units will be :osmidtank: 95/100 :osstealth: 95/100 :oscarrier: 90/100 D2D

During COPower, :osmidtank: 110/100 :osstealth: 105/100 :oscarrier: 90/100
While in SCOPower, :osmidtank: 130/100 :osstealth: 120/100 :oscarrier: 90/100

I think this CO is a bit(if not insanely) broken especially on the maps where there is a ton of bases, airports, seaports available for each player. Not to mention, upon capturing an HQ and taking over properties of a defeated player via HQ capture in 3-4player maps. But I want to post the idea and the theme of the CO just to pick interest, inspire CCOs with same concept and just to share what's bugging me for two weeks now. haha

The explanation for computation is quite long but it is very simple. I just don't know if it is possible to make.

I'm thinking of making his D2D unit stats 100/100 and +2/0 per might just to balance it out. but I don't know. You guys, what do you think?

With the primary focus in obtaining production facilities the Walder-player must bide his time and do his best in capturing these properties in order to establish his dominance in battle. His enemies will be forced not only to defend bases/airports in key areas but all of them just to refuse him of getting a foothold in battle.

Author's Note
The inspiration of this Co's theme is primarily the Cold War. During this period the Allied forces and the Soviet Union stock their own pile of weapons ready to be used in case another war would break. Thus, by having more and more bases/airports/seaports an army can have a leverage or influence in the upcoming battle.
Also, this CO is partly inspired by the Reclamation activities that China is doing in the West Philippine Sea. By reclaiming lands and positioning high-powered Ships and Naval vessel they are able to project power in the region.
Sorry for the long explanation. Please do comment your thoughts, suggestions and recommendations. They are all welcome. :lol:

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