Robert Hoffen

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Robert Hoffen

Post by Operation9 » Fri Oct 05, 2007 7:07 pm

It's only my second day here and I've already got two Custom COs! (And an Idea for a third...)

Name: Robert 'No More' Hoffen

Faction: Green Earth

Bio: Born into an upper-middle class family, Robert's Father had always urged to get him to join the military, Although Robert had always refused, Hoffen was a distinguished name in the military, having at-least one member of the family in the army at all times for twelve generations. Robert's father died when Robert was twenty-two, On the same day Robert graduated college. He was in a Bomb-Defusal Squad and made a careless mistake with a land-mine. He was Fatally wounded, Only lasting an hour after the explosion. His dying wish, Was that Robert join the army. Reluctantly heading his father's wish, He applied to the military academy and was excepted nearly immediately. He quickly rose in the ranks even before going to the battlefield. Now twenty-eight, He has only just been sent out to command troops in battle. All eyes are on him to see if war really is in his blood.

:hit: Vinegar
:miss: Pointless Deaths

Description: Tall and slightly muscular, He has short, straight, blonde hair and green eyes. He wears a short, brown military jacket with green trim, a white undershirt, black slacks, black military dress shoes, and a green képi.

:skill: Robert, While being a competent CO, Despises war, And therefore doesn't take the time to train his units for any special cause. He also waits until the last minute to make important decisions, Making sure to take the action that will cause the least deaths while still winning the battle.

D2D Stats: All of his units are 100/100, He gains power at 75% of normal.

Power Bar:

CO Power: Acceptable Losses - Robert receives order from his higher-ups to take out the enemy at any cost. To do this, He calls in a massive missile strike to hit every square foot of the entire battlefield. To avoid the enemy piling into bunkers, He doesn't tell any of his own troops. However, He does wait until the end of the day to call in the attack as to give his forces a small chance to finish it before they die.

At the end of Robert's turn, All units on the map (Even Robert's) go to 1 HP.

CO Power Quotes: "It pains me to do this..." "These are desperate times..."

Super CO Power: The Great Equalizer - Robert pretends to can in an air strike and goes out of his was to make sure one of his lieutenants with loose lips finds out about it. The lieutenant sends out a message to all the troops telling them about the 'attack', The enemy intercepts one of these messages and tells the troops on their side. In the chaos that follows, Hundreds of troops and vehicles trade hands as everyone tries to get to safety.

At the end of Robert's turn, All units on the map get HP equal to the total of the HP of all the units on the map divided by the number of units of the map, Rounded down.

Example: Before Use: One Mech at 6 HP, One Recon at 8 HP. After Use: One Mech at 7 HP and one Recon at 7 HP.

Super CO Power Quotes: "They fight, Then run, Then they fight again... It's all so pointless..." "They know they will probably die when they sign up... Then they flee when they see it's coming..."

Victory Quotes: "Will the fighting ever, truly stop?" "All those Lives... Lost... Why?..." "Father, Is this what you wanted?"

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Post by DTaeKim » Fri Oct 05, 2007 11:43 pm

Underpowered in general. I can elaborate if you want.
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Post by Linkman » Fri Oct 05, 2007 11:59 pm

...The COP is a bit extreme, no?
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Post by Operation9 » Sat Oct 06, 2007 4:55 am

@DTaeKim, I'd like to know what you mean as so I can improve him.

@Linkman, Yes, I know... I comes from me wanting there to be a CO that can nuke the entire map...

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Re: Robert Hoffen

Post by Airnike » Fri Dec 10, 2010 8:16 pm

"Hello here, I am a spammer. I'm here to drop out my stuff by filling forums with pointless off-topic (and here off-forum) messages."
Seriously, I think some guys have to do something.

Back to the CO, here are my comments.
D2D: No strength, no weakness, I can deal with it. But the fact that he charges power slowly is not appealing me.
COP: The cost is like EIGHT stars since he charges power at 75% speed. Awful. And he gets no advantage at all from this since the air strike comes at the end of his turn. This means any attack that doesn't lead to a kill is useless. On top of that, the enemy only has to face 1 HP units; and even if he has 1 HP units, he has first strike on yours: that means most attacks in the enemy's turn will turn out to be kills. And Andy could easily crush you with Hyper Repair.
SCOP: The cost is like 12,5 stars. Absurdly long. Usually, powers that long strongly tend to be broken. This one is useless. If you attack, you inflict more HP that you take. And if you don't kill injured enemy units, it means that you're the loser in the rebalancing of the HPs.

Conclusion: This CO is completely awful to me. No strength, high-priced CO Powers that give the opponent an edge over you. Well, something that shouldn't be seen.

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