CCO: Wade

This is the section for creating custom COs under the new DS tag system. Users are welcome to post their own creations here or comment on other's CCOs.
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CCO: Wade

Post by gunnerpow7 » Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:59 pm

The last CCO I'll introduce for Green Earth is....

Name: Wade

Army: :ge: Green Earth

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has shaggy brown hair wearing green swimming trunks, a tiki necklace, blue sunglasses. kinda tan in color and always carries a blue surfboard.

History: Green Earth's new CO. He is Drake's little brother. Watching Drake in combat has led him to join the army.

:hit: His surfboard, Waves

:miss: Mud, Woods

:skill: All Infantry (not counting mechs) and Sea Units receive 110/110. Woods are reduced to 1 star terrain defense. Being a new CO, he may have +5% luck or -5% luck.

Power Bar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

:power: Big Wave: All enemy units receive 1 HP loss. Infantry and Sea Units receive 120/120.

:super: Wipeout!: All enemy units receive 3 HP loss. Infantry and Sea Units receive 140/140, Mechs receive 110/110, All Sea Units can go through shoals.

Power Quotes: "Woah!!!", "Big Wave a comin'"

Super Power Quotes: "Bye Guys!!!", "Annnddd.... WIPEOUT!!!!"

Victory Quotes: "The waves are cool with me.", "Look at me, brother!!!"

Defeat Quotes: "The waves just crashed on me..."


Drake: 130%: Brotherly Waves
Kanbei: 130%
Colin: 125%
Sensei: 120%
Sami: 115%
Techno(CCO): 110%: Friend Ship
Bash(CCO): 110%
Von Bolt: 90%
Hawke: 85%

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Re: CCO: Wade

Post by deemo » Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:05 am


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Re: CCO: Wade

Post by Airnike » Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:04 pm

Your SCOP has a stupid thing to it that can immobilize battleships in "shoal bridges". That + 3MD + 140/140 infantry = broken.
Aside from that, nothing else to say.

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