CCO: Lucas

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CCO: Lucas

Post by ungulateman » Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:32 pm

Name: Lucas

(Lucas is Biblical, and means 'light'.)

-Faction/Army: :ge: Green Earth

Design Section

-In Game Biography:

Javier's cousin, Lucas specialises in communications and is an expert in inter-unit co-ordination. He has a strong sense of justice like his uncle, but is less old-fashioned.

:hit: Intelligence
:miss: Interference

(Yes, terrible puns. Try and decipher them at your own risk.)


Lucas is a young man in his late teens, the most junior of the Green Earth COs. He has short, well-kept brown hair, light skin, and wears a uniform which could be described as a hybrid between a true military uniform, his uncle Javier's knightly suit of armor, and a formal suit. He's quite tall, although not unusually so.


Lucas takes after his uncle in a fashion; he has a similar sense of justice and honour, but is not quite as old-fashioned, and while his specialties may seem similar and focused around com towers, they cover different aspects of the battlefield. He's steady and cool-headed most of the time, but when especially provoked he's prone to extreme displays of emotion.

Because of his youth and apparent inexperience, some more experienced COs like Eagle and Max like to make gentle fun of him, which he doesn't mind too much, and he returns the favor when they do something stupid. Javier naturally works extremely well with him, as does Kanbei. He also has good synergy with Sonja, and there seems to be something else going on there...


Lucas' mother died in childbirth, and his father decided that he was not capable of raising a child by himself, instead entrusting Lucas to the most responsible relative he knew, his brother Javier. While he may seem delusional, his chivalrous manner and polite manner had always given him an air of nobility about him, and Lucas' father thought that he would be more capable, both economically and mentally, to raise a child.

Lucas had a reasonably peaceful, if unusual, childhood in Javier's care, and saw no reason to question his position. Javier saw sense in not attempting to make Lucas into his own image, letting him grow as his own person. He still picked up on the old knight's sensibilities, but they are tempered by real-life experience and acceptance of the modern world.

This idyllic life fell apart when Lucas found out what had happened to his birth parents. This was the first time he'd truly rebelled against his father, and it ended with him running from home for several months. Eventually, he realised that it was not Javier's fault and that he had overreacted to the fact that his father didn't seem to love him - after all, Javier had been just as good a father as his real one.

Eventually, he was found to have an aptitude for military leadership thanks to Green Earth's habit of testing likely candidates more thoroughly than other countries, and entered CO training. He's moved on from the theoretical stage and is ready to assist in the Imega Land conflict.

CO's Theme (optional): Lucas' Theme would be similar to Javier's, but with a more modern feel, including elements similar to Jess' light industrial tone and Jake's rock-based theme.



"I found their frequencies, move in!"
"Come out here and fight me!"
"Did you think some bad weather could keep me down?" (Is more likely to play against weather-based COs)
"I see you over there."
"You might as well be banging two rocks together, looking at your communications!"
"Spread out and use the cover, men, it's going to get bumpy..."

CO Swap:

"I'll do the finding."
"Incoming barrage!"

Victory: "Good communication kills." (More likely to play with higher technique score)

"All units report casualties. It's over." (More likely to play with lower technique score)

"Try hitting the library!" (Always plays when winning against Eagle and Max, and never plays against Lash or Sonja; otherwise normal frequency)


- "Ah, my son! How proud I am to witness you take to the field of battle!"
- "Dad, you're embarassing me..."

- "Such magnificent towers. I am glad you followed in my footsteps."
- "Why did you make it into a castle again?"


- "Alright, cut the chatter, battle's over."
- "Let the men celebrate, Lucas! I insist on a victory feast!"

- "Dad, you're supposed to keep the high ground."
- "What glory lies in waiting? My charge worked, didn't it?"


- "We're done here."
- "Allow me a visit to the people first. They need the inspiration."

- "Acceptable casualties, but it could have been better..."
- "No casualty is acceptable. Some are necessary."


- "There is nothing like charging into the enemy and emerging unscathed."
- "And here I am wondering why my father likes you..."

- "Onwards, to the next battle!"
- "Er, Emperor Kanbei, your sword..."


- "You can run..."
- "...But you can't hide."

- "Some plans do survive contact with the enemy."
- "Only mine, Lucas. Only mine."


- "I can do better than that."
- "And I'm here to help."

- "How are our casualties?"
- "Too many, but one is too many."

Technical Section

Com towers raise unit's vision by 1 as well as increasing attack. All units take 1 less damage from sources not coming from combat to a minimum of 1 (for example, missile silos would do 2 damage, Black Cannons 4 damage, and Winter Fury would do 1 damage and cause snow).

Day-to-day all units are 100/100.

CO Power Meter: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

CO Power: :power: Decode of Honor

Doubles the effect of com towers and decreases the damage taken from non-combat sources by 2 (unlike the day-to-day version of this, this can completely negate non-combat damage) to a minimum of 0. Neutral properties are treated as friendly for the purposes of Fog of War. 110/110 for that day.

Super CO Power: :super: Trojan Knight

Triples the effects of com towers and grants immunity to non-combat damage while active. All properties, neutral and enemy, are counted as friendly units for the purposes of Fog of War. 110/110 for that day.


Javier :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: 125% Noble Lineage
Kanbei :bigstar: 110% Divine Guidance
Sonja :bigstar: :bigstar: 120% Shared Vision


This is my first CCO, but I honestly think it's one of the better ones on here. Feedback is welcomed. Naturally, text in brackets would not actually be shown, it's there for commentary or explanation.
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Re: CCO: Lucas

Post by Kilian18 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 12:31 am

So...let's see what we've got....A D2D that works with Comtowers and FoW and reduces non-Combat damage...thats very situational but in the correct situation it seems almost Broken, but let's think about it...His D2D only works well If he plays on a Map with Comtowers, FoW on and his enemy is Olaf, Drake, Hawke, Rachel, Candy or Von Bolt, or there's a huge amount of Silos on the Map. the Cop is the same situational as the Fow with Comtowers it works good, but without Towers this Power is almost useless, since no enemy will pull out a MD-Power on that turn, also the same is for the super, which is not that useless but still useless outside FoW and without towers. All in all: I think this Co is horribly useless on any Map Without Towers or Silos which is like 80% of the maps, while in the right setup, he's Broken just like Javier. (Note that even if it's played with FoW on but without Comtowers, his Power still does nothing but giving defaults and reducing noncombat damage (and the enemy has to be stupid to launch silos on that day or using a MD-Power))


Re: CCO: Lucas

Post by ungulateman » Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:43 am

There's a reason Javier is listed as balanced at 1T and low at 0T on the tier list, and it's precisely because of stuff like that.

When I first designed Lucas, I had him in mind for a new AW game rather than used directly in Dual Strike, where Com Towers would be more commonplace and the game was balanced more around Fog of War being in use. Admittedly it doesn't translate very well.

As for fighting MD-Powers, it's meant to do the following:

- Completely trip up the AI, because they don't get it. I know that PvP balance is far more important, but I think it's worth thinking about fighting the CPU as well.
- Force your opponents to use MD Powers later, which means that they can't counter-Power to stop you from getting more CO charge. This gives you a CO charge advantage, which combined with the average Power bar length, means you get to dictate the flow of CO Powers against MD COs.

Thanks for the feedback. Alterations to be made!

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Re: CCO: Lucas

Post by Kilian18 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:01 am

Okay, I get your point, but in AWDS (and this is the AWDS CCO forums) Comtowers and Silos are rare and FoW is very rare in Multiplayer games. For the MD-Power delaying: Sasha can do better, and tricking the AI is not very difficult, even without those Powers. I still think your CO is too situational, especially because I think, that Comtowers break the game, since they ruin every single Unit matchup, and whoever strikes first, wins.


Re: CCO: Lucas

Post by ungulateman » Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:28 am

The fact that Com Towers are imbalanced at the core is an important point. Thanks again for the food for thought.

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