CCO: Saloth

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CCO: Saloth

Post by ungulateman » Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:17 pm

Name: Saloth

(Saloth is part of Pol Pot's real name.)

-Faction/Army: :bh: Black Hole

Design Section

-In Game Biography (Optional): A former Yellow Comet commander exiled for his horrendous crimes. He specialises in forest warfare.

-Profile quote: "Resistance is less than futile. It is your doom."

:hit: Obedience
:miss: Independent thinking

-Description: A middle-aged man. His general appearance is somewhat like Hachi's alternate uniform, including the military outfit, but with darker skin (about the same tone as Hawke) and somewhat less old-looking. His default uniform is khaki brown, but he has green, black, etc for alternate colours.

-Personality: Saloth is a cruel, violent man who hides his deranged behavior under a profesional exterior. In battle, he is similar to Hawke in his detachment and lack of emotion, but outside of conflict he is easily angered, prone to aggressive behaviour and has an utter disregard for human life other than his own.

-History: Saloth was one of the resistance fighters in the very earliest wars between Yellow Comet and Black Hole. He was exiled after his merciless behaviour led to all of his actions becoming pyrrhic victories, even when such a result was avoidable. Since then, he has sought the destruction of his former homeland in the service of Black Hole.

CO's Theme (optional): Seemingly light music, mostly string-based with little bass instruments. However, the tone is still dark, and the occassional burst of deep bass or a clashing drum reminds us that Saloth is one of the bad guys.



"When the enemy advances, retreat."

"When the enemy stops, attack."

"When the enemy retreats, pursue."

(Quotes from Mao Zedong's On Guerilla Warfare, for the interested.)

"You cannot fight what is not there."

"Finding my forces is half the battle."


"One step closer to my goal."

"I am the tactical genius of Black Hole."

"Empathy is weakness."

Technical Section


Forests boost firepower by 10%.

CO Power Meter: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

CO Power: :power: Guerilla Warfare

Units can move before or after attacking for this turn. +10% firepower on forests (130% total). 110/110

Super CO Power: :super: People's Revolution

Units can move before or after attacking for this turn. Deals 3 damage to all enemy units on cities. +30% firepower on forests (150% total). 110/110

(Moving before or after means that you can attack then move, or move then attack; you can't move, attack, then keep moving.)


Kindle: 110% (Uprising) *
Koal: 105% (Long March) *
Kanbei: 80%
Sonja: 85%
Sensei: 75%
Grimm: 80%


I decided for a less complicated CO than my previous attempt, and I'd say it turned out well. Any comments?

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Re: CCO: Saloth

Post by 89305092R » Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:02 pm

That power seems absurdly powerful for a mere three stars. His artillery effectively have a range of 8 spaces on good terrain, which is more than Grit's have during his Super (and Grit's way overpowered). It's even more insane because they also have the tactical option of being able to fire and then retreat. I'd seriously consider changing this special boost to something to do with movement. Forests are a little more difficult to take advantage of because they slow you down so much... a power that works with this terrain could add movement, drop the movement cost, etc. Just something to think about, anyway.
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Re: CCO: Saloth

Post by ThunderWalker » Tue Mar 20, 2012 6:17 pm

Ehh... AWDS Grit is, according to GipFace, currently the worst CO in the game!
Mostly because of the incredibly fast power charging, so I doubt this CO's COP would be used often. Save up one or two days more and you have the SCOP ready, which is much more powerful because of the mass damage to city units.
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Re: CCO: Saloth

Post by HPD » Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:02 pm

Grit's weakness in DS is mostly due to his poor firepower for direct units and the fact that building his artillery wall is just taking too long for the fast-paced game.

But I agree that the COP/SCOP movement thing should not apply to indirects (as in, they can't move and fire). As I see it, it just gives you the option to deplete your unused movement points after attacking, much like mounted units in FE9. That is still very useful in breaking chokes and whatnot, but I can't tell at this point how balanced that that is.
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Re: CCO: Saloth

Post by Kilian18 » Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:28 am

Well let's see: the D2D is rather weak, Lash has the same bonus on forests, and gets other boosts on other terrain, Jake's advantage is, that Plains are the most common terrain in the game, while Koal/Zak will find Roads on most of the critical Points and Kindle/Candy's boost is huge, and it's given on the most important terrain in the game. Forests aren't really that common, so it's difficult to make a good use of his ability. His COP can be useful in some situations, especially when your infantrywall is directly next to your enemys infwall: you can Cripple your enemys wall, retreat your inf afterwards and let the next bunch of inf destroy the crippled wall, then you can cripple the next infantry line of your enemy, or damage the more expensive units, if there are any. Basically you can use it to claim some space on the map, while some single forests will even help you to cripple/KO your enemy's units. His SCOP is a mixture of his COP and a weaker form of Kindle/Candy's COP, and you can do basically the same, as you could do with your COP, but this time, you can stomp your enemy, that is Camping on Cities and deal damage to everything on a City, allowing you to claim important Cities in the Midgame, and drain your enemys funds. All in all, his D2D is almost non-existant, his Power is Great for a head on head fight (at least if indirects are excluded) but not always that useful, his SCOP is, what saves him from being bad/situational, but it only includes cities, so there won't be that many units hit by the MD, but it makes getting important terrain easier and allows him to break through a city-defense.

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Re: CCO: Saloth

Post by 89305092R » Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:15 pm

On second thought, if his special power ability doesn't affect indirects, it seems kind of weak. If you have a direct unit that starts the turn adjacent to an enemy unit, the odds are very high that it's just been attacked and you'd do one of three things with it:
a) retreat and heal/join it, in which case attacking before moving would just destroy the unit.
b) Suicide it to soften up the enemy unit - you don't need movement if you're dead :D
c) Leave it where it is to slow down the enemy (so you wouldn't want it destroyed...)
In all of these scenarios, the ability to move after attacking seems profoundly useless. Unless the enemy has put an APC between your rampaging MD Tank and their Rocket and all are on a road, I can't see this power being at all useful.
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Re: CCO: Saloth

Post by Kilian18 » Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:56 am

Who builds rockets in AWDS? In this game your army consists of 75% Inf while the rest is (depending on funds) Recons, Tanks, (A-Air+B-Copter if there's an Airport) MDs, Neotanks, Black Bombs and sometimes even Megatanks or Bombers. And it's not that rare that your infantry front is next to your enemy's infantry front. And even if your enemy did the first strike, it'll be like 8-5 and if you attack in the next turn, It'll most often end up in 5-3 or something like that. If you can retreat your Inf afterwards, your next inf will come and take out that 5HP Inf. If you retreat your damaged Inf before, you'll have to attack with a more Powerful unit to destroy that inf, or you'll take it down to ~2-3HP and have no unit left to destroy it. It's definitely not useless, but yes it's a little weak, but therefore the Super is quite nice (and honestly: 7 stars can be charged every 3 days, while 3 stars are charged every 2 days)


Re: CCO: Saloth

Post by ungulateman » Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:55 pm

Have we worked out whether he's over or underpowered yet?

And artillery can't move and fire with his COP/SCOP; they CAN fire and move, though.

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Re: CCO: Saloth

Post by Satel » Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:21 pm

Then he's very probably underpowered in my opinion.
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Re: CCO: Saloth

Post by Kilian18 » Sat Mar 24, 2012 10:29 pm

Yes, he is underpowered, he doesn't have the ability to produce more units than other COs, he doesn't boost Inf or Vehicles, he does MD but very very limited, and he doesn't boost MP, he only has very situational boosts and his powers aren't enough. he's better than Grit or Javier, but Lash, Sasha and Jake will already kick his ass. He won't stand a chance against anyone in Balanced tier unless the Map is sticked with Forests and a lot of cities (which is almost never the case) therefore, he would be in Low Tier.

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