CCO Alenda (Updated 6/5/2015)

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CCO Alenda (Updated 6/5/2015)

Post by Eliwan » Fri Apr 19, 2013 8:17 am

Hey; ~1200 views. I guess that just happens when you let a topic sit for two years, eh?

I've been dabbing around a lot more with design in the last years, and...

Well, Alenda's original concept (logistics, which you can find below in nested spoilers)... was bleh.

Alenda's second idea, after I stopped editing this topic, was use of indirects as full-on replacements for directs (Indirects +1 move and +15 defense; directs -15 attack). Except that was pretty bleh too.

So I kept asking myself... what was I trying to do with her in the first place?

To which I realized the real reason why I had only made bad ideas before. I didn't know what I wanted out of her because I didn't know what I wanted her character to be about.

This showed up as her having a tiny meter and powers that weren't exactly good in gameplay at all.

So, I decided that, as all her previous abilities did, I should focus on range.

So how to do that without being Grit?
Why, obviously, by being Javier, and instead kindly informing enemy directs that they're not going to be particularly effective, like how Javier does so with enemy indirects.

Alenda (v9) :yc:
:hit: Always
:miss: Never

Theme: Card Captured, Attack of a Card, Sakura Battle (my personal favorite and the one I'm currently using), DOTA BATA?

***☆☆☆☆ / :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: / 3 + 4 meter

Stats are cumulative.

All units have 2 additional ammunition and 10% increased defense against Direct Combat units but 10% reduced defense against Indirect Combat units.

Gameplay Note: The bonus ammunition isn't really useful for a number of units... but I wanted it to stay because the units it benefits the most (Mech, Rockets, Missiles, Battleship) are units that I feel this CO--as a CO-- would want to use. It also thematically connects the name.

:power: Snare
All enemy units lose 1 point of Movement, and all allied indirects have their minimum range reduced by 1. All units are 110/110 (standard bonus).

:super: Shattering Cannons
Fires two missiles that each hit 13 tiles and deal 2 damage. One targets by enemy cost, the other by enemy density. All enemies hit lose 20 defense. All allied indirects have their minimum range set to 1, and all units are 120/120. Defense against direct units increases to 30 (from 10).

I'm not going to claim that this is quite balanced.
I don't know how much to price the SCOP.

Adder's COP, +1 movement and standard bonuses, is a 2 star power. I believe it to be undercosted, and that this is fine because he's bland.
-1 movement, as it affects the enemy and not the player, is easily a slightly more expensive power, but is slightly more situational. To make the power always useful, I felt that the indirect range reduction would not only be appropriate as a gameplay piece (as the enemy either is in range, in your shadow, or is affected by the move loss), but also as a thematic one (Alenda is an expy of an archer tactician).

The name's reference is very strenuous--it comes from Alexander the Great who's empire had an incredible reach and was well-supplied because roads. The COP reflects this as well-- the main advantage Alexander had when it came to conquests was indeed relatively high mobility and good supply lines.

That... supply line bit used to be represented by being able to refresh indirects and transports, which while interesting wasn't quite right.

Removing enemy defense, though it seems less in that vein on the surface, was based a bit on the idea of a siege. In a siege, what matters is your supply lines-- and if they aren't really good, then your ability to fight suffers the longer that siege drags on.

Hence, dealing damage and reducing defense.

Changelog 2:
-Brand new Alenda is brand new.

(The rest of this post is archival)
Hidden Text
[Nation: Undecided...]
As far back as she could remember, Alenda always was a strategist. Her main ideal remained that engagements of military might should avoid casualty as much as possible, that a quick war is better than a long and drawn out one. However, she also knew, that sieges are sometimes the most effective way to avoid casualties.
:hit: Strategy Sessions
:miss: Attrition, Sieges
(funny, then, how Alenda 5's COP used to be 'Attrition'. And Alenda 4's SCOP is 'Surgical Siege'. Oh well.)

Unsure of which one to use, so I have 6 different Alenda's here. :d

Attempt 1:
:skill: Day-to-day:
-Repair costs reduced by 35%
-Gains one fewer Terrain Star from non-Urban tiles (Plains = 0 Star, Woods = 1 Star, Mtns = 3 Stars, etc., Cities = 3 Stars still)
All repairs are cheaper due to plated hardware. However, this same technology decreases the defenses gained from natural terrain, as the best positions generally interfere with the plate stability.

CO Meter: **☆☆☆☆ / :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

:power: COP: Scramble Order [** / :smallstar: :smallstar:]
-All Units: 100/110, Perfect Movement
-Indirects, Infantry: +1 Move
-Transports: 100/120, +1 Move
All units ignore terrain penalties and gain defense. Infantry and Indirects gain 1 bonus Movement, Transports gain bonus defenses and 1 Movement.

:super: SCOP: Tactical Star [☆☆☆☆ / :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: ]
-All Units: Perfect Movement, +1 Movement
-Indirects: 125/120, +1 extra Move
-Directs: 110/135
-Infantry: 125/125, +1 extra Move, +1 Range, +50% capture rate
-Transports: 100/140, +1 extra Move
All units recieve boosts to their offense and defense, as well as Movement. Indirects gain +1 extra Movement and +1 Range, Infantry receive +1 Range, Move, and capture points 50% faster. Transports also receive an extra +1 Movement.

This one features rapid deployment (see that two-star COP?) and reinforcement, cheaper repairs (that become needed, from reduced defense).
SCOP gives plenty of defense, best in a chokepoint but also useful for setting up a new chokepoint when the old one starts failing.

Attempt 2:
:skill: Day-to-day:
Repairs 3 points instead of 2, if possible.
All units are 110/90.
Transports are 100/100.
Due to increased material chains, units may be repaired up to 3 points. All combat units have increased offense but decreased defense.

CO Meter: *☆☆☆☆ / :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

:power: COP: Field Shift [* / :smallstar:]
All Units: 110/105
Transports: 100/120
Infantry, Indirects, Naval, Transports: +1 Move.
All units recieve bonus defense, and all Infantry, Indirect, Naval, and Transport units gain +1 Move.

:super: SCOP: Sure Strike [☆☆☆☆ / :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:]
All Units: 115/110, +1 Move
Transports: 100/130, +2 extra Move (+3 total)
Infantry, Indirects: +1 Range, +10% extra offense
Directs: +15% extra defense
All units gain +1 Move, as well as a bolstered attack and defense. Transports get 2 additional movement, Infantry and Indirects get extra offense and +1 Range. Direct-combat units get extra defenses.

Faster repairs, lower defense. Repairs become more needed from the lower defense-- so this Alenda becomes stronger when rotating out units is easily done... which becomes much easier to do when COP is used, with bonus Movement. SCOP is, practically, the same as the COP, but better used offensively.

If I did my math right, you can quadra-COP and then penta-COP after 10 powers.
And yes, I think that's not very fair to the enemy.

Attempt 3:
:skill: Day-to-day:
Repairs all units by 1 point each turn. This stacks with 'normal' repairs on property.

CO meter: *** / :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: (scop/cop have the same star requirement)

:power: COP: Aggressive Shift
All Units: 115/100, +1 Move
Transports +1 extra Move (+2 total)
All units recieve an offensive boost, gaining movement as well. Transports recieve 2 Movement instead of 1.

:super: SCOP: Point Blockade
Infantry, Indirects: +1 range, 110/110
Directs: 100/120
Transports: 100/130
Infantry and Indirects gain both offense and defense, as well as extra range. Direct units get an strong defense boost. Transports gain a massive defensive boost as well.

More experimentation with D2D Repair. This time, by getting an extra point for ALL units.
Also experiment with duality for COP/SCOP-- different functions with the same cost.

Attempt 4:
:skill: Day-to-day:
All CO meters build 15% slower.

CO meter: **☆☆ / :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

:power: COP: Down-Range: [** / :smallstar: :smallstar:]
Transports +1 Move
Infantry +1 Move, +1 Range
All Units: 110/110
Boosts foot soldier and Transport movement by 1, as well as increasing foot soldier attack range. All units recieve a boost to attack and defense.

:super: SCOP: Surgical Siege: [☆☆ / :bigstar: :bigstar:]
Transports can Move Again
Infantry +1 Move, +1 Range
Indirects +1 Range, -1 Minimum Range
All Units: 120/120, +1 Move
Refreshes all Transport units, allowing them to move again. All units gain a hefty boost to attack and defense and +1 Movement. Infantry gain an extra Movement as well as range, with Indirect-Comabt units gaining an extra range while also decreasing their minimum range by 1.

Attempt 5:
:skill: Day-to-day:
Alenda's Infantry units can attack from range if they did not move this turn.

CO meter: *☆☆☆☆ / :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

:power: COP: Anti-Attrition: [* / :smallstar:]
-Repairs all units by 1 HP-- must pay for it, however.
Calls down for 1 HP repairs on all units. Repair costs come from on-hand funds, however.

:super: SCOP: Alpha Strike: [☆☆☆☆ / :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:]
Mass Heal 1
Fully resupplies all units
Infantry +1 Move, +1 Range
Indirects +1 Range
Directs +1 Move
Transports +2 Move
3 damage is dealt to the highest-cost cluster of enemy units.
All units are fully resupplied and recover 1 HP, gaining moderate attack and defense boosts. Infantry gain +1 Move and can attack from one space away, Indirects gain 1 range, and direct-combat units gain +1 Move. Transports gain +2 Movement as well. Finally, a tactical strike is dealt to the most expensive cluster of enemy units.

This one features a CO power that is weak to allow free choice on units built. Naturally, of course, it works best with a good mix of army units.

Attempt 6:
:skill: Day-to-day:
Repair costs reduced by 25%.

CO Meter: *☆☆ / :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

:power: COP: Anti-Attrition: [* / :smallstar:]
-Repairs all units by up to 1 HP-- must pay for it, however.
-Infantry that were not capturing may act again, but cannot move.
Calls down for 1 HP repairs on all units. Repair costs come from on-hand funds, however. Additionally, Infantry that were not Capturing may act again, but may not move.

:super: SCOP: Line Break [☆☆ / :bigstar: :bigstar:]
-Repairs all units by up to 2 HP-- must pay for them, however.
-Fully resupplies all units (Fuel & Ammo)
-All units are 115/115.
-Infantry that were not capturing may act again.
Calls down for 2 HP repairs on all units, as well as fully resupplying them. Repair costs come from on-hand funds, however. Additionally, all units receive a strong firepower and defense boost. Infantry that were not capturing may act again.

Less influential powers, in return for being *THE FASTEST CHARGER EVER*.
This is basically a redo of 5; with better synergy with day-to-day.
And when I was doing it first? I had it be a *☆ bar. A SCOP had the same cost as Adder's COP. :d Then I changed it around into this.
And hopefully the fact that it's a one-star COP isn't a huge turn-off.

-Second Edits:
--6th's COP reanimates non-capturing Infantry but they can't move again
--6th's SCOP reanimates non-capturing Infantry
--5's SCOP adds a move to Infantry now
--5's D2D changed from Bland to "If Infantry have not moved yet they can attack from range".
-First Edits:
--Added 6th.
--5's SCOP increased by 1 star cost
--3's meter decreased from 4 stars to 3
--3's SCOP adjusted to account for the smaller 3-star meter
--Reworded 2 to make more sense
--Added a +10 DEF to 1's COP, +5 DEF to 1's SCOP.
--Normalized formatting across all of them.
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