Kamekaze CCO Admiral Arima

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Kamekaze CCO Admiral Arima

Post by traumatized » Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:43 pm

Name: Admiral Arima

-Faction/Army: :yc: Yellow Comet

Design Section

-In Game Biography:

Once served in a special force of Yellow Comet as the commander of the 26th Air division is often credited with the first to use the Kamikaze tactic. In times of scarcity, Arima's base repairs are decreased by one. However, his damaged units fight more fiercely gaining additional firepower (+20%/0).

:hit: Duty and Loyalty
:miss: Weak minded cowards


Arima is an admiral who is credited as the inventor of kamikaze tactic. He has a serious personality.


Power: "Loyal to the end."
Super Power: "Sometimes fate must be forced."

Victory: Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.

Technical Section

Damaged units gain 20% bonus firepower (+20/0). Base repair decreased by 1.

CO Power Meter: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:

CO Power: :power: Divine Wind

All Arima's units gain additional 20% bonus firepower (+20%/+0%). Whenever Arima's air units are destroyed by enemy units, the destroying units take 3 damage. (The enemy units maybe destroyed by the damage. The enemy unit must be in melee range from the destroyed unit.)

Super CO Power: :super: Wrath of Jin

All Arima's units gain additional 40% bonus firepower (+40%/+0%). Whenever Arima's air units are destroyed by enemy units, it causes an explosion dealing up to 3 damage to every unit within a two space radius. (Only enemy units maybe destroyed by the damage. Ally units will receive damage but will be left at 1 health.)


Sensei :bigstar: :bigstar: 120% Final Mission
Kanbei :bigstar: 110% Honorable Discharge
Grim :bigstar: 110% Game Ender

Strategy Overview:

This CO is designed for people who just don't know what to do with damaged units. With Sensei's CO power this CO becomes very powerful. Most of the time the player will be forced to fight with damaged units and joining up with other damaged units efficiently to maximize the damage output.

His main unit composition should be B. copters early game transition into bombers and fighters to deal with other fighters. Combine him with Sensei for optimal damage. But combine him with Grim would be the most devastating for your enemies.

Arima's CO power heavily relies on air units. Without an airfield it is significantly weakened but not useless. Because of the nature of his CO ability, his CO power can only benefit from his air units' casualties.

Weakness: This CO is weak against range attacks. Can become very costly in a long run because of decreased repair. Opponents will be forced to use their range attacks such as artillery and rockets to finish off damaged units. (most players usually weaken the 100% health unit with range attacks first and finish off with melee attacks, but that will be reversed against this CO)


This is my first CCO. Feedback is welcomed.
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Re: CCO Admiral Arima

Post by hawkesnightmare » Sun Mar 16, 2014 3:00 pm

It's a great base concept for a first CCO. However, this can be sorely abused, as you stated when paired with Sensei. I see a few problems that can be fixed with a few minor tweaks.
Firstly, I think that the damage boost to damaged units should be determined by the amount of damagedness. For example, a unit that is damaged down to 9hp should experience a 1.10 firepower boost, ending in a 99% firepower total. This trend continues down to 1hp, where the unit gains a 1.9 boost, ending in a 19% firepower total, instead of the standard 10%. This way, the units' firepower will still be less than that of a full unit. This pushes the player to keep building new units instead of influencing them to make dubious tactical decisions just to get the boost that units with 8-9hp will experience.
Alternatively, you could choose not to implement this idea in favor of this one. Instead of the base repair being reduced by 1, increase it to 3hp repaired per turn. This will either encourage the player to stay near cities so that their units will stay strong, or discourage them so that the 30% firepower boost will be useful to units that are on the high end of the hp spectrum. Units with 7hp still have 91% of their base firepower, but the player will be hesitant to repair it because it will then have full health. While this is a firepower boost, the player will have to weigh this against the cost of the extra hp repaired. "Is 9% firepower worth the extra cost?"

Second, I don't exactly see why Arima is an air unit buff. Yellow Comet already has Sensei, who is a copter buff. It would make more sense for Arima to be a naval officer or just someone who specializes in planes, which would either make his relationship with Sensei be more akin to that of Eagle and Drake, or it could simply supplement Sensei's copters. This is made into a problem when the CO powers come into play, since the only real effective units to take out air units are AA, cruisers, missiles, and carriers, two of which are indirect units. It would make no sense to have the falling debris of air units cause damage to a unit five spaces away. If Arima is made into only a plane buff, the CO power should be altered so that either only direct units take 1hp of damage when they destroy a fighter or bomber. The SCOP, I have an entirely new idea for. Whenever a fighter or bomber is destroyed, it has the opportunity to move two spaces in any direction possible and "attack"(kamikaze dive) a unit before dying, dealing 3hp damage, destroying the unit in question if the unit has ≤ 3HP.

It may seem like I revamped your entire CCO, but it is not so. If left as is, the CO is horribly broken. Overpowered d2d skills combined with that of his CCO cause for too much damage to the enemy side with no real repercussions on the player's side.
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Re: CCO Admiral Arima

Post by Primarygunner » Tue Jul 29, 2014 5:37 am

an interesting concept indeed.

Your main skill : as you mentioned with Sensei your passive skill would be op which begs the question why does air expert Co's skills buff other units other then air. I feel that letting everyone get the buff undermines the entire theme you seemed to have set up as a kamikaze air force and Loses a lot uniqueness of the thought and hard work you put in this Co. what id suggest to fix this is to limit on who your skill effects. now say if you limited your buff to air units only I feel you could raise that 30% buff higher because air units solemnly take only 2 or 3 damage at a time due to the nature of most being not able counter fire back when hit because of ranged AA and specialized attacks such as bombers that cant attack air and fighters that cant attack ground.

Debuff skill: as for the minus 1 repair doesn't really contribute much as a nurff to your Co as you could use it to your advantage due to the nature of your Co skill as opposed to a Co like Max were reduce range will never benefit him ever.

Co power: auto damage for attacking an enemy unit is a bit cheap when it comes to a game mechanic in theory it sounds like cool skill but it doesn't add any game play strategy other then attack it and get hurt or leave it alone. It can be vary frustrating since the power is also only 3 stars. but as for your Super Co Power I think it's really cool, you can move in and give your opponent interesting options move all the units then take it down, should i use my AA tanks and take damage, this is interesting and can be used for much more then just causing damage. what id suggest is to just make your Co Power a less powerful version of of your Super Co Power.

I also read hawkesnightmare reply and there were some cool ideas in there, if you don't wish to take the buff away from your ground units I'd suggest his idea of (Do more damage as you take more damage) and that would fix a lot of imbalance issues while adding interesting and cool ways to go about using this Co's Skill in conjunction with other Co's as well.


Re: CCO Admiral Arima

Post by traumatized » Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:48 pm

Because of the map differences. if there is no airports nearby to capture (in the first couple of turns) this co can be rushed and finished off before he can pump out air units. so i figure why not boost damage for every units so it gives player more flexibility and options. otherwise, players are forced to build air units only if they choose this CO.

i know it didn't say it in the description, but the kamikaze only works if the enemy unit attacks your air unit at melee range. so enemies can use missiles to avoid getting kamikaze on their turns.
example: b copter/ t copter vs tanks/anti air/cruisers/fighters
but kamikaze doesn't work against missiles. unless you explode near it during your super CO power.
that is why the CO power costs only 3 stars. your opponent can choose to wait if he doesn't have any missiles and destroy you the next turn when your CO power runs out.
ex: you failed to suicide 1 health b. copter. your opponent knows that copter isn't going to be repaired (repair rate decreased). but remember that 1 health b.copter is like 4 health b.copter (30% bonus). so it can be damaging the next turn, but it will not cause 3 kamikaze damage once it dies the next turn tho.

but super CO power is a lot stronger because even if your enemies use missiles against your air units, the air units will still explode damaging everything around them (both allies and enemies) enemies can't take advantage of it because it is an activated ability so on your turn you use super CO and cost major chain explosions one after another.

if you have 5 b copters. they can group up and explode all together dealing major damage to a lot of expensive units around it in just one turn. but of course you need 5 b copters and they are not cheap. and you need to have fully charged super CO power. t-copters can't attack so, you can't suicide it but with sensei, they travel fast and can be used to block enemy advances....
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Re: CCO Admiral Arima

Post by traumatized » Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:01 pm

hawkesnightmare wrote:Second, I don't exactly see why Arima is an air unit buff. Yellow Comet already has Sensei, who is a copter buff. It would make more sense for Arima to be a naval officer
i considered the idea of damage% bonus depending on health% (like berserkers) but i thought if the damage bonus is a ratio thing, then it will just be very similar to damaged units fight like a full health unit.

in addition the counter attacks from damaged units can be very painful for your enemies to finish off melee, so they are forced to use range units against you since your damaged units don't gain any bonus defenses.

instead of 1 health unit fighting at 10% of its total damage, the bonus gives it 30% of its total damage. so it is like the unit has 2 extra health.
and at 9 health it would be doing 110% damage instead of 90% damage for every units. (so in a way you can say all your damaged units have invisible 2 extra units on them but the difference is infantries don't gain bonus capture rate, and their defense gain no bonus, so not countering when they are destroyed. weak against artillery.)

i know you said there is almost no repercussion for base repair rate being decreased. but your damaged infantries capture rate can become a problem early. and late game it becomes very costly when you are using land units like tanks getting hit by other tanks at 100% and destroyed by an artillery/rockets at 60%. but if you rely on air units alone, then your opponent can still outmatch you by having more money and cities on land early in the game. remember the artillery/rockets and anti-air missiles...they will own this CCO...

it used to be that repair rate decreased by 1, and bases only provide 90% income... but i thought it was way too punishing. so i took it out.

i personally don't think arima is that broken, because compared to sensei, he is still weaker.
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Re: Kamekaze CCO Admiral Arima

Post by Fynmorph » Wed Dec 10, 2014 7:30 am

Maybe because Sensei is in the broken tier and everyone in Advance Wars Dual Strike (bar Hachi) is weaker than him so it's normal to have a CCO weaker than him ???

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Re: Kamekaze CCO Admiral Arima

Post by Xenesis » Wed Dec 10, 2014 8:49 am

Yeah, Sensei is top-broken-tier CO in AWDS, no one but Hachi compares.

(I'd aim for someone around Rachel/Drake/Olaf/Hawke level)
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Re: Kamekaze CCO Admiral Arima

Post by traumatized » Sat Dec 13, 2014 1:01 pm

Fynmorph wrote:Maybe because Sensei is in the broken tier and everyone in Advance Wars Dual Strike (bar Hachi) is weaker than him so it's normal to have a CCO weaker than him ???
He is weaker than sensei. and I would say he is even weaker than rachel.
Her CO ability has no penalty. Arima has decreased repair, but +20/0 for damaged units.
Her CO power +10/+10 with a chance for additional +40/0.... Arima got +20/0 and the enemy takes 3 damage for killing his air unit but the enemy unit must be in melee range.
Her super CO power covering fire which requires less stars and no unit sacrifice seems more powerful. Rachel got +10/+10 and 3 free missiles covering the whole map. Arima got +40/0 to all his units and when his air unit dies enemies and allies around it take AoE 3 damage. but it cost 1 more star than rachel's super power.

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