CCO: Hedge

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CCO: Hedge

Post by Primarygunner » Tue Jul 29, 2014 4:20 am

Co Name: Hedge

Base Ability's:

Slow and steady : all units have -1 movement (not including transports or infantry not going lower then 2)

Well rested:all units receive 10% attack and 30% defense.(110/130)
Moving slow has its advantages.

controlled destruction: -30% damage to ranged (80/120)
indiscriminate nature of indirect fire Hedge refuses to cause any unnecessary Damage.

Protect the weak:Hedge units gain no defense from city's.

CO power: ' ' ' ****

Hull down : all units get additional 20% defense and counter attack 50% harder (110/150)

Super Co Power

Stone Wall : All units get a total additional 40% defense and Counter attacks are 100% stronger (110/170)

Hey guys Primarygunner here. I love Advanced Wars and found this form from other fans. The thought of making a Co is really cool to me and thought I'd have a go at it . some things I am aware of is that (Protect the weak) and the second part of (Slow and steady) may be problem to program in, other then that I believe that all the skills work well to produce a Co that's different then what already exists on the advance war games already and would like to hear some feedback on my idea and check to see if you see any unbalances and suggestions on how to fix them thanks in advance.

PS. Currently working on the Bio but writing is not my strong point so may take a while to produce a well written draft with out to many errors.

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