CCO Boris

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CCO Boris

Post by Wizardry MoloTobby » Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:01 pm

:gesalute: Yeah... First post... And I'm not some guys usually speak English
Name: Boris
Faction: :bm: Blue Moon
Bio: Father of Colin and Sasha. The Manager of a big Bank Company. He has some military skills and do anything to protect Colin and Sasha, sometimes
too much. He taught Colin how to use money and some military skills.
History: He went to military school once and now he's a Bank Manager. Later on, for some reasons, he dicided to join Blue Moon Army. He impressed Olaf
with his money gaining ability when driving a small group of Black Hole's forces out of Blue Moon using 2 bases and a few cities. After the
war in Omega Land, Boris is now one of the COs of Blue Moon.
Description: Tall. Wide beard. Wearing a Russian hat, fur jacket with a uniform of a business man inside and brown boots.
- :hit: : Colin & Sasha
- :miss: : Less money
+"This is how I taught Colin!"
+"Money isn't anything. Money is everything!"
+"I will get the cash in a flash!"
+"Much money! I will turn it to power!"
+"You're such a poor opponent!"
:skill: : -Being a Bank Manager, Boris gains extra money each day.
-Original Fund + D2D Fund x1.2
Power Meter: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:
- :power: CO Power: Bank Job
+Boris contacts with his Bank, so he has more money.
+Units original prices are 90%
+Original Fund + D2D Fund x1.8
- :super: Super CO Power: Bank Management
+Boris just not contacts with his Bank, he contacts with other Banks, making him has more money.
+Units original prices are 80%
+Original Fund + D2D Fund x2
+Gain 100G for each original 1000G


Re: CCO Boris

Post by FynmorphForgotHisPW » Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:50 pm

Well since he's the papa of Colin and Sasha (and a teacher of Colin) logically he's stronger but ingame that would be kind of problematic since Colin is already broken ingame lol. His D2D is the same as Sasha but twice as strong lol, I can say at least that this one is broken, for the COP and SCOP im not too sure.

I don't really know for the COP, I'm not really into making some calculus right now.

But for the SCOP it can be simplified, "+Gain 100G for each original 1000G" is basically *1.1, I don't think that matter would that much. Also it´s not really intersting that everything revolves around just having more money/saving money. Like each money COs has a little thing to make it special, Sasha has her gamebreaking COP, Hachi can deploy units from cities and Colin (while he's already the "all for money" character) he has at least his SCOP to increase his firepower.

Daddy is kind of a melting pot of all those characters lol, he needs to have his own thing.

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