CCO Roger (Orange Star)

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CCO Roger (Orange Star)

Post by Noodles » Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:23 pm

Hi there

I'm an italian. I don't use english very often so I may do very much errors...

CO name: Roger

Nation: Orange Star

Roger is a lawyer, he studied very hard during his young ages. He wears always very formal wearings to show his diligence in his work. Known in hiscity because he reduced a lot of tax

Hits: rules, laws and who follows them
Misses: criminals

Day to Day:
When one of the units is destroyed, opponent's cash will decrease by 20% of that unit's total original cost (a mech will be counted always as -600g, 20% of 3000). Roger gains -10% daily cash from every property(900g)

CO Powers


COP: Sanction
Opponent's cash drops to 0

SCOP: Accusation
Opponent can't deploy units for 2 days

I know that this CO is so money depending, but I didn't had anything else in my mind for the moment
Sanction can be a very good counter to some money saving player like colin or hachi(more colin than hachi) but other players don't tend to save much, so I think that 3 stars is ok.
Accusation could not be a very good SCOP as other COs, because it just stops opponent for 2 days, the third day he could build a lot of big big tank and stomp you. But 2 days isn't still very bad, you could build a lot of the same unit without fear of counters, or destroying all of opponent's infatry making him unable to conquer for two turns. The only problem is all the money the opponent saves in these two days, but this problem could be ignored if in the second day you have enough star power to perform the COP.

I finished, sorry for my grammar errors.

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Re: CCO Roger (Orange Star)

Post by Airnike » Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:16 am

He forces everyone to play with reduced cash? That's very gimmicky to begin with. This passive almost cripples Kanbei who needs his lot of cash to be effective. At least the enemy decreases in cash only apply on unit destruction, which will only happen every so often against Kanbei.

These CO Powers are complete funblock however by their mere concept. Who wants to be deprived of money or production ability? You heard me right, nobody.

:power:: The enemy is poor, it's official. I'm pretty sure it's horrible as the opponent will not save money the moment you have 3 stars up, though... Which makes it a bit useless. It's only a hard counter to Colin if he attempts to store money for his SCOP.

:super:: The enemy can't produce units for two days. This a lot of hindrance. Even though the opponent gets a lot of money to use afterwards, this SCOP is still a potential game-ender. While this has drawbacks, the effect is huge.

My thoughts:
Strong against:
- Kanbei: His units already cost 120% normal prices, counting your CO's passive he will take an even bigger toll for his units being destroyed.
- Grimm: His units are easier to kill, thus providing you the money advantage easier. Your CO gets even more punishing with SCOP, where he can blast through Grimm's wet paper walling attempts.
- Koal: He likes to be on roads, where he gets the least defense. This CO gets advantage from that with the passive. Also, very meta, as his units are quick to get to frontline, SCOP will ensure that there's a big hole in his unit waves.
Weak against:
- Sami: The fact that she lives off of infantry means that she isn't scared by anything but your SCOP.
- Sensei: Old geezer is broken anyway, but his COPs effectively get past anything this guy has for himself.
- Colin: The only thing he's scared of is your guy's SCOP.

Anyway, I'll rate since I've gone so far:
- Name and story: :c: : It's just Phoenix Wright as a CO, really. Backstory is nonsensical: lawyers reducing a lot of taxes click-clack? His hit-and-miss are extremely cliché. Roger is also a bland name to boot.
- Abilities: :b: : The idea of this gimmick is okay on paper, but it's much of a fun-killer.
- Synergy: :c: double minus: Every single thing about a lawyer (who is supposed to defend people) is to take players' cash and building capabilities away? I didn't know every lawyer was an obstructive bureaucrat...

Note: I don't like this CO. Don't misunderstand and think I hate you because of that, because I do not. I do however want you to know that the CO would be too very frustrating to play against. Also, your English is good to go.


Re: CCO Roger (Orange Star)

Post by Noodles » Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:35 am

I think that your judgement are right, I did this CO very superficially. I had a wrong idea of lawyer and keeped in my mind a character that was very related on money cripple.

I hope that it's possible for me to try to create one again.

I don't very understand the last words you used because i never read them. Does it mean that my english is ok or close to flawless?

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Re: CCO Roger (Orange Star)

Post by Satel » Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:48 am

I've seen native English-speakers write much worse than that.

It's not absolutely perfect, but it's good enough that people who read you understand everything.

Many people worry too much about it...
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