Super Famicom Wars CCOs

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Super Famicom Wars CCOs

Post by Pingurules » Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:35 am

I had a thought: What if the SFC Wars COs were converted to AW:DS? Here's what I came up with. Imbalance not kept, except Mr. Yamamoto because he is supposed to be a boss character.
During CO Powers, the default 10% firepower and defence is automatically included.
I had to think up of their personality from their sprites, since they say nothing ingame.
They may be weak for AW:DS standards, but I tried to make the CO Powers less of a game breaker.

Yuan Delta :os:
Memo: An expert commander. He’s very skilled. He focuses on patching up weaknesses instead of relying on strengths, so he has no strengths or weaknesses, instead using his brains to outwit the enemy.
:hit: Logistics
:miss: Rash moves
CPU Skill level: (out of 5)
Offense- :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity:
Defence- :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity:
:skill: : No strengths or weaknesses. Basically Andy.
CO Meter: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:
Crash Course- Units gain additional 10% offense and defence, and 1.5* counterattack power.
Mass Exploit- Units gain additional 20% offense and defence,+1 Fog of War vision and ambushes the enemy to strike first.
CO Power Quotes:
"There, an opening!"
"Here's how it's done."
"Your units are exposed!"
"Looks like your mistake is going to get you back."
Win Quotes:
"Exactly as I planned."
"Another victory for the Orange Star."
"Winning war is just about who can read the enemy's mind better. In this case, it's me."

Rojenski :bm:
Memo: A normal commander, but he often makes a lot of mistakes. A fierce rival of Yuan, he tries to take revenge on what he did to Blue Moon, but to no avail. He likes taking chances. Very loyal to Blue Moon.
:hit: Blue Moon
:miss: Orange Star
CPU Skill level:
Offense- :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity:
Defence- :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity:
:skill: : Units have Dispersion, which lets them hit up to 15% harder, but can also deal 5% less damage.
CO Meter: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:
Fierce Fire: Indirect units gain 1 movement. Units can hit up to 45% harder (30% buff), but can do up to 10% less damage.
All-Out: All units gain 1 movement. Units can hit up to 65% harder (50% buff), but can do up to 15% less damage.
CO Power Quotes:
"You get what you deserve! Ahaha!"
"Run far, far away!"
"Fear the power of Blue Moon!"
"I'll send you crying to your mummy!"
Win Quotes:
"Never mess with me again!"
"And that is how you crush opposition!"
"Too strong? Too good? Too fast? Too bad!"

Fon Rosso :ge:
Memo: Attack, Attack, Attack continuously! However, defence suffers. The defence loss doesn't bother him much, though, since he believes that the best defense is a good offense.
:hit: Old war movies
:miss: Lazing around
CPU Skill level:
Offense- :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity:
Defence- :tagaffinity:
:skill: : Direct attack units have 20% more attack, but 10% less defense. Indirect attack units have only a 5% bonus to attack but suffer the 10% defense loss anyway. Transport units have a 15% defense loss, because he can't be bothered to train units that cannot even attack.
CO Meter: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:
Green Rush: Units get normal defence, direct units get additional 20% attack and indirect units get additional 10% attack.
Earth's Might: Non-transport units get normal defence, and transport units get additional 25% defense, making 110%. Direct units get additional 50% attack and indirect units get additional 25% attack.
CO Power Quotes:
"Roll, tanks, roll!"
"Leave but scrap metal behind!"
"Here's a taste of my power!
"You'll never know what hit you!"
Win Quotes:
"How's that for a quick victory?"
"No need for defensive measures. Real heroes don't need those plans!"
"Charge in guns blazing, walk out with minimal losses."

Hetler :yc:
Memo: “Stand strong for the People” is his motto. He will defend his units and land to the bitter end, but his attacking tactics are comparably weak. Having a kind heart, he tries to save as many people as he can.
:hit: Peace
:miss: Invasions (inb4 OMG OPPOSITE STURM)
CPU Skill level:
Offense- :tagaffinity:
Defence- :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity:
:skill: : Ranged units get 1 extra movement space (NOT attack range), and 110% defence. Land vehicles have 80% attack but 110% defence. Air and sea vehicles have a tamer attack penalty of 15%, and have 15% more defence.
CO Meter: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:
Het and Run: Ranged units can move and attack at the same turn at 85% firepower. All units get extra 10% defence.
Mighty Guard: Ranged units are invincible to enemy fire, and can move and attack at the same turn. All other units get extra 20% defence.
CO Power Quotes:
"Here's hoping this'll do it."
"Let it end quickly."
"I don't want to waste lives in vain!"
"Stand strong for the people of Yellow Comet!"
Win Quotes:
"I must work harder to achieve as few losses as possible."
"I have to be a capable leader."
"Hopefully, there will be no more invasions."

I got lazy here and said "Forget the quotes"

Caroline (neutral) (If I had to pick, it would be Yellow Comet because she wears a similar uniform to Hetler)
Memo: A cheery and happy-go-lucky woman, she can attack with great strength for no known reason. She is nicknamed the “Lucky Girl”.
:hit: Four leaf clovers
:miss: Three leaf clovers
CPU Skill level:
Offense- :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity:
Defence- :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity:
:skill: : Units are luckier. They may deal up to 10% more damage. However, with over-reliance on luck, she neglects her speed of decision making, which makes her CO Meter rise slowly.
CO Meter: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:
Roulette of Chance: Units can hit up to 40% harder (30% buff).
Fortune Endowment: Units can hit up to 60% harder (50% buff), and may also receive a defence luck bonus of 10%.

Billy Gates (neutral) (Maybe Blue Moon? I mean like Colin and Sasha)
Memo: Son of a rich father. He possesses ample war funds and loves to play war games. He is relatively new, but shows promise.
:hit: Money
:miss: Poverty
CPU Skill level:
Offense- :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity:
Defence- :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity:
:skill: :Billy Gates' funds are multiplied by 1.5 per city. However, people are suspicious on how he and his father has so much money, and gives him weaker materials, resulting in a universal 75% attack, 80% defence for his units.
CO Meter: :smallstar: :smallstar: :smallstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:
Supply Rush: Refuel and rearm all units, and give the user gold an extra 250G for each city he owns.
Power of Money: Power increases as his money supply increases, to a maximum of 175% attack. Power increases by 1% every 1000G he owns. Meaning, he needs a tenth of a million G to reach his cap. (100,000G)

Mr. Yamamoto (Boss character) (probably :bh: for lols)
Memo: A legendary General whose name inspires both fear and inspiration in all COs. The soldiers working under him are in an elite group.
:hit: Winning
:miss: Losing
CPU Skill level:
Offense- :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity:
Defence- :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity: :tagaffinity:
:skill: All of his units have an extra 20% attack and defense, with no drawback.
CO Meter: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar: :bigstar:
Hyper Force: Attack and defense for direct units increase to 140% and 150% respectively. Transport units and indirect units are invincible, but have no bonus attack. Defeating a 8-10 HP enemy in 1 hit will let the unit move again, but only once.

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