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Hey there

Post by BloodyKeyblade1994 » Sun Jan 22, 2017 2:59 am

Sorry I posted before I noticed that there is a "say hi" section ...

So hello there, I played Advance Wars since the first came out and it took a place in my heart. I often play local competetive matches against my cousin when we have free time.
I registered here because I hoped that some of you could help me with some problems I encountered while modding AWDS ...

I see that this is a nice community but also I have noticed that there isn't much explanation on what you are doing with all that hexadecimal stuff, so it's hard to learn what headers, pointers and offsets are. I still haven't figured out because I can't find tutorials or something like that on this stuff ...

But enough of all that. Hope you're not being too harsh with me. :o

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