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Postby Enkuro » Thu Apr 28, 2011 6:12 am

So I've been reading up, and I've been hearing that they're terrible. Umm why? I don't doubt that it's a legitimate reason; I'd just like to better my game. Should I be trying something else to push lines?
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Re: Rockets

Postby GipFace » Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:11 pm

The main issue is that they have no defense, so the rocket usually must take advantage of terrain in order to shore up the weakness, such as placing them in a choke or by a body of water. The latter has an issue because a b-copter can attack into it with good results. If a rocket is good in the early to midgame, it's because there's an issue with the map, such as in Triple Road.

To be honest, the rocket may have had a place in endgame theory. However, I was so good at the game that most games never ended up going to the endgame. Games usually were decided ong before day 20. Rocket will remain a niche unit because even if the game were to progress that far, I wouldn't see it used as more than a one-of unit. You only need one to assert that extra space.

Lastly, the average size of a pvp map was 400 sq. tiles or less (20x20), instead of up to 900 (30x30) because people wanted a game to finish in under 2 hours. It's very difficult to play speed games without an in-game timer. If 30x30 games were more common, you might've seen rocket play as the unit cap becomes relevant. However, most <20x20 games don't even reach 30 food for both players. Unit count is less relevant than in Dual Strike, but there's still not much of a reason to tech up to rockets if you can still mass cheaper units. The most expensive common units are the b-copter and duster, which have much more mobility than the rocket.

If you want to push lines, well, that's what your CO unit is for.

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