What would you tweak about this game?

Talk about the shiny-new post-apocalyptic Advance Wars game here.
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Re: What would you tweak about this game?

Post by Dragonite » Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:33 am

Yeah, especially since I only got to play against humans for a single day or so. Original DS was crap with bypassing wifi security, and the 3ds didn't work with the game. call it boredom. I expect it to pop up on wii U sooner or later, but they haven't included wifi functionality with ds games on that. Theorytarding it is then.

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Re: What would you tweak about this game?

Post by Kawior » Sun Oct 25, 2015 12:49 pm

When I buy an over 20k worth sea unit I feel it would be apropriate for it to do more than being useful vs possible other 20k sea unit. So there simply has to be more reason to invest in such a unit. Keeping in mind simplicity my idea would be to have all sea units able to interact with capturing, support land units and behave more bulkily.
-Give non lander units more defence vs air and land atacks(plus decrease lander all around defence and cost).
-Give units with ship movement supply ability and unlimited ammo(carrier could have black boat ability for land units).
-Last idea is to Give all sea units infantry transporting ability(I think exclusively infantry transport would be fair).
I do realise that such changes do not make sea units competitive in mosty-land-battles vs land/air but in maps where there are any resources or atack approach across some sea tiles the sea units would be able to amplify land units' offensive capability instead of being deffensive(imaginecould sneak an infantry on a sub into back line) way of blocking enemy landers from reaching your island). Those changes would still not upset any balance between sea units themselves and do not require reinventing any units.

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Re: What would you tweak about this game?

Post by Forever Lurking » Fri Nov 20, 2015 5:29 am

There are clearly a lot of issues naval combat has, but in my mind the biggest problem is that there's no real incentive to win a naval war or take naval territory. Your only reward for naval dominance is terribly expensive bombardments of land targets, and you could have killed the land units more cost efficiently by just building land or air power. I haven't played AW4, but from my understanding even if you do have free roam of the seas seaplanes and battleships are not guaranteed wins by any means, and they're too expensive to not be.

I've long thought that something like a sea "city" is needed; maybe something along the lines of an oil rig that provides 3k income a turn. It would make there be an actual reward for controlling the water, which could then be turned into an advantage on water OR land. Just my two cents.

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Re: What would you tweak about this game?

Post by Pkdragon » Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:44 pm

ThunderWalker wrote:
GipFace wrote:Com towers generally aren't played anymore. If both players get one com tower, the effect is canceled out, except that luck for both sides is slightly reduced because DEF is higher. People hate losing the luck roll at 97%, a common % because it shows up at 150A 65BD/130A 75BD, so why encourage more of it? Maps requiring central properties that don't repair land units use radars instead of com towers.
Isn't it better that if you decide to use Com Towers in mapmaking, that you will place them (or more likely, just one) at a spot where they will have to be fought over, one way or another?
The problem I see is that if one is fought over and everything else is even, and the guy who loses the fight doesn't make a comeback right then and there, then the other guy has a pretty large bonus to everything he does. Maybe not enough to end the game, but it'd basically be very painful for the losing team, moreso than losing a middle town would be.

But I know crumpets about competetive play, and otherwise I think that's a pretty good idea. I like comm towers because they're rewarding, and if placed right they encourage risk.

Like, you know what I'll go onto the seas for? An island with a few comm towers. That would get me playing the sea game. Maybe not right away but you can be damn sure I'd have an eye on the enemy's ports. I mean, it would probably be T-Copter rushing first, but I'd have some incentive to guard the seas with cruisers or something, and MAYBE that would lead to sea porting. RE: Linkman's earlier comment about fueling, crazy idea but what if air units lost more fuel over sea? Perhaps not realistic, but I think it would add a new dynamic to sea/air interactions without nerfing air everywhere else.

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Re: What would you tweak about this game?

Post by Blanket PI » Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:14 am

Let's engage in necromancy twice in a row!

So on the topic of the navy, I have a few ideas on how to make it more useful:
-Landers can unload units like Carriers now can. If it's a serious problem, you can make that only work if they're on a Beach at the beginning of the turn, rather than being able to give units a free 6-space move before "launching." (Though if they're going to cost 10000, I think it'd probably be pretty good to allow them to move after the Lander moves; transportation isn't normally sought out) Obviously, a unit that went into the Lander could not get "launched" on the same turn.
-All naval units can go onto Beach terrain (it just costs most of them 4 or 5 movement points if they aren't transport units). This allows Battleships to be slightly more useful at bombardments.
-Black Bombs were useful enough to be built in Advance Wars: Dual Strike, right? My thought was a unit (I kind of want it to be a Cruiser and have the current Cruiser be replaced by a destroyer, but I guess since so few countries use cruisers now, we can say that those are the older kind, and only destroyers are cheap enough to load up with missiles) which can launch missiles with a range of probably 4-9 or 4-10, which basically works like a Missile Silo, except you fire from on the spot you start on, like standard Artillery, &c. The range has to be pretty good, so that even on maps which are mostly land, you can still reach almost everywhere, so long as you're in the right place, but not so large that you don't need to move it. If it's fragile, 4 or 5 movement, and 4 ammo, I'd say it should cost around 30000? I don't really know. This might be for another game....
-Current naval units should probably be further dropped in price. Cruisers should be maybe 15000, Submarines, 18000, Battleships 20000 (probably turn them back to 2-6 but can't move and fire on the same turn?), Carriers no more than 25000, and Seaplanes should be dropped in price to maybe... 12000?
-For this, you'd probably need the APC/Rig to be unable to make Temporary Airports anymore. Have some unit, I'll call it a Tugboat (but it could even be a Gunboat if you want), which can build artificial islands on Reefs. These artificial islands can refuel and repair air units. (So basically, they replace Temporary Airports) They'd be sort of like Beach tiles, but you could unload units by being next to the island, rather than on it. You could unload land units on them, and for neither of them would they get to hide in Fog of War. Yes, this was inspired by China's ridiculous behavior.

-Speaking of air units, Dusters should be a bit weaker against Fighters and Bombers (maybe 35-80 and 40-null?; Fighters and Bombers should also both be slightly cheaper, e.g. 18000, 19000?). If you were to reintroduce Stealths, they'd probably get the 80-40 match-up with Dusters, but I wouldn't exactly expect Stealths to come back for a "tweak."
-Drop the price of APCs/Rigs to 4000. They're already so unlikely to see.... Maybe even reduce them to 3000. Give them some strong enough advantage over T Copters to get them used!
-Personally, I'd say properties shouldn't hide units, except maybe those that create units (and only the ones created by that space). It's rather tedious to have to use a Flare for each time you want to attack a unit on a City at a choke point.
-This is purely aesthetic, but I think that it's rather silly to use motorcycles instead of the still commonplace cavalry. They should then probably be able to hop across Rivers, though.... That might be for another game, as well.
-Make Rocket and Missiles be only slightly more vulnerable than Artillery. If you don't buff their defense (and instead hurt Artillery's), definitely lower their cost, though I can see dropping their price, anyway. (maybe 14000 and 11000 or even 10000?)

[Edit: Oh, and Isabella's CO Power would only be +1 move, +1 range, while Penny's would give three turns to whichever weather she calls upon, even rain. I guess Tasha's goes up to +3 move? I don't know....]

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